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Danny Delgado

It happened so quickly. I came to Philippines on Feb 22 for my Consultation. I paid the fee, went to the blood work clinic after for my clotting time and other blood tests and I had my surgery on Monday Feb 24. I was quoted 250,000 php for 2,500 grafts at a Svenson hair restoration and they kept pushing me for the pricer option, the FUE. So, I did further research and came across Maxim, they did 3,000 grafts for 228,000. Wow! Total fraction of the cost compared to the USA and they made it about me – and did not push anything else on me which I appreciate it. Ate Michelle kept on contact from scheduling the consultation, day of consultation, to the day of procedure and was on standby of I had any questions during recovery time via WhatsApp. I chose the FUT option because it was economical, far more effective, and not as time consuming as the FUE. Granted the FUT took about 10-11 hours to complete that includes lunch breaks and other breaks I needed. If the FUE option, I can image it would be a bit longer. Downside, FUT requires more recovery time – which I don’t mind for effective results. The Doctor was absolutely awesome – and the techs were so friendly. I was so glad I was able to build rapport with them and just felt so comfortable with them. The great thing is – it was not rushed – they do one surgery per day – it was quality over quantity for them. Svenson does 2-3 surgeries a day. No thanks. What is also great- The Maxim staff bought me lunch, dinner and snacks. Svenson Hair Restoration? “Make sure you bring your own lunch.” I did this procedure for my self confidence- and if I need a second procedure for density- I will be sure to come back here. So far, I like what I see – I know the shedding phase and I may not see actual results in a few months to a year – but I am absolutely thrilled. Will update this review on the regular. Salamat po, Maxim Team! See you on day 10 to remove the stitches. Haha.