Danny Delgado

It happened so quickly. I came to Philippines on Feb 22 for my Consultation. I paid the fee, went to the blood work clinic after for my clotting time and other blood tests and I had my surgery on Monday Feb 24. I was quoted 250,000 php for 2,500 grafts at a Svenson hair restoration and they kept pushing me for the pricer option, the FUE. So, I did further research and came across Maxim, they did 3,000 grafts for 228,000. Wow! Total fraction of the cost compared to the USA and they made it about me – and did not push anything else on me which I appreciate it. Ate Michelle kept on contact from scheduling the consultation, day of consultation, to the day of procedure and was on standby of I had any questions during recovery time via WhatsApp. I chose the FUT option because it was economical, far more effective, and not as time consuming as the FUE. Granted the FUT took about 10-11 hours to complete that includes lunch breaks and other breaks I needed. If the FUE option, I can image it would be a bit longer. Downside, FUT requires more recovery time – which I don’t mind for effective results. The Doctor was absolutely awesome – and the techs were so friendly. I was so glad I was able to build rapport with them and just felt so comfortable with them. The great thing is – it was not rushed – they do one surgery per day – it was quality over quantity for them. Svenson does 2-3 surgeries a day. No thanks. What is also great- The Maxim staff bought me lunch, dinner and snacks. Svenson Hair Restoration? “Make sure you bring your own lunch.” I did this procedure for my self confidence- and if I need a second procedure for density- I will be sure to come back here. So far, I like what I see – I know the shedding phase and I may not see actual results in a few months to a year – but I am absolutely thrilled. Will update this review on the regular. Salamat po, Maxim Team! See you on day 10 to remove the stitches. Haha.

Jonathan Mar

Doctor Ocampo completed a 2050 FUE procedure on me last Friday. It has been 3 and half days and i feel good. The recipient area is a little red because of scabbing which is normal. The donor area hair is already growing back rapidly. See the attached photos. I am really happy I discovered this place on the internet. I chose Maxim in Manila for several reasons. The owner is from America and has clinics in America and abroad. Having the procedure done in the Philippines saves a lot of money and everyone speaks English which is comforting. The manager Mr. Sabillo is very informative and is always quick to reply to my questions via Whatsapp. Also, Doctor Ocampo is very experienced and has a pleasant demeanor. I highly recommend this clinic.

jaigeoffjill Bartolo

I did my FUE here at Maxim. The experience was superb. They have a great and accomodating team. They did the whole process so easy due to their dedication and patience. I want to Thank the whole team of maxim. I hope you can help more people bring back the Life taken away by hairloss. I hope more people can live the normal Life taken away by receding hairlines… Thank you Maxim

Scott Eik

My experience at Maxim Manila was very good. The office manager, Mar answered my questions and made me feel comfortable prior to the procedure. My initial consultation was remote over WhatsApp and sent pictures. I had another consultation a day prior to the procedure to determine which procedure was best for me. FUE was chosen, and the detailed care from both Dr. Ocampo and the team of nurses was very good. I am eagerly awaiting 1 year out to see my full head of hair.

bri eys

They were very professional and did a good job. The results were extremely satisfying. I have a head full of hair and it looks great!

Jon Hanes

I had a great experience at Maxim Hair Restoration Makati. Every staff member treated me with great care. At lunch time they listened to my food request and went out of their way to find what I wanted. After lunch, I jokingly said where is the chocolate cake and ice cream. The Dr and staff were concerned for my comfort during the entire procedure. The Dr. made sure I had proper expectations. I took a picture with the Doctor after to procedure was finished. I will highly recommend Maxim Hair Restoration Makati. And if that’s not enough… there was chocolate cake and ice cream waiting for me after the procedure was finished.. no kidding!

Manish Rathore

Did a FUT Procedure with 2000 grafts on 4-May-2019. Dr. John Ocampo did a preoperative consultation and answered all my questions and concerns. On the day of the operation he did a almost painless procedure. The team of nurses and administrative staff took care of the needs very well. After 13 days now, I am happy with the results. I would like to recommend this clinic to everyone who wants to go through a hair transplant.

Art Samaniego

The micro-pigmentation procedure done to me was painless and there was no downtime. Nobody noticed that I have been visiting Maxim Hair Restoration clinic until after few weeks when people realized that I have fuller and darker hair. 😀

anton sobrevega

Thank you for contacting me again for FREE Consultation. I’ll be coming home for vacation. I’m looking forward to visit your clinic.

Antonio Dy

I would like to thank all the staff of maxim, to doctor Ocampo and most specially to sir Mar Sabillo. You know me. Last Jan. 14,2019 (Mon)I undergone FUE procedure and that was my 2nd. I’m happy with the result. Magaling po si Dr. Ocampo na surgeon. The staff also were very professional and accommodating. Personally I would like to thank Sir Mar Sabillo for being so friendly, very professional and he treat me like his brother..thank you so much sir Mar. God bless you all..Sa lahat ng may balak mag pa hair transplant…hinding Hindi po kayo mag sisisi sa maxim. Excellent service and the result is exemplary.