Affordable hair transplant and non-surgical hair restoration in Northern Virginia, serving Maryland and Washington D.C. Curly Hair, Body to scalp, NO SHAVE FUE, beard and eyebrow transplants. Competitive Pricing with 0% Financing up to 2 years*. 

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At MAXIM Northern Virginia, hair restoration is our core specialty.

Our clinical team performs one hair transplant per day. The team is dedicated to your procedure. Non-surgical hair restoration solutions include cellular micrografting, laser hair therapy, ACP, CIT, PDO, and others that can be combined with or used if not a candidate for hair transplants.

  • Doctors+Clinicians (NOT Techs) Perform FUE
  • Up to 4,000 Graft FUE MEGA Sessions
  • Beard, Mustache & Eyebrow Hair Transplants
  • Board Certified Doctors & Clinicians
Dr. Kristopher Hamwi

Harvard-trained, Board Certified plastic surgeon with 5 Star Reviews. Trained at Georgetown University Hospital, New York Eye & Ear Infirmary (Fellowship), and Massachusetts General Hospital. He also worked as a surgeon at Washington Hospital Center in the D.C. area. He performs both FUT and FUE Hair Transplant surgery as well as a broad array of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures for the face and body. read more

Dr. Leslie Pickens

Board Certified physician with over 30 years of medical experience in aesthetics, hair restoration, injections, wellness, urgent care, wound care and telemedicine. Award-winning medical author. Served as Medical Director and CEO for multiple medical institutions. Licensed in Virginia and Maryland. read more

Theresa Lu, PA-C

Board Certified Physician's Associate. Trained and certified to perform FUE hair transplants by MAXIM's Clinical Director. Strong background and experience in dermatology, skin care & aesthetics. Hands-on hair transplant clinician who performs all aspects of the procedure including local anesthesia, harvesting and site-making. Excellent, calming bedside manner. read more

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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Upto 4,000 Grafts. No stitches/sutures. No linear scars. Fast recovery. Limited pain/discomfort.

Follicular Unit Transplants (FUT)

Ideal for large procedures and clients with limited donor areas. Can combine old scars.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Non-surgical option to camouflage hair loss using a medical grade pigment. 1 or 2 sessions.

Beard, Mustache & Eyebrow Hair Transplants

Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon leads the team. FUE/FUT and Hybrid procedures.

Thank you to each of you for all your efforts and the above-and-beyond assistance you provided during the procedure. I can't speak highly enough of MAXIM Hair restoration and the team members. The entire experience, from the moment I walked in, was fantastic. The staff was friendly and efficient, and Theresa, Aya, Rita was not only knowledgeable but also took the time to address all my questions and concerns. They listened attentively to my concerns and provided personalized treatment that yielded positive results. The entire team at MAXIM Hair restoration displayed a high level of professionalism and made me feel comfortable throughout my visit, I left the clinic feeling confident in the care I received.

I can't emphasize enough what a pleasure it was, from our first introductory meeting until the end of the procedure, the team are absolute professionals that really understand what my needs are and how to get the very best outcome result. This demonstrates and depicts the team strategy and integrity. Theresa, Aya, Rita and Javier are amazing when it comes to the competence, skills acquired through experience and education, as well as providing key analysis at each step, and adding significant value by really taking care of the details of the prep and subsequent to procedure process. Their service level is really top-notch, and beyond that it's the details that make the difference. Careful analysis, affordable prices that are within the financial means of the average individual to support decision making from several possible alternative options, and their exceptional service, expertise, and dedication to customer satisfaction have earned my trust and loyalty.

If you're looking for a reputable clinic with a compassionate doctor, empathy, and splendid customer service, look no further than MAXIM Hair restoration. I highly endorse MAXIM Hair restoration for their excellent service and expertise.

Biniyam Liyew

Great service, communication, technically sound with a soft touch during a long procedure. They are also responsibly priced.


Andre Common Citizen

So satisfying with the results I recommend this place


alejandro galvan

I got FUE and stem cell therapy here. It was a very professional experience! Dr Kaur was amazing at informing me of the process step by step, explaining the science and all of my options for hair restoration (there's so many). I am a healthcare professional myself and she answered all of my questions, didn't rush my appointment or my decision. She told me how to research the appropriate treatments as well. I considered going overseas but the follow up and close care Dr Kaur gave is invaluable. I'm 2 weeks in and am looking forward to seeing my results. Procedure day is fully of anxiety but the providers were very professional, understanding and most importantly comforting. Aya took special care to insure I was comfortable every step of the way and Teresa did an amazing job explaining what was happening while it was happening. They treat you to lunch too! I'm glad I invested my time into Dr Kaur's practice specifically because my hair is 80% of my confidence. Looking forward to seeing the results 6 months in!


Durraiz Alvi

Thank you so much doctor and whole staff for helping me through the FUE process. Highly recommend this place for people who are struggling to find a place to get their hair transplant done. The price and value you get from this company I highly recommend. Again thank you so much guys.

raj patel

And process. They breakdown a solution custom just for you with realistic expectations which sets them apart from other similar companies. For the price and value you get from Maxim I highly recommend for any hair restoration services you are looking for.

Zuhayr Alam

I had an FUE procedure done by Theresa Lu and her team. She was very informative and transparent regarding exactly what I could expect from both the procedure and the days following. I was most impressed by the genuine concern she expressed for my well-being during the procedure, as she consistently checked in with me throughout to make sure everything was comfortable and painless. Theresa encouraged me to let her know whenever I felt any pain or discomfort, and was very understanding when I asked for a few short breaks. Her expertise in pain management made both the procedure and recovery very easy. Her techs, Aya and Beverly, were kind and placed my grafts quickly. Overall, I appreciated how organized the operation was. Theresa and her team are fast, efficient, and thorough. Even with the breaks I asked for, we finished sooner than I had expected. If you are worried at all about the procedure itself, be honest, as I am sure Theresa will be just as accommodating of your concerns as she was for me.

Dante H.

I feel I was scammed by this company. I am a former client regardless of the review reply. Long story short I got a botched FUE a few years ago from maxim. They offered to fix it/touch it up for free. But the ladies who offered the free fix is no longer with the company. I had another consult yesterday, where the staff said "it was not done correctly" and they offered to fix it for $6000 "discounted rate."... That's $2000 more than what I originally paid. So in total I would be paying $10k~. This is really bad service and feels like a scam.

Marcus C.

Going on 3 years and still have uneven area waste of my hard earned money!

Jin Perez

My procedure with the Maxim Hair Restoration team was excellent. This is my second procedure with the team. My surgeon was Dr. Josh Simpson who I had great confidence in to conduct the extraction process since he specializes in AA extraction. During the initial follow-up he provided a realistic outcome for my procedure, the expectation was to extract 1000 grafts to cover the remaining balding area. I am AA so my hair is very difficult to extract since it is curly and will disintegrate during initial extraction. Dr. Josh assured to me during the follow-up that would he be able to extract a realistic number of grafts if not the near amount. He surpassed my expectations; he was able to extract the exact number of grafts and 250 plus grafts. The process from beginning to end was wonderful. I am very grateful for the results provided by Dr. Josh and the Maxim team. Thank you so much!

Harrison Lowonor

I did my FUE on Thursday customer service was on point not to mention the staff they were very professional, friendly and ensured that I was comfortable throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend! 💯💯 …

San M

I have had 2 hair restorations at 2 different places and this one was far the superior. Seemed to cover more area with more density than my first. They are the experts.


My experience with the Maxim Hair Restoration team was fantastic. Their professionalism and expertise was cutting edge and honest. The Maxim team gave you realistic goals and what the actual possible outcome would be, they were honest and fair and being an AA (African American) our hair is much more difficult than others. But Dr. Josh Simpson specializes in AA hair and did a fantastic job extracting the difficult hairs for an AA and his team of Aya, Rochelle, and Liz did a phenomenal job in keeping/placing my grafts in the recipient area. The post op treatment has been wonderful and the check ups. I would recommend any that's in need of hair transplant go through Maxim and if you are AA I would highly recommend Dr. Josh Simpson as your surgeon.

Charles Logan

My son has had hair loss starting at 17. It has been pretty hard on him. It is just at the crown of his head. Otherwise, he has plenty of hair. He did minoxidil topical for awhile and then switched to the oral pill but it did not help much. We made an appt with Maxim and Dr. Kaur gave us several options. She said the hair transplant should be the last option, especially since he's so young. She suggested PRP and also a stem cell procedure where they only take a few hairs. But she said she'd like to see bloodwork drawn up first to make sure no underlying issues. But then she suggested micropigmentation for the meantime. I had not heard of that. It is basically hundreds of little tattoos on your scalp that LOOK like hair. It changes the color of your scalp so you don't notice the white bald spot that is sitting there. We decided to do this,, not as a permanent fix, but to buy us time, so he wouldn't feel so self conscious in college. David, their specialist who only does micropigmentation, was AMAZING. It took 3 visits, a few hours each time, and you can immediately notice the difference. You can't even tell he has a bald spot. David himself has gone through the entire hair loss process himself so he is very sensitive and gave Julian great advice about so many different things, especially heart to hearts about the emotional roller coaster hair loss can cause someone but doesn't have to. You should see David. He has the micropigmentation and it looks phenomenal. My son just feels so much better and while it does not grow hair back, it really is the 2nd best thing. He will likely do PRP or stem cell but David also recommended finasteride instead of minoxidil and combine it with derma-rolling a few times a week. So we'll give this another 6 months to see if he can get some hair regrowth but while we're waiting, we are SO HAPPY with what David and Dr. Kaur helped him with. Here are pictures and you can obviously tell which one is before and after.

mia lee

Below are the results of the micrografting after 6 months. My hair continued to fall out. I waited to post a review hoping the treatment would work in time. I'll give it a 2/5 since they did give a disclaimer that the procedure may not work. I went through 3 bottles of their Minoxidil/Finasteride/Biotin solution (which I must say were nice bottles). Knowing the results, I wish I didn't take their recommended solution and persisted with the FUE as I was desiring when I showed up for a consultation.

Kevin Holly

I had my FUE, Several PRP treatments, and micro needling done here!! I absolutely love my results!! The staff is attentive and answers all of my questions. I have recommended several friends to this practice as well! Looking forward to doing my stem cell procedure next year!

Johnesha Harrison

I highly recommend David Craddock at Maxim (Northern Virginia Location) for all your scalp micro pigmentation needs. He provides top-notch service and expertise, demonstrating exceptional knowledge, patience, and professionalism. I was pleasantly surprised by the outstanding results that surpassed my expectations.


The team at Maxim was exceptional, providing much-needed assistance throughout the entire process. They ensured that I received the best possible procedure and were always available to answer any questions or concerns I had. The entire process was smooth, and I appreciated their professionalism and willingness to help. I highly recommend Maxim for anyone seeking quality medical care. Thank you, Maxim, for your outstanding service!

Sam Wizzy

I had the FUE transplant completed on 3/29/23 and the team (Josh, Monique, Aya, and Dr. Kaur) were AMAZING! From the consultation to the next day post op, they were patient, knowledgeable, honest, and helpful. They didn't rush any parts of the process and discussed all steps in length while answering all of my questions, which were a lot! I'm looking forward to my 2 week follow up with the team and seeing the process of results.


David is an absolute Picasso when it comes to Micropigmentation. He took the time and precisely delivered perfection. Thank you

Jaber Jami

I should've done this sooner. I had a 1500 graft FUE procedure. The Maxim staff & providers are courteous & professional & the office & procedure room are clean & well maintained. My procedure went smoothly and the providers & staff explained post op instructions clearly and also sent me home with easy to follow instructions for each week/month of healing. With in the first few days post op I was worried that I'd made a mistake but I strictly stuck to the instructions & at 6 months post op I'm really happy I did it & the results are great.

C. Uri

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, MAXIM's Alexandria, Northern Virginia, office specializes in hair transplants and non-surgical hair restoration. Our hair transplant doctor and clinicians perform MEGA Session FUE up to 4,000 grafts. Hair Restoration is our core specialty.

Team of Board certified, Northern Virginia hair transplant doctors & clinicians that are hands-on and fully involved (they perform the procedure rather than Technicians); surgical and non-surgical solutions; affordable Pricing and 0% financing; convenient location in Alexandria, near the major Expressways. Our clinic manager in Northern Virginia is an M.D., M.H.A. Your consultation and pre-op are done by a clinician or clinical manager. We also offer Body to Scalp Hair Transplants, NO Shave FUE, Beard/Mustache/Eyebrow Hair Transplants.

At MAXIM, we work with half a dozen patient finance companies that offer conventional, multi-year and 0% financing plans.

MAXIM in Northern Virginia offers cellular micrografting using your own tissue, Autologous Conditioned Plasma (ACP), Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), topical compound, laser hair treatments, shampoo/ conditioner, and vitamins/supplements.

As evidenced by our excellent Review Rating in Northern Virginia for hair transplants, the vast majority of our clients are satisfied with their results and clinical outcomes. As with any medical procedure, there is a small risk of side effects, less than desired outcomes, and potential minor complications. Please discuss these with our hair transplant doctor and clinician during your complimentary consultation.

Yes. A large segment of our clientele in Northern Virginia is African-American. Our clinical team has considerable experience with all types of hair including straight, wavy, curly, thin and thick. The European Wireless WAW FUE Technology is specifically designed for curly hair and has the lowest transection rate among FUE technologies in the market.

We serve Northern Virginia, Tyson's Corner, Old Town, Alexandria, McLean, Washington D.C., Maryland, and Delaware. We also draw clients from Richmond, Ashburn, Roanoke, Chesapeake, Arlington, Lynchburg, Newport News, Hampton, Fairfax, Virginia Beach, and others.

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