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Christopher Kopel

It is too early in the recovery process for me to leave remarks about the result but I get I ought to leave a review on the process since I had such a great experience. Grace was my contact person throughout the whole experience and she was absolutely wonderful. Funny and approachable and seemed very motivated not for me to spend the most money but for me to get what I wanted on the budget I had. She checked up on me constantly before and after the procedure- and was available to answer my questions when I needed her. (I’m pretty sure I texted her at like 8:30 and she got back to me) Dr. Pervaiz was nice and professional- to date the work seems far superior to my first transplant done at another location. I heard great things about Rita but if you go in I’d recommend Grace- such a different experience than the normal cold and aloof treatment you tend to get in medicine these days. Definitely would recommend.