Mohammad Khan

Just completed my with Grace. She was great. Definitely recommend. She was patient and helped work with my budget. Got a head massage too lol

Greyson Elliot

Dr. Pervaiz and team are the only ones I’ll trust with my hair from now on. I received a hair transplant 3 years ago and it was a mess. I called and Grace understood me from the beginning. Great staff, great price, honest recommendations. The other place lied about what can be done to my hair, Dr. Pervaiz was honest from the beginning. Go to them!!

Nicholas Carratura

Great staff, nice people, checked in on me frequently, at a very good price. Most importantly, quality work.

devin jones

The staff was professional, and worked with my budget and schedule. I highly recommend a consultation with them to help you.

MJ Simmons

Dr. Pervaiz and her team of technicians put me at ease. There was no hard sell on the services, scheduling was easy and the procedure went very well. I look forward to seeing the results but have no doubt Dr. Pervaiz and her colleagues did their best job!

Christopher Kopel

It is too early in the recovery process for me to leave remarks about the result but I get I ought to leave a review on the process since I had such a great experience. Grace was my contact person throughout the whole experience and she was absolutely wonderful. Funny and approachable and seemed very motivated not for me to spend the most money but for me to get what I wanted on the budget I had. She checked up on me constantly before and after the procedure- and was available to answer my questions when I needed her. (I’m pretty sure I texted her at like 8:30 and she got back to me) Dr. Pervaiz was nice and professional- to date the work seems far superior to my first transplant done at another location. I heard great things about Rita but if you go in I’d recommend Grace- such a different experience than the normal cold and aloof treatment you tend to get in medicine these days. Definitely would recommend.

Thomathor Odinsen

I just finished my SMP sessions with Rita and I’m so happy. She covered my transplant scars and created a natural hairline for me. I went to a tattoo place 5 years ago and they did a botched job on me. She reassured me that it would look natural and she delivered. I highly recommend her!

Gary Osborne

Rita and Grace were very knowledgeable and friendly. Explained the procedure thoroughly and made you feel comfortable in their care. Had my 3rd FUE, but first with them and was pleased with the results. The healing process was quick and no issues, there aftercare was amazing. Would def recommend!

cj jubilee

I’ve only been three weeks into the process but to date I’ve had a superb experience. The entire staff is warm and welcoming, and answered all questions and concerns well in advance of the procedure. While there during the actual process, I felt relaxed and well cared for from the doctor and technicians. The atmosphere was professional, yet they felt like family. Grace the very first person I came in contact with is amazing. I’m excited about the journey and future results. I highly recommend their services!

linux pro

I had two Fue sessions followed by SMP. Very satisfied with the results. The staff is very professional and the prices are very reasonable. Highly recommend Maxim hair restoration. Do not look elsewhere.