Hybrid Procedures

In addition to standard procedures, MAXIM offers a combination of surgical & non-surgical hair restoration procedures including FUE/FUT Hair transplants, SMP, Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) and others. During your in-person consultation our clinicians can evaluate the most appropriate approach to provide you with the best hair result.  read more

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Varies by combo package. 0% financing up to 24 months available in the U.S. if you qualify.

Due to the combination of techniques, hybrid procedures may take longer than single treatment procedures and include multiple sessions.

Topical and/or local anesthesia depending upon the type of procedures combined.

A custom treatment plan would be devised by your hair transplant physician. Hybrid hair replacement procedures are performed concurrently or within a short time frame of each other in order to achieve the desired result. Repeat sessions are likely required. A combination of surgical hair transplants and non-surgical hair loss treatments are ideal. The procedures will likely involve topical and local anesthesia

No blood thinners, Vitamin E or alcohol for 3 days leading up to your hair restoration procedure. Get plenty of rest and a good night's sleep the night before your procedure. Have a light breakfast on the morning of your hair replacement procedure. Written pre and post-op instructions will be provided. Hair restoration doctor or clinician performs pre and post-op evaluations


Hybrid hair procedures offer a number of advantages to candidates who are a good fit. 

Rather than a one size fits all approach, MAXIM evaluates each case individually to determine the proper approach and hair restoration technologies to utilize. This allows us to deliver better results. 

Hybrid hair procedures produce enhanced outcomes due to the combination of hair restoration procedures. Combines surgical and non-surgical hair loss treatments.

Our Hair Restoration Specialists



FUE involves the harvesting and transplant of individual hair grafts consisting of follicular units. It leaves no scarring and is one of the most popular hair transplant procedures. We often combine it with collagen induction therapy (CIT) to improve follicle growth after the transplant procedure is complete. read more


FUT involves taking a strip of hair from the back of your head. The donor site consists of a series of "forever hairs" that are not typically lost during the balding process. FUT gives the hair a thick, natural look and allows us to transplant many grafts in a short period of time, but it does leave scarring. We often combine FUT with scalp micropigmentation (SMP) to hide scarring. read more

Non-Surgical Techniques

The most common non-surgical techniques we use are cellular micrografting, PDO, scalp micropigmentation (SMP and collagen induction therapy (CIT). These techniques may be combined with surgical hair transplant techniques, or with one another. Cellular micrografting uses your own tissue to extract and inject growth factors. PDO threads work like 6-month CIT, using minimally invasive polydioxanone sutures that dissolve over time. SMP is a form of specialized tattooing that uses finer needles and medical grade pigment  to create the natural appearance of very short hair. Collagen induction therapy uses microneedling to stimulate the growth of collagen in the scalp, which in turn induces hair to grow.   read more

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Hybrid Procedure is an effective and powerful procedure that has several advantages over getting an individual hair treatment. Hybrid Procedures offer patients the benefit of a greatly enhanced outcome, rapid results, and both surgical and non-surgical options based on your needs and preferences. Our team of experienced doctors at MAXIM will work with you every step of the way to get the look you've been dreaming of.

The Hybrid Procedures are performed concurrently or within a short time frame of each other by our talented and experienced team of doctors. Repeat sessions are likely required based on the combination of treatments.

We at MAXIM wish for everybody to know the joy of having beautiful, natural-looking hair. We don't think money should be a barrier to a patient's happiness. The total for a hybrid procedure would be higher than individual procedures but lower on a per-unit basis when combined. Our team wants as many people as possible to have access to the Facial Hair Transplant so we offer both affordable pricing and 0% financing at our US locations.

Hybrid Procedures will take longer than an individual treatment, however how long will depend on the chosen combinations. In addition it is likely that multiple sessions will be required.

Yes! Our skilled team will administer local or topical anesthesia to the patient prior to performing any Hybrid Procedure procedure depending on the types of treatments that are chosen.

Our talented team of specialists will make sure to provide all patients with detailed written pre and post-op instructions for all procedures. The exact combination of treatments for Hybrid Procedures will determine exactly what the instructions will be.

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