Geovanny G

The Most Amazing Experience. I had my FUE Transplant procedure done back in october of 2019, and it was an amazing experience. The technicians were highly experienced and skilled. Its been almost a year and my results are amazing. I highly recommend Maxim. I never got the chance to go back & thank the technicians. You guys are amazing, Thank You.

Keith Thompson

Let me begin by thanking the Maxim team for doing such an AMAZING job, and making me feel right at home and comfortable in their stunning NYC 5th Ave. location! When I started going gray in my early 20’s, I did not know that my 30’s would bring with that hair loss. In today’s world with all the advertisements & social media access, everyone wants to look and feel their best! This early genetic curse caused me to find myself on the other side of the camera taking photos of friends ~ instead of in front more times than not! Now that silver hair is more in style and accepted, I have learned to embrace it… but the hair loss I could not get over! Thanks to Maxim; Joseph, the clinician Rhonda, and techs Thais & Ray…plus the rest of the talented team ~ they made my dream of a full head of hair a reality. Besides the initial numbing of the scalp, which took only minutes, & to me felt at the worst like an ant bite… after that the rest of the procedure was painless! It has been a week now since the procedure, and besides some tingling and occasional itching from the new growth ~ I feel incredible! I would recommend anyone who is considering getting hair restoration done to schedule a consultation immediately, they also offer financing if that is a concern of yours! I assure you that you will be in great hands at Maxim, and have zero regrets! What are you waiting for…your hair to grow back~TRUST ME, it won’t!!! Make an appointment TODAY!


Dr Borenstein and his staff were incredible. They listened thoroughly to my goals and we drew the hairline up together to my satisfaction. The anesthesia worked very well and experienced minimal discomfort. Raven was incredible explaining the expectations and going through everything with me. Staff was very cool and even ordered me lunch. Great bedside manner by all of the staff. Cool people too.

I am very happy with my new hairline and I’m glad I chose Maxim!

Ryan M

Overall, a great experience with Dr. Doshi and his technicians. They were completely professional and made me feel extremely comfortable. The hair transplant procedure was very smooth and almost completely painless. I would totally recommend Maxim.

Stevron Jackson

Very helpful and professional. Will be back soon if anything.

jerry maselli

Maxim has the best service and they are very knowledgeable. Everyone was extremely polite and made the surgery day very comfortable and easy. Very excited to see the results

Tricia Maharaj

My husband had a really great experience his procedure went well we are really happy and content with the service.

G Chambers

I recently got the Scalp Micro pigmentation Procedure done at Maxim Hair Restoration in the NY office December 2018….. I researched Maxim online and decided to go to their office for a consultation and Man, I’m glad that I did. The staff there are very accommodating and very informative.I am a dark skin male 47 years of age and had concerns about how this procedure would look on me. No worries though, Crosby at Maxim was great and did a fantastic job with me on my scalp.The great thing is, is that no one even notices that I got this procedure done.Everyone tells me how great I look but they all assume that it’s just because I got a hair cut. Thanks Crosby you are the best and your work is immaculate