The team at our Paramus office will make you feel comfortable and at-home right away. We know that discussing hair loss can be an uncomfortable, embarrassing experience. Fortunately, you've come to the right place for discrete care. In addition, visit our offices for some of New Jersey's most competitive pricing!

Specialized in Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration is all we do and we do it well.

MEGA Hair Transplants

Our doctors and clinicians perform hair transplants of up to 4,000+ grafts.

Board Certified

Many of our doctors and clinicians are board-certified physicians with extensive hair transplant experience.


We provide advanced hair restoration solutions, backed by science.

Hands-on, Fully Involved Clinicians

Our hands-on team includes doctors, clinicians and Certified Medical Assistants (CMAs) who are fully involved in your procedure and perform the procedure unlike other clinics that are Technician-centric.

Non-surgical Hair Restoration

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), Cellular Micrografting, PDO Threads for Hair, Autologous Conditioned Plasma (ACP), Laser Hair Therapy, Topical Compounds, Supplements & Products.

Focused Care

Our doctors and clinicians only perform one or two procedures at a time to ensure that the clinical team is dedicated to you.

Affordable Prices

Our prices are competitive, and we offer 0%, 12-month financing and long-term financing to make them even more affordable (for those you qualify).


FUT is a tried, true, and proven technology. Also known as the "strip" method, FUT allows MAXIM hair transplant surgeons to perform Mega hair transplant sessions of up to 4,000 grafts. The higher yield provides a higher survival rate for each graft and a denser result than FUE technologies.


Hybrid procedures combine surgical and non-surgical hair restoration to offer incredible results. For example, we might combine FUE with Collagen Induction Therapy to help hair follicles heal faster. Every hybrid procedure is a customized solution offered to each individual client.


Maxim offers a full line of proven products, vitamins, supplements, and topical compounds. While none of these solutions will restore lost hair on their own, they can help to promote better results after a more aggressive hair restoration solution, or can address minor hair thinning when living follicles exist.


Minimally invasive non-surgical micrografting reduces scalp inflammation and improves scalp and hair health. It also corrects hair growth cycles, allowing longer, thicker growth, improving the luster of your hair, and decreasing hair loss.


The most technologically advanced hair restoration procedure on the market today. FUE hair restoration procedure involves harvesting and transplanting a single hair graft or follicular unit at a time, and then relocating it to a donor site. It is favored by most hair restoration professionals because it is practically painless and leaves minimal scarring.


Can't grow the full beard or mustache you want? Find that your eyebrows are thinning as you age? MAXIM provides facial hair FUE that will give you the results you're looking for. We're among the few offices in the United States with surgeons qualified enough to perform this delicate technique.


Prompt your scalp to produce collagen, keratin, and other substances your hair follicles need to heal. CIT may be done as a stand-alone service or in concert with other hair restoration procedures to provide even better results. Guided tissue trauma is a proven technique that triggers the body's natural platelet responses to achieve results.


PDO threading uses polydioxanone sutures which stay in the scalp for months but slowly dissolve. This process supports collagen restoration and the production of hyaluronic acid and elastin and constantly triggers the body's natural platelet response, thus supporting overall hair health.


Discrete hair restoration. Our FUE procedures are so delicate and advanced that, in many cases, we don't need to shave either the donor or the recipient areas to provide our clients with the results they are looking for. We also offer partial shave procedures that can hide the hair restoration process from the rest of the world.


While not suitable for everyone, body-to-scalp FUE offers the potential to harvest up to 5,000 grafts and allows us to serve individuals who have been turned away from other clinics. MAXIM is one of the only clinics in the United States that offers this delicate and labor-intensive procedure.



Hair Transplant Doctor in New York City (NYC) & Long Island, NY

Dr. Barnard has five years of hair transplant experience. He's also the Director of Residency at Southampton Hospital and is affiliated with St. Barnabas Hospital.

Winner of the NYIT President's Service Award. A Board Certified physician and Program Director at Southampton Hospital.



Hair transplant surgeon in Houston, Texas

Dr. Jezic has over 20 years of experience as a practicing physician and over 7 years of hair transplant experience.

Dr. Jezic is dual board certified by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, in Neuromuscular Medicine and in Physical Medicine and rehabilitation.



Hair Transplant & Plastic Surgeon in Sarasota & Tampa, Florida

A renowned plastic and hair restoration surgeon affiliated with prestigious institutions, including Harvard University.

Is one in less than 1% of surgeons that completed an Aesthetic Fellowship at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. Is recognized as one of the top surgeons in the United States.



Cosmetic Surgeon in Dallas and Ft. Worth, Texas

5 years in general surgery, 7 years of cosmetic and hair transplant surgery, and 8+ years at East Texas Medical Center and Trinity Mother Frances.

Has contributed to and been featured in clinical publications, including The Journal of Vascular Surgery. Board Certified by the American Board of Wound Management.Has contributed to and been featured in clinical publications, including The Journal of Vascular Surgery. Board Certified by the American Board of Wound Management.



Hair Transplant Clinician in NYC, Long Island, Albany, Sarasota, Tampa & Boca Raton, FL

Has performed hundreds of FUE hair transplant procedures, including WAW, ARTAS, Cole, Ellis, and ARTERA. Has mastered the art of creating natural hairlines.

Spearheads MAXIM'S FUE training program for new hair restoration doctors and clinicians.



FUE Hair Transplant Clinician in Sarasota, Tampa & Boca Raton, Florida

Has performed numerous hair transplant procedures and is known for her ability to provide individualized, natural results.

Clinical experience and training in internal medicine, dermatology, and surgery. Holds accreditation through the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants.



FUE Hair Transplant Clinician in Austin (ATX), Texas

Clinically trained at Johns Hopkins. Over 10 years of clinical experience providing FUE and injection procedures.

Has completed thousands of procedures to date. Has designed multiple medical device systems, including one that is currently awaiting final FDA approval.



Non-surgical Hair Restoration Clinician in Austin (ATX), Texas

An expert in hair restoration with a specific focus on non-surgical solutions, and a medical researcher with a focus on injection procedures.

Co-authored one of the first FDA approved IND applications for SVF derived MSCs. Created a non-surgical restoration therapy for women, most of whom did not have previous treatment options.



Hair Transplant & Plastic Surgeon in Cebu & Davao, Philippines

Over ten years of cosmetic surgery and hair transplant experience. Dr. Jayme has worked as an Associate Staff member and Visiting Plastic Surgeon for several hospitals in the Philippines.

Graduated from the finest medical institutions in the Philippines. Now serves as a professor and researcher. Has been published in numerous medical journals and is a member of several International medical societies.



Hair Transplant & Plastic Surgeon in Manila & Cebu, Philippines

Has performed thousands of cosmetic and hair restoration procedures and was trained in the finest medical institutions in the US and the Philippines.

Was named a Diplomate of the Philippine Association of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery and is affiliated with Makati Medical Center.



Hair Transplant & Plastic Surgeon in Manila & Cebu, Philippines

An experienced plastic and hair transplant surgeon specializing in hybrid techniques. Affiliated with Makati Medical Center, Asian Hospital, and the Medical City South Luzon.

Passed Board of Plastic Surgery examinations. Participated and received an award in the Annual Surgical Forum, MMC Department of Surgery.



Hair Transplant Doctor in Phoenix, Arizona

Worked as a naturopathic medical doctor at Arizona Facial Plastics since 2019. Has extensive experience with aesthetic medicine. Specializes in minimally and non-invasive procedures.

Taught at the Brown Mackie College and Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. Has completed over 132 hours of hands-on clinical training in Arizona.



Hair Restoration Doctor in Alexandria, VA

30 years of physician experience encompassing advanced urgent care, emergency medicine, trauma, wellness, facial aesthetics, telemedicine, and wound care.

A Board Certified physician who has served not only as a physician but also as CEO and Medical Director for multiple medical institutions. Licensed in Virginia and Maryland. Published an award-winning paper at the Massachusetts Medical Society.



Plastic Surgeon at CHARLOTTE, NC

Almost two decades of experience in facial aesthetic and plastic surgery. A hands-on surgeon who is extensively involved in hair restoration procedures.

Board-Certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. A national speaker on a variety of Plastic Surgery topics.



Hair Transplant Physician in Philadelphia & Pittsburgh

Dr. Boles, with 25 years in hair transplants, is among the rare American doctors licensed to practice medicine and surgery in Dubai. He's performed 10,000+ cases, excelling in diverse hair loss treatments.

Dr. Boles, board-certified by ASHRS, traveled globally, performing hair transplants in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Mumbai, Dubai, London, Hong Kong, and Manila. Bollywood actors and children benefited from his expertise.



Hair Transplant Clinician’s Assistant in New York City & Long Island

Dr. Acosta, with 20+ years' experience, is dedicated to top-quality hair restoration care for our valued patients.

Dr. Acosta holds a valid NY State license, DEA certification, and specializes in FUE, PDO, and micrografting techniques.



Hair Transplant Clinician in Alexandria, VA

Has performed numerous FUE hair transplant procedures and is skilled at non-surgical hair restoration as well.

Board Certified Physician Assistant with a clinical background in dermatology.




Proven technology and real results for individuals who need 4,000+ grafts.


The most advanced hair transplant technology on the market today.


Solutions for beards, mustaches, and lost eyebrow hair.


Non-surgical micro tattoing provides a natural "buzzed" look without surgery.


A micro-needling procedure designed to stimulate scalp restoration and repair.


A six-month continuous micro-trauma PDO therapy that stimulates follicle repair.


An injectable that corrects thinning hair and helps to prevent hair follicle death.


We're one of the few to offer body-to-scalp transplants, no-shave FUE, and other difficult procedures.


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Fact: it is extremely important when you are selecting a hair restoration surgeon or clinician to perform hair transplant procedures that the surgeon or clinician has expertise and experience specific to your hair loss needs.

Choosing the right hair restoration physician or clinician can be difficult and overwhelming, yet it's the most important decision. Unfortunately, most clients have no idea how to evaluate hair restoration doctors to determine if they are the right match.

At MAXIM Hair Restoration in New Jersey, you're guaranteed that we work with the best in the industry to provide promising results for your hair transplant procedures.

Our physicians include DR. DAVID BORENSTEIN, a dual board-certified hair restoration physician with a successful medical practice in NYC for 20 years, and experience in FUE hair restoration and hybrid hair restoration procedures.

He has been featured on film and on TV as a leading medical expert. Dr. Borenstein was trained at the medical school at Technion Faculty of Medicine, completing an internship at Staten Island University Hospital. Trained in NYC and Israel, he teaches other doctors in regenerative procedures as a regenerative specialist.

The Hair Transplant Techs must have a lot of experience. Repetition using proper protocols is the only way technicians can gain skill. That's why here at MAXIM Hair Restoration New Jersey, we make sure that our Hair Transplant Techs have, on average, at least eight years of hair transplant surgeries under their belt.

Here's why our Hair Transplant Techs are highly trained medical assistants: 

  • Former Bosley Hair Transplant Techs
  • 8+ years average experience with FUT, FUE, SMP
  • Some of our Techs are nurses, CMAs or Surgical Techs
  • Our Hair Transplant Techs are experienced across multiple technology platforms including ARTAS Robot, ATERA, Cole, Ellis, S.A.F.E., WAW, Neograft and SmartGraft FUE technologies,

If you want to find the hair loss freedom you want to achieve, you have to choose the right hair transplant surgeon at the right hair restoration office. 

Avail these services in our MAXIM Hair Restoration New Jersey office:

  • Hair restoration surgery
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant
  • 3D Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)
  • Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)
  • Facial hair transplants
  • Eyebrow, mustache, beard hair transplant
  • Hybrid hair restoration procedures

Taking advantage of the latest technology in hair restoration procedures, MAXIM Hair Restoration New Jersey provides the following hair restoration systems: ATERA FUE System, ELLIS FUE System, S.A.F.E. FUE System, COLE FUE Hair Restoration Technology, and FUT Hair Transplant Equipment.

After years of handling hair restoration challenges and helping clients overcome them, our passion for providing the utmost hair restoration excellence here at MAXIM Hair Restoration New Jersey still continues. 

Most of our New Jersey clients prefer to have their hair transplant done in New Jersey rather than cross the bridge or tunnel to go to Manhattan in New York City. 

Our team of dual board-certified facial plastic surgeons perform MEGA sessions up to 4,000 grafts. Also, our MAXIM office is fully licensed in the city of Paramus, performing several hair transplants in New Jersey each month to ensure that we provide our clients the best hair replacement for men as possible.

A lot of our clients trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations from their friends. In a world where almost everything can be found online, clients often look for reviews to know our credibility. 

Our past clients are consistently giving ratings of 5 stars on Google Reviews. Here's what they said: 

"Such an amazing job. Making me feel right at home and comfortable in their stunning NYC 5th Ave. location."

"Dr. Borenstein and his staff were incredible. They listened thoroughly to my goals and we drew the hairline up together to my satisfaction. The anesthesia worked very well and has a minimal discomfort."

"It was an amazing experience. I had my FUE transplant procedure and it was an amazing experience. The technicians were highly experienced and skilled." 

"Absolutely amazing. I would recommend this company to someone who is unsure about doing a hair transplant."

MAXIM Hair Restoration has been operating in New Jersey since 2018. 

Dr. David Borenstein, our Hair Restoration Surgeon, features a dual board certification with over 20 years of experience. If you're looking to reset your hairline, our team of doctors and technicians at MAXIM Hair Restoration in Paramus, New Jersey, are here to help you.

New and advanced technology is constantly pushing the boundaries of hair restoration and redefining what is and isn't possible. Keeping pace with this vigorous progress, our MAXIM Hair Restoration New Jersey office, together with our highly-skilled hair transplant surgeons and experienced hair transplant Techs, are continually updating their equipment and services to offer the latest in high-tech hair restoration procedures. 

The office is conveniently located in the New Century Surgical Center facility in Paramus, NJ, in close proximity to shopping malls in Bergen County, NJ.

You can avail affordable hair transplant procedures at MAXIM in New Jersey and benefit from 0% Financing: 

  • FUT 
  • FUE 
  • No gimmicks or hidden fees
  • 0% financing + affordable 
  • Accepts cash, credit cards and cashier's checks

These are the providers wherein we offer both conventional and 0% financing: 

  • Care Credit 
  • Green Sky Credit 
  • Lending Club 
  • Alphaeon 
  • Enhance Patient Finance 
  • United Medical Credit 
  • Others

The MAXIM office in New Jersey serves hair transplant clients from Northern and Central New Jersey, Bergen County, Paramus, Hackensack, Mahwah, Teaneck, Fort Lee, Fair Lawn, Garfield, Englewood, Bergenfield, Richwood, Lodi, Morristown, Morris County, and South Jersey. 

MAXIM Hair Restoration New Jersey office is located at New Century Surgery Center, 37 W Century Rd., Suite 113, Paramus, NJ 07652. 

Our Paramus, NJ based office is located just two blocks off the Garden State Parkway (NJ-444) in Chester Building at 37 West Century Road.  We're just an easy three blocks from  NJ-17.

Enjoy easy access via personal car, Lyft, Uber, or public transportation. We're just a 4-minute walk from the Century Rd. at Essex bus stop. Parking is available on-site and is free.

Our MAXIM office in New Jersey provides a center of fully accredited O.R. with multiple consultation and procedure rooms focused to give you a quiet and relaxing experience as you go through your hair restoration journey.

Yes. There are parking spots available on-site and are free.

When a hair restoration procedure is performed at the MAXIM Hair Restoration office in New Jersey, it produces a very high success rate. These numbers tend to be higher at MAXIM compared to other organizations as our experienced hair restoration surgeons and clinicians use meticulous and advanced FUT and FUE techniques for your hair transplant procedure. Careful harvesting of each graft is conducted before it is arranged, slivered and transplanted to the target site. 

Distinguished hair restoration surgeons would consider an overall figure of 90 percent as their success rate. It's the acceptable bare minimum of the rate of transplanted hair follicles to become part of the patient's hairline and recipient thinning and balding areas. 

In order to identify the success rate of hair transplant procedures, it's essential to take into consideration how much the patient is satisfied with the hair restoration procedure as well as the total number of grafts that were effectively harvested from the donor site and successfully transplanted to the recipient areas. The attrition and transection rate with a skilled hair transplant doctor or clinician should be very low (in the single digits). In the end, it's the patient's satisfaction with their procedure that is the bottom line. 

A hair transplant performed at MAXIM New Jersey can last a lifetime. It is critical to follow post-op instructions in the days following your hair transplant in order to preserve the grafts. Since the transplanted hair follicles are taken from the back of the head (donor area) and these are resistant to DHT, they are genetically different from the fallen hair and will most likely survive, barring any long-term pathology or major illness. On the other hand, some factors that need to be taken into consideration when undergoing a hair restoration procedure are the patient's age, hair type, lifestyle, and the extent of hair loss. In certain instances, one may need to have a second hair transplant procedure to achieve the desired results. 

Hair transplant costs at MAXIM Hair Restoration in New Jersey vary by the no. of grafts. The cost can be as low as $3,900 for an eyebrow transplant and upwards of $6,000 for a regular transplant. The larger the session, lower the price per graft. In contrast with competitors, there are NO hidden costs, consultation fees and pre-op or post-op charges. With 0% and conventional financing which are available through a variety of third-party financing plans, you can afford to have your hair restoration procedure done at MAXIM. For that reason, MAXIM Hair Restoration was established to fulfill the need for affordable and quality hair transplants performed by experienced hair transplant physicians and clinicians who can transplant up to 4,000 grafts in just one session.

The answer to that question is: YES. You just need to be at least 21 years of age and be a good candidate to get a hair transplant procedure done. As you can see, when young patients start losing their hair, they likely have the natural urge or need to address it right away. In these situations, an early stage hair transplant procedure may be a good option to take their precious head of hair back combined with non-surgical solutions to prevent further hair loss. You must understand that transplanted hair will remain unchanged with the help of a qualified and competent hair restoration doctor who will support you from the beginning of the hair transplant procedure to the end of the hair restoration treatment. Notwithstanding the above, the ideal age for a hair transplant is 25 to 60 as long as your hair loss is stable and under control which can be achieved with Minoxidil and Fin########.

Considering that it's very complicated to evaluate the long-term stability of donor hair and assessing the extent of hair loss when patients are of very young age, it is best to get a hair transplant at the MAXIM Hair Restoration in New Jersey at a good age of 25 years or higher. There is no upper limit as long as you are healthy. 

Hair loss can also affect men in their early 20's. Losing hair at a very young age can be alarming, despite the fact that hair loss can affect people at any age group. Most cases of hair loss can be related to male or female pattern baldness that is primarily due to genetic factors. Hair loss can be challenging especially when experienced at a very young age. That's why most people consider getting a hair transplant done as a hair loss solution or treatment and combine it with OTC and prescription non-surgical orals or topicals to preserve existing hair. 

Hair transplants in New Jersey certainly look natural when performed by the MAXIM hair restoration doctor or clinician. Despite the fact that hair transplants can look far more achievable than than their credibility has long been implied, the hair restoration procedure is more developed and proven than ever and there is a lot of information available to prospective patients.

With that being said, you need not worry about the certainty of the results, because with MAXIM's experienced hair restoration surgeon in New Jersey, you'll get the results you've been wanting for to achieve hair loss freedom. 

It is believed that hair transplant surgery leaves scars. However, a well performed hair transplant procedure should leave no linear scar that is evident to the naked eye. This goal can be achieved through the skills and expertise of the hair transplant surgeons and clinicians at MAXIM. 

Here at MAXIM Hair Restoration in New Jersey, we take great pride to ensure that our patients do not have noticeable scars in their donor area following hair transplant surgery. The capabilities and competence of our hair restoration surgeon and hair transplant technicians strive to minimize any visible scars. This is one of the reasons why people with hair restoration needs seek assistance from our experienced hair restoration team in MAXIM New Jersey.

The answer is: Generally Not Painful. However, every client is different and people have varied levels of tolerance. A hair transplant conducted at MAXIM Hair Restoration in New Jersey is NOT a painful or uncomfortable experience. On the other hand, it doesn't mean you won't feel any discomfort at all. For this reason, even the most minimally invasive procedure entails some degree of uneasiness, and a hair transplant procedure is without exception. In case you happen to feel any "pain" during the hair transplant procedure, you don't have to worry, because it will only last for a short period of time and the hair transplant doctor can administer local anesthesia to numb the pain or discomfort. They may also prescribe or recommend pain meds following your procedure for your recovery period. Most of our patients reported almost no pain at all and described the hair transplant procedure at MAXIM in New Jersey as somewhat an appealing and pleasant experience since they can take a nap, watch TV or a movie on their iPAD and chat with our staff. 

It actually depends. If the scalp is scarred and hasn't generated any new hair in a number of years, then new hair would likely not grow even if transplanted. However, if the scalp is largely unscarred and healthy, then it's possible to grow the hair back again following a hair transplant or to improve the density of existing hair. If hair follicles are still healthy, then that's a good indication that you are qualified to get a hair transplant. However, even though you're completely bald, you can have other choices such as hair replacement or MEGA Session hair transplants if you have adequate donor tissue or a combination of procedures. Some patients are candidates for hair transplantation of body hair or beard hair.

We're convenient to the Garden State Parkway and East Century Road.

If you're coming in from out of town there are four options all reasonably close to this location: Ramada by Wyndham, Crowne Plaza Saddle Brook, Hyatt Place Fair Lawn, and Hampton Inn.

John F. Kennedy (JFK) in New York is likely to be your closest reasonable airport. You can get here via car in about 1 hour. You can also take the AirTrain JFK Green to Howard Beach Station, then walk down to the George Washington Bridge Bus Station to take Route 4 Jitney. At Garden State Plaza transfer to the 756 bus to Paramas Bergen Community College. You'll get off at Century Road at Essex Road. You'll have a 4 minute walk from there. 

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