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On August 22nd 2020, I had the pleasure of getting my FUE procedure completed by a team at Maxim — Harpreet, Ray, Juan, Joseph and more. I am leaving this review because I wholeheartedly recommend Maxim to anyone in the market for hair restoration!!! Genuinely speaking, I could not have had a better experience. From the time I arrived in the morning to the time I left at night, I was treated with kindness, calmness, and total positivity. The energy in the office was completely professional, but everyone was so at ease — and that is exactly the good vibe I wanted on the big day. Plus, the 5th Ave location in NYC is beautiful! Every team member was willing to answer my questions and explain the process step by step. Hair loss is a sensitive topic for anyone facing it, and everyone at Maxim completely understands! At one point, my own personal emotions reached a high, and the team went out of their way to encourage me. It was awesome. Harpreet especially treated me like a brother, and I am so grateful to the entire team for their generosity and support along the way. Getting FUE done was really important for me and my mental health, and Maxim made my hopes come to life. I am only a few days out from the procedure, but everything is healing very nicely and I am beyond excited to see the results. Maxim all the way!!