Understanding The Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Restoration Procedure

In the past, when you lost your hair, there was essentially no hope of it ever coming back. These days, there are a wide variety of hair transplant and hair restoration procedures in Chicago, Illinois, which can help to restore your hair to its prime state.

While FUE and FUT get most of the glory, Platelet Rich Plasma is a hair transplant procedure which has seen some positive results. Interested in undergoing this procedure? Do you live in Chicago and are looking to understand it a little better? Read on!

The PRP Process

First, let’s discuss the platelet rich plasma hair transplant procedure process. This will help you to better decide on whether or not it’s the right type of hair restoration procedure for you.

During this process, you will have your blood drawn. After the blood has been drawn, the platelets which exist within it will be separated. These platelets will then be applied to balding areas by small injection.

While platelet rich plasma can help hair to regrow, hair growth is not guaranteed. What is guaranteed, however, is that your hair follicles will become larger, making way for hair growth. It will also help to retain your existing.

Often times, platelet rich plasma will be used alongside other hair implant procedures such as FUE and FUT. It can help supplement these procedures, allowing for the thickest, most luxurious hair growth possible.

What are the Typical Results of PRP?

When you undergo platelet rich plasma hair therapy, the results may vary. Whereas some individuals will experience massive amounts of hair growth after undergoing the procedure, others will experience more modest hair growth. There is no way of knowing what your results will be for certain. However, your hair follicles will be opened up to their original size. This typically results in hair growth of some kind. At the very least, it will typically result in hair retention.

Who Can Benefit from Platelet Rich Plasma?

While there are men and women who could benefit from platelet rich plasma hair therapy, those with auto-immune conditions, irregular hair loss, alopecia, lichen planus, and those undergoing a hair transplant would benefit the most. If you would like to undergo the procedure, you’ll have to first speak with a hair transplant physician. He or she will be able to determine whether or not your health and state of being are appropriate for going through the process.

What are the Benefits of PRP?

Wondering why you should get platelet rich plasma in the first place? Trying to understand the benefits of a hair restoration procedure? There are a number of different benefits which come with hair restoration, PRP, stem cell hair therapy, and hair transplant procedures. These benefits are not only physical, but emotional and psychological as well.

It can boost your appearance, self-esteem, confidence, possibly help with professional and personal advancement, and restore lost hair.

Utilize Platelet Rich Plasma

Are you convinced? Looking to utilize platelet rich plasma (PRP) for hair restoration purposes? If so, we here at Maxim Hair Restoration can help.

Our team of seasoned hair transplant surgeons and hair technicians is well-versed in the PRP process, and we are more than capable of helping you to replace lost hair in Chicago, Illinois and the Mid-western U.S.. We will consult with you to ensure that you are getting exactly what you desire.

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