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Why We Work With Plastic Surgeons. What it Means For You.

Hair on Head

If you’ve noticed that your hair is thinning or you’re experiencing uneven hair growth or patches of baldness, you might be considering hair restoration to enhance your hair. Did you know that several hair restoration procedures exist, and not everyone can perform all of the various methods? If you’re considering hair restoration, it’s imperative to research the different techniques to discover the best one for you and your needs. At MAXIM Hair Restoration, we use the latest techniques to perform your procedure, allowing you to be confident in your decision.

What Is Hair Restoration?

Hair on Head
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Hair restoration includes both surgical and non-surgical procedures designed to restore your hairline add fullness to areas experiencing thinning or baldness. During a hair transplant, hair is harvested from a donor area on the patient’s head and then transplanted to a new area to stimulate growth. Donor areas are typically from the back of the head, where hair is more plentiful.

Why Does MAXIM Work with Cosmetic, Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons? 

MAXIM Hair Restoration aims to provide you with quality results when it comes to your hair restoration needs. We with cosmetic, aesthetic, and plastic surgeons to maximize the aesthetics of your hairline and hair restoration/hair transplant and minimize scarring. Often, our hair transplant doctors are able to leave our patients with zero visible scars at the end of their procedures. We believe that plastic, aesthetic and cosmetic surgeons are well suited for hair restoration because their training includes surgery of the hair and scalp as elective cosmetic procedures and complex reconstructive procedures. They develop microsurgical skills that translate well to hair restoration techniques. Plastic, aesthetic, and cosmetic surgeons also have a level of expertise in aesthetics, which helps them develop a natural-looking hairline.

Hair restoration is an aesthetic surgery best performed by those trained in aesthetic, cosmetic, and plastic surgery. These surgeons have always been in the lead in this area, including innovation and technology for aesthetics. Board-certified plastic surgeons use several semi-automatic follicle unit extraction (FUE) devices and technologies such as ATERA, WAW, Cole, Ellis, S.A.F.E. and others in their regular practice. Plastic surgeons receive at least six years of surgical training after medical school, developing the skills necessary to keep scarring to a minimum and bring out the best aesthetic possible.

What Services Does MAXIM Offer?

At MAXIM Hair Restoration, we offer several services to restore your hair and bring your confidence back, including:

  • Follicular unit extractionFUE takes approximately eight hours to complete. You’ll receive a local anesthetic to minimize pain and the recovery time is quick with minimal follow-up care. FUE harvests and transplants one hair follicle at a time from the donor area on the back of your head to the site being restored.
  • Follicular unit transplantation. FUT takes between four to six hours. During a FUT procedure, the plastic/cosmetic/aesthetic/hair transplant surgeon will cut a strip of skin and hair from the donor area on the back of your head, have the strip dissected into smaller grafts, and then transplant those grafts to the thinning area. Each of the grafts contains between one to three hair follicles. 
  • 3D scalp micropigmentation. The 3D SMP technique takes two to three hours, depending on the size of the area. The SMP Tech will use microneedles to deposit pigment into your scalp to replicate hair follicles. This procedure doesn’t involve any bleeding, but a topical anesthetic will be used to keep pain to a minimum. 
  • Collagen induction therapy. CIT uses a roller device on your scalp to stimulate the production of collagen, allowing the natural production of hair follicles in your thinning area. You can expect each session to last approximately 30 minutes with a short post-procedure recovery. CIT improves the absorption of topical products and steroids, including Minoxidil.
  • Facial hair transplants. If you have thinning areas of facial hair, the plastic, aesthetic, cosmetic and hair transplant surgeons affiliated with MAXIM Hair Restoration can help. Transplant options cover areas including the beard, mustache, and eyebrows. The technique used depends on the area, donor area available, hair condition, and skin texture. The plastic surgeon will discuss options with you prior to your procedure.
  • Hybrid hair restoration. Combining any of the surgical and nonsurgical procedures for a hybrid hair restoration procedure can provide you with beautiful results. This technique includes hair transplant, collagen induction therapy, micropigmentation (SMP, and more. You can expect to spend more than one session completing hybrid hair restoration procedures. 
  • PDO Threads. PDO-MAX is a scalp rejuvenation threading procedure that combines CIT and other techniques to aid in collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production in the scalp. This three pronged approach combines three of the most effective non-surgical hair restoration techniques to provide a consistent regen response for at least 6 months. This procedure has little-to-no downtime! 

MAXIM Hair Restoration Team

At MAXIM, we know how important it is to work with a team with the experience and expertise to provide you with the best results possible. All of our MAXIM Hair Restoration locations employ only the best plastic, cosmetic, aesthetic and hair transplant surgeons and professionals for all of your hair restoration needs. We hold our physicians to high standards, and they must have prior experience before joining our team. Our hair transplant technicians either receive the following training or come to us with this training already completed:

  • Eight or more years of experience with FUE, FUT, and SMP procedures.
  • Registered as a CMA, surgical tech, or nurse.
  • Many are former Bosley Hair Transplant technicians.
  • Experienced across platforms such as ARTAS Robot, ATERA, Cole, Ellis, S.A.F.E., WAW, Neograft, and SmartGraftFUE technology systems.

What Are the Financing Options at MAXIM Hair Restoration?

Many people think hair restoration is too expensive, especially when MAXIM Hair Restoration works with plastic, cosmetic, aesthetic and hair transplant surgeons to minimize scars and maximize the number of grafts (MEGA Sessions). MAXIM Hair Restoration offers several convenient financing options to make hair restoration more affordable. We offer Lending Club, Care Credit, United Medical Credit, Alphaeon, and Green Sky Credit financing options. Conventional financing provides you with up to five years to repay the loan, or we also offer a 0% financing option with a six-month term. Regardless of your budget, MAXIM can work with you to finance your hair restoration needs and get you back to feeling confident about yourself. 

Contact MAXIM Hair Restoration Today

When you’re ready to complete your hair restoration procedure or want to schedule a consultation to discuss your hair restoration options, reach out to the knowledgeable team at MAXIM Hair Restoration. You can reach us at 802-370-3227 by phone or via our convenient online messaging system. A team member would be happy to match you with one of our expert plastic, cosmetic, aesthetic or hair transplant surgeons at any of our locations across the United States, Poland, Philippines, Turkey, and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The MAXIM Hair Restoration team looks forward to working with you and helping you regain your confidence.