Things You Say That Prove You A Need Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is truly necessary when your hair loss is affecting your way of life. How do you find out that you absolutely need a hair transplant? Here is a list of things that most men and women say when they are worried sick about the current conditions of their hair:

I’m scared to wash my hair.

For people who are suffering hair loss, the worst part of the day is shower time. They dread washing their hair because it is when they see lots of hair falling out of their heads. Those hair that fall out when you wash your hair have been dead for 1-2 months. The less frequent you wash your hair, the more you will notice hair loss as it accumulates each time you don’t wash your hair.

I hate it when people point out that I am losing my hair.

You cringe when your friends, family, and even strangers voice out their observation about the state of your hair.

However it is best to talk to other people about your condition, especially to hair specialists. One can understand that you don’t want to be reminded about it but it will help you in so many ways to be able to talk about it to your family and friends just so they will understand how you feel.

I’m scared that my hair will never grow back.

People who are suffering from hair loss usually think that they will go bald in a matter of weeks. This is not true for some conditions. There are people who just have hair that go through the resting phase much longer than others. However, there are conditions where such fear may be reasonable.

In cases such as permanent hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness), surgery, or accidents are suitable for hair transplant. To make sure that you are not going bald forever, look for shorter hairs along the parting. They indicate that your hair will grow back even though it is taking a while.

There are many more negative things you say when overcome by negative feelings caused by hair loss.  If these three sentences are all too familiar to you, seek the help of a hair transplant surgeon or center right away.  Hair transplant is a safe, effective, permanent and natural solution for hair loss in both men and women.  Hair transplants can also be used to restore facial hair including beard hair transplant, eyebrow hair transplant, mustache hair transplant, etc.

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