There are many fine hairpieces and systems available that are better than others when it comes to concealing hair loss, but most people do not realize that there is a significant maintenance cost associated with hairpieces and hair systems. A good hair system may cost several thousand dollars and the monthly maintenance costs are often several hundreds of dollars. Furthermore, hair pieces and hair systems can cause allergies, reactions and discomfort, particularly during summer months since they are glued to the scalp. Finally, hair pieces, wigs and hair systems are no longer in vogue. The newer generation does not consider hair pieces to be a serious option for the treatment and hair loss solution. The cost of a hair transplant will vary from patient to patient, and the only way to accurately calculate the cost is through a consultation with one of our hair transplant surgeons at MAXiM Hair Restoration.

Are the results comparable?

As for a comparison of the results, a hair transplant is simply the better option due to the simple fact that this treatment for hair loss involves the transplantation of real hair follicles into the scalp. A hair system or hairpiece will never achieve a look that is as natural as the result achieved through surgical hair restoration or any other hair loss treatment available through our hair transplant clinic.

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