Affordable hair transplant and non-surgical hair restoration procedures in Paramus, NJ - body to scalp, NO SHAVE FUE, beard and eyebrow transplants. Affordable Pricing with 0% Financing up to 2 years*.

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At MAXIM, hair restoration is our core specialty.

Our clinical team performs one hair transplant per day. The team is focused on your procedure. Non-surgical hair restoration solutions include cellular micrografting, laser hair therapy, ACP, CIT, PDO, and others that can be combined with or used if not a candidate for hair transplants.

  • Doctors+Clinicians (NOT Techs) Perform FUE
  • Up to 4,000 Graft FUE MEGA Sessions
  • Beard, Mustache & Eyebrow Hair Transplants
  • Board Certified Doctors & Clinicians
Dr. Roy Stoller

Dr. Stoller has over 25 years of FUE and FUT hair transplant experience. He is Board Certified and rated among the Top 1% of hair transplant doctors. He is a Member of ISHRS and a Fellow of the American Academy of Surgery. He has won awards for his work and is a hands-on surgeon.

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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Upto 4,000 Grafts. No stitches/sutures. No linear scars. Fast recovery. Limited pain/discomfort.

Follicular Unit Transplants (FUT)

Ideal for large procedures and clients with limited donor areas. Can combine old scars.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Non-surgical option to camouflage hair loss using a medical grade pigment. 1 or 2 sessions.

Beard, Mustache & Eyebrow Hair Transplants

Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon leads the team. FUE/FUT and Hybrid procedures.

It was an amazing experience. They took great care of me. And was extremely thorough. Their directions are clear and they walk you through all the steps.

Asante Lewis

Let me just start by saying that I rarely write reviews, but my consultation with Maxim was solid. I had two prior consultation and the experiences were horrible. Very cold, matter-of-fact approach, but with Maxim I felt comfortable right away. I had my consultation with Raven and she's great! My previous consultations were kinda awkward and embarrassing but Raven is really down to earth and knowledgeable. She made me feel comfortable talking about my struggles with hair loss and introduced me to the Technicians and Doctor who do the procedures in the New York office. I was also impressed that they have a lot of experience with different hair types (I'm black and have very curly hair so that was a very important factor for me). If you are researching places for FUE/FUT, I would strongly recommend putting them on your list.

Mark Jeffori Terry

Raven was amazing in presenting the different options that I had available to me, but at the end, I felt like she put my best interest first and that speaks volumes to me. Could not be more thankful for the help that she provided me. highly recommend this company.

Mr. & Mrs. Mercado

Save your money don't go here. I'm not hating I'm not even trolling. Got a FUT here it was bad. The doctor that they praise so highly didn't even do the actual procedure! The results weren't even no where near what they stated they can do. Go somewhere else fellas trust me... Also all these people giving 5 star and are saying great things are either bots or lying.

Carlo Saavedra

I had a consultation with Raven for an FUE transplant. She was very helpful and walked me thru the entire process. I called a few other places for quotes but none of them came close to what Maxim offers. I was on the fence but Raven's professionalism sold it for me. I would definitely recommend Maxim Paramus to my folically-challenged friends!

Shakil Nooristani

I am happy I chose Maxim Hair. Their prices are highly competitive and their skills are unrivaled. They answered all my questions and responded to e-mails very promptly. I received the FUE hair transplant and loving my new hair line. The procedure was smooth and the time passed very quickly thanks to their great staff always keeping me entertained while working diligently. The recovery for me was very quick and have had no post surgery issues. I highly recommend them.

Jose Contreras

Absolutely amazing I would recommend this company to anyone who is unsure about doing a hair transplant. The staff was friendly and professional and before you knew it I was in and out a new man. Thanks guys...

Seon Biggs

I want to take the time to thank Dr Doshi and his team for my excellent experience with Maxim hair restoration. Prior to this procedure I spent countless hours researching the restoration process and different clinics. However, I was very impressed with Dr Doshi's extensive experience, background and also with the cost effective transplant options at Maxim. I was also impressed with the medical manager Raven who took the time to help me understand the process and what to expect. As a result I decided to go with Maxim. On the day of the transplant I felt even more confident after meeting Madlena and the entire team. The staff was very accommodating and professional. The procedure latest several hours and although it happened only about a week ago, I was satisfied with the overall experience. I will provide an update in a few months when the results start to come in. Thanks again to the Maxim team.



Frequently Asked Questions

MAXIM's New Jersey office specializes in hair transplants and non-surgical hair restoration. Our surgeon performs MEGA Session FUE up to 4,000 grafts. Hair Restoration is our core specialty.

Board certified plastic surgeon with 25 years of hair transplant experience; our doctors & clinicians are hands-on and fully involved (they perform the procedure, not Technicians); surgical and non-surgical solutions; affordable Pricing and 0% financing; convenient location in Northern NJ. We also offer Body to Scalp Hair Transplants, NO Shave FUE, Beard/Mustache/Eyebrow Hair Transplants.

At MAXIM, we work with half a dozen patient finance companies that offer conventional, multi-year and 0% financing plans.

Yes, these include cellular micrografting using your own tissue, Autologous Conditioned Plasma (ACP), Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), topical compound, laser hair treatments, shampoo/ conditioner, and vitamins/supplements.

As evidenced by our Reviews, the vast majority of our clients are satisfied with their results and clinical outcomes. We utilize the European Wireless WAW FUE Technology which has the lowest transection rate among all FUE Technologies in the market. As with any medical procedure, there is a small risk of side effects, less than desired outcomes, and potential minor complications. Please discuss these with our hair transplant surgeon.

Northern New Jersey, Bergen County, Central Jersey, South Jersey, New York City, Westchester and Upstate NY.

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