Top Cafes & Coffee Houses in Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth is the fifth-largest city in Texas, which means plenty of busy people out and about. From workdays to weekend fun with the family, a cup of joe might be the jolt you need to make it through the day. Luckily, Fort Worth is home to various coffee shops that are sure to have something you’ll love. Explore this list of favorite Fort Worth cafes, from modern cafes to those with quiet, relaxing workspaces.

Best Cafes and Coffee Houses in Fort Worth, TX
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TOASTED Coffee + Kitchen

TOASTED Coffee + Kitchen is a cafe that features locally roasted coffee and an all-day breakfast. You can order classics such as drip, espresso, and cold brew, as well as cappuccino and macchiatos. You can also grab a smoothie or another breakfast option such as the Don’t Get Salty avocado toast, an omelet, or hotcakes. 

Buon Giorno Coffee

Another Fort Worth favorite is Buon Giorno Coffee. The team here brews coffee blends from around the world, such as South America, Asia, Central America, and Africa, plus a signature blend. The cafe’s signature drinks are the perfect pick-me-up. You can also get a tasty French-pressed coffee or espresso at Buon Giorno. Add your flavor of choice to any latte as well as your choice of cream or whipped cream. Feeling something cold and sweet? Opt for one of the frozen flavored frappes. 

Don’t forget to grab a muffin, scone, oatmeal, or one of the savory pastries. You can choose from quiche, brioche, or various other options. If you’re in a hurry, you can also use the preorder service to get your coffee on the run. 

Vaquero Coffee Co. 

Vaquero Coffee Co. has been serving Fort Worth residents and all of their coffee needs since 2018. This cozy cafe offers a place to relax and enjoy your morning or afternoon cup of joe. Sink into comfortable leather couches and browse the menu with distinctive drink options. You can opt for one of the seasonal drinks, such as the S’mores Latte or Peppermint Mocha, or one of the signature drinks, such as the Horchata Latte or the Matchmaker Latte with honey and cinnamon. 

Try the Marlon Brando, a cold brew with Coca-Cola, half and half, and vanilla syrup, if you’re feeling bold. Vaquero Coffee Co. has a great breakfast menu with sandwiches, tacos, and pastries such as cinnamon rolls, muffins, and scones. 

Summer Moon Coffee

Summer Moon Coffee offers a distinctive coffee experience, with oak-roasted coffee beans and the signature Moon Milk sweet cream. You’ll find several variations of its famous drink, including the Whispermoon, a subtly sweet version; the Mocha Moon with dark chocolate; a Blue Moon with lavender; and more. Each of these drinks is available hot or iced. 

If you’re hungry, be sure to grab an almond croissant, bacon quiche, or gluten-free lemon blueberry pound cake to help fuel your body for the day. This cafe makes an excellent stop on your way to MAXIM Hair Restoration of Fort Worth for a free consultation for your hair restoration needs.

CRUDE Craft Coffee Bar

CRUDE Craft Coffee Bar offers barista-style coffees and small-batch desserts in a welcoming space with overhead chandeliers. This welcoming environment is the perfect spot to relax, think, and enjoy your time. CRUDE brews Cultivar coffee with various syrups and offers alcohol-infused and specialty drinks. The owners feature six to eight small-batch desserts daily.

Indulge in sticky buns, creme brulee, tiramisu, upside-down pineapple rum cake, and cinnamon pecan pound cake. Daily breakfast selections include vanilla doughnuts, hand pies, muffins, scones, and breakfast tacos. Stop in Tuesday through Sunday and say hello to the coffee crew.


For classic and creative coffees in a light, modern cafe-style setting, check out Ampersand. Specialty drink options include the hazelnut turmeric latte, white mocha, and a vanilla sherato with cold foam. You can also add something to eat, such as avocado toast. 

Discover an impressive list of menu options to choose from, along with a modern take on coffee, a welcoming experience. After receiving your hair restoration services at MAXIM Hair Restoration in Dallas or Ft. Worth, enjoy a treat at Ampersand.

Dwell Coffee and Biscuits

Dwell Coffee and Biscuits is a perfect place to visit for a cup of coffee and a place to relax. This family-owned local chain has several locations throughout the area that focus on people and community. You can order coffee in several variations, including a latte, mocha, cappuccino, caramel macchiato, and traditional drip coffee. The biscuits are a must-try item when you visit. You can get them alone with ham, as mini biscuits in seasonal flavors, or made into a Biswich with egg, cheese, sausage, and bacon options. 

Ascension Coffee

Ascension Coffee is a modern cafe that aims to elevate your take on coffee. Craft drinks include the Ascension brew, espresso, macchiato, and more. You can also opt for a pour-over, lattes such as salted caramel mocha and lavender, and cold brews. 

Don’t overlook the frozen frappes with caramel, vanilla, and white mocha flavors.

You can stay to dine in and enjoy something from the brunch menu. Choices include craft breakfast sandwiches like the sausage and cheddar; an Aussie bacon and egg roll; and bacon, egg, and cheese. Ascension Coffee also offers fresh-baked bagels, Australian hand pies, and traditional breakfast options such as Pane Aria Benedict, the Ascension omelet, and coconut-chia seed pudding. 

There you have it. We’ve shared the top Fort Worth cafes with you. When you’re out looking for your next caffeine stop, want to relax and read a book, or need to get some work done, visit one of these top cafe spots in the community. If you feel like we’ve missed a place on your list, please feel free to send us a message so that we can check it out ourselves.