Is Hair Replacement Real Hair?

Is Hair Replacement Real Hair?

Is Hair Replacement Real Hair? Suffering from alopecia, known as male or female pattern baldness? Do you want to try a non-surgical method, one that will leave you with more natural looking hair, that will help you regain your confidence, and have you feeling your best self again?

Losing your hair can be devastating and an emotional experience for someone in many ways. Losing your hair, whether it is due to a condition such as cancer, genetics, or aging, causes many people to experience physical and mental (psychological) stress, making them feel less confident, and lowering their self-esteem.

As appearance is a big part of today’s society, it is understandable how something like losing your hair could make you feel so bad, and totally disrupt your daily life. However, it is true, that many people are unaware of the many services, treatment options, and hair systems available to them. Hair system, meaning a certain portion of your hair created to replace your missing hair.

However, don’t confuse a hair replacement with a hair transplant. A hair transplant is a surgical procedure that involves taking hair from one part of the scalp, called a donor site, and transplanting it to the places where the hair is thinning or bald. A hair replacement uses real human hair. It is a membrane that will be applied to the scalp filled with natural hair. This hair can be blended along with your remaining natural hair. With that, the hair on the membrane will be blended in terms of thickness and color, forming a full head of hair. But, this is not like a wig or toupee, and aims to look like a natural head of hair.

While there are multiple procedures out there that could help, a hair replacement looks and feels natural like your own hair, and is created based on a person’s desires and lifestyle. Baldness, medical issues, and hair loss due to chemotherapy, and other factors can be fixed with the help of hair replacement system technology. You can choose any color, style, texture, and length. Due to its versatility, this hair replacement procedure has become increasingly popular.

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