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Combination of Minoxidil, Estradiol, Cetirizine, Fluocinolone, biotin, caffeine, and regenerative hair-growth peptides

What does it do?

Minoxidil improves vascular patency, allowing for better blood flow to the scalp. This aids in better healing capabilities and improved tissue oxygenation. When estrogen levels are too low in coordination with testosterone, women can end up with overproduction of DHT and over adherence of the metabolite to the hair follicle, resulting in thinning hair. By improving the hormonal balance, it decreases DHT production and it competes with DHT when binding to the hair follicle. Estrogen also causes hair to grow longer, thicker, and faster. Cetirizine reduces the production of prostaglandin D2, which plays a role in female hair loss. Fluocinolone decreases inflammation in the scalp while combating issues such as dermatitis. Inflammation is a common symptom of too much DHT.  Biotin strengthens your hair, caffeine stimulates it, and the unique growth factors have strong antioxidative properties while also aiding in expression of growth factors related to repair and regrowth of skin and hair. All together, this compound treats hair loss from many angles, such as prevention of damaging compounds, improving oxygenation, decreasing inflammation, and elongating the growth cycle, while shorting the resting cycle.

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Continuous. 1x/day.


Varies based on formulation.


Should not be used one month prior to a transplant or non-surgical procedure. Should also not be used for one month post-operatively.


Our unique compound is the only topical on the market using cutting edge Liposphere technology acting as a significant vector device, transferring ingredients deeper into the scalp, where they can reach the hair follicle at its most critical depths. Most over-the-counter compounds underperform for this precise reason, struggling to penetrate deep enough to have an effective reach. This results in poor absorption and a gritty residue being left on the hair that can have the appearance of dandruff. Our topical not only improves your hair volume and density, it improves the luster, color, and overall appearance of the hair. This product can be tailored to meet a specific patient’s needs if they have had a reaction to one of the ingredients, or simply wish to avoid any of the ingredients for personal or medical reasons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Topical solutions are generally viewed as a safer alternative to oral medications due to the body’s method of processing substances that are digested as opposed to absorbed. Unlike oral pills, a topical does not pass through the liver and through the bloodstream twice. Also, because the topical is directly applied to the area of focus, significantly less of the drug is required compared to taking something orally, where a significant amount is required to reach the same desired impact.

This topical compound is a prescription and requires a telehealth consult or onsite consultative assessment. Please contact us at 802-370-3227 to book your complimentary consultation today.

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