Hair Transplant Physician in Philadelphia & Pittsburgh

Twenty-five years of experience and over 10,000 transplants to date. Among the first physicians part of the hair transplant evolution. Highly skilled in FUE, FUT, non-surgical hair restoration, anti-aging therapy, and men’s sexual health & wellness.



Dr. Boles has been part of the hair transplant revolution for 25 years. He became one of the few American physicians licensed to practice medicine and surgery in Dubai. He has performed over 10,000 cases, unmatched by most hair transplant surgeons. His skill also includes understanding and treating hair loss in all ethnicities and genders including African Americans with hair loss. Transgender hair replacement has become very popular, and Dr. Boles possesses the sensitivity and understanding in these cases.



Dr. Boles became board-certified by the American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. In 2004, he began traveling worldwide, performing hair transplants in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Mumbai, Dubai, London, Hong Kong, and Manilla, Philippines. Dr. Boles has performed hair transplant procedures for many actors in “Bollywood.” He has also done pro bono work on children who had lost hair due to traumatic, psychological, and medical causes. 



Dr. Boles graduated from medical school at the American University of the Caribbean in 1983. He became board-certified, a 2-day process involving clinical skill observation and testing on the science and philosophy of hair restoration. Dr. Boles is DEA certified, PALS certified, has basic life support knowledge, and became board-certified with the American Board of Hair Restoration Society in 1993. 

Dr. Boles?

Dr. Boles is a pioneer of hair transplant surgery. A witness to its beginning stages of evolution, Dr. Boles is arguably one of the most experienced physicians in this field. Dr. Boles understands the psychological impact hair transplants have on patients, contributing to the rise of aesthetic medicine and patient self-esteem.


Experienced in FUE & FUT Transplants

Dr. Boles is a highly proficient specialist in FUT and FUE procedures, consistently achieving exceptional client results. In addition to his hair transplantation expertise, he has mastered the art of performing beard and eyebrow transplants, ensuring that patients receive the most authentic and natural-looking outcomes possible. With his extensive skill set and dedication to his craft, Dr. Boles is committed to providing the highest quality care and delivering satisfying patient results.

Board-Certified Hair Transplant Doctor

Dr. Boles is DEA-certified, PALS-certified, and board-certified in hair transplantation by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Excellent Online Reputation

Dr. Boles’ excellent reviews showcase his conscientious inspections, adeptness in addressing inquiries, and articulate pre-and-post-procedure guidelines.

Highly Accomplished

Dr. Boles has medical associations with The American Academy of Pediatrics, Allegheny County Medical Society, the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, and The International Society of Hair Transplant Surgeons.

Advanced Treatment Technique

Dr. Boles is an expert in his field, utilizing cutting-edge FUT and FUE procedures to deliver exceptional client outcomes. His mastery extends to beard and eyebrow transplants, making him one of the few highly skilled hair transplant doctors who can achieve remarkable results in these areas. Dr. Boles also possesses knowledge of non-surgical options for patients, anti-aging therapies, and men’s sexual health.


Dr. Boles’ Specialty

Having started at the dawn of hair transplantation, Dr. Boles has evolved over the last 25 years. Dr. Boles saw the psychological impacts of his success with people developing a “look good, feel good” attitude. He saw his patients begin working out, losing weight, developing relationships, and being truly motivated to enjoy life to the fullest.

frequently asked questions

Dr. Boles was instrumental in establishing MAXIM’s international clinics several years ago and has now turned his focus on the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh locations in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Boles has over 25 years of experience in the hair restoration industry, performing over 10,000 hair transplant surgeries. Dr. Boles became board-certified in hair transplantation by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. Dr. Boles has the highest experience and has opened hair restoration clinics worldwide.

Dr. Boles has medical associations with The American Academy of Pediatrics, Allegheny County Medical Society, the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, and The International Society of Hair Transplant Surgeons.

Dr. Boles is highly skilled in FUE and FUT hair transplants using NEOGRAFT, COLE, ELLIS, WAW and other FUE technologies. He also recommends non-surgical options to patients including autologous collagen injections, PDO threads for hair and aesthetics, cellular micrografting, anti-aging therapies, men’s sexual health, Botox, facial threading, and dermal fillers.

Hair transplants are no walk in the park and take the precise skill of a medical professional like Dr. Boles. Moreover, Dr. Boles has an excellent bedside manner and a great sense of humor. The vast majority of his patients are very happy and have recommended their friends and loved ones.

Dr. Boles is hands-on and fully involved in his hair transplant procedures; he’s taken extra measures to understand the root of his patient's goals: improved self-esteem. Dr. Boles’s 25 years of experience has allowed him to travel the world, open clinics outside of the United States, work with pro bono patients who have lost hair due to trauma, and is highly proficient in handling transgender hair restoration cases.

Dr. Boles currently serves the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh offices and is getting licensed in New York, Virginia and Puerto Rico.

Dr. Boles has a diverse educational background. He attended the American University of The Caribbean in the British West Indies and graduated in 1983. He completed his residency training at Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh.

Dr. Boles, a pioneering figure in the hair transplant industry, has been conducting hair transplant procedures for more than 25 years. Celebrated for his mastery, he specializes in FUT and FUE hair transplant procedures and surgical rejuvenations of facial hair, encompassing beard and eyebrow hair transplants. Employing state-of-the-art FUE technologies, he produces unparalleled results.

Outside the scope of hair transplants, Dr. Boles is an examiner for the Department of Transportation, an NAACP community lecturer on drug awareness, is part of Physicians for Human Rights as an asylum examiner, and was a candidate for United States Congress, Pennsylvania, 18th District.

MAXIM Hair Restoration boasts a team brimming with extraordinary hair transplant experience. Our team is a blend of seasoned doctors, clinicians and techs. Our team encompasses Physician’s Assistants (PAs), surgical technicians, registered nurses (RNs), certified medical assistants (CMAs), and patient coordinators. The benefits of being treated by Dr. Boles and our entire hair restoration team speak volumes. 

As he will tell you, “Things were different back then. We were doing scalp reductions and various other hair-related procedures. The hair transplant results, although amazing, were not as perfect as they are today”. This direct quote from Dr. Boles highlights his years of experience in aesthetic medicine and hair transplant surgery.

Schedule a free consultation by calling us at our MAXIM Hair Restoration office in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We’ll make sure you get the doctor you’re looking for.

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