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14-day intra-op and post-surgical repair and healing formulations. Antimicrobial + skin cleansing and spray antimicrobial hydrogel.

By providing the best post-surgical wound cleansing and healing solutions for our patients’ hair transplant procedures, we can optimize the outcome for our patients. SurgiHEAL PRO antimicrobial wound and skin cleansing formula is based on FDA-cleared, wound care and cleansing technology. The product comes in both a liquid and hydrogel spray formulation of hypochlorous acid or HOCl, which has been referred to as the “future gold standard” for surgical wound care in dermatologic and plastic surgeries.



If you set out to engineer the “optimal” post-surgical wound cleansing and healing agent for hair transplantation procedures it would be SurgiHEAL PROTM 

  1. Unmatched antimicrobial efficacy; virtually eliminates all common bacterial, viral and fungal strains within 30 seconds, with no evidence of creating microbe resistance
    (80x the oxidative killing power of bleach with ZERO toxicity).
  2. Possesses unique anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling and redness.
  3. Studies demonstrate super-oxidized HOCl significantly increases oxygen levels in the skin that persist for up to 72 hours post-application. 
  4. Provides relief in symptoms of both pain and itching.
  5. Improves scarring.
  6. Non-irritating, non-sensitizing and non-toxic; safe for continual use and around eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.
  7. Proprietary manufacturing process creates a stabilized, pH-balanced formulation with a two-year shelf life.
  8. Easy to apply spray formulations for both recipient and donor areas.


 14-day post-surgical repair and healing formulations. Contact us for pricing

  • 3 bottles of SurgiHEAL PRO 3oz. spray antimicrobial and skin cleansing formula and spray antimicrobial hydrogel.


  • Recipient/Graft Site Area – 3 oz. spray solution (Blue label)
    • Apply 5-6 sprays of SurgiHEAL PRO antimicrobial solution over the newly implanted graft/recipient site area every 1-2 waking hours.
    • Allow SurgiHEAL PRO antimicrobial spray solution to dry on the affected area, no need to wipe excess. 
    • SurgiHEAL PRO is non-toxic and non-irritating and safe for continual use. 



Donor/Harvest Site Area – 3 oz. spray hydrogel (Orange label)

  • Apply 5-6 sprays of SurgiHEAL PRO antimicrobial hydrogel formula onto the harvest/donor site(s) or suture area every 1-2 waking hours.  
  • Allow SurgiHEAL PRO antimicrobial hydrogel to dry on the affected area, no need to rub in or wipe excess. 

SurgiHEAL PRO is non-toxic and non-irritating and safe for continual use.


The bottom line…SurgiHEAL PRO is a natural, non-toxic, clinically proven, better option to promote wound healing and enhance clinical outcomes.

  • Natural ingredients and a proprietary manufacturing process are used to replicate the same molecule our white blood cells produce in response to injury. SurgiHEAL PRO does not use toxic chemicals, synthetic antibiotics or petroleum and is 100% natural. 
  • SurgiHEAL PRO is manufactured in an ISO 9000 certified clean room in the USA and each product lot is thoroughly tested before release to ensure safety and efficacy.
  • SurgiHEAL PRO provides a unique, synthesized chemistry of the HOCl molecule to produce a biocompatible, easy to use alternative to traditional ointments and antiseptics in order to promote wound healing and enhance clinical outcomes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

SurgiHEAL PRO has been effectively used in over a thousand hair transplant procedures with exceptional results. There has been NO evidence of any negative effects to graft survival or graft take. SurgiHEAL PRO is a stabilized, balanced pH formula of HOCl and is non-toxic, non-sensitizing and non-irritating.

Simply apply 5-6 sprays of the appropriate formulation every 1-2 hours while awake to the recipient area and donor area. Allow the solution to dry, no need to wipe the excess and SurgiHEAL PRO is safe for continual use.

Unlike other antiseptics which pose potential toxicity or sensitivity risks when used in specialized dermatological procedures, HOCl treated species in both ocular and dermal studies reported ZERO irritation, with no toxicity reported at any dose.

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