Hair Transplant Physician in Houston, TX & Austin, TX

Over seven years of hair transplant experience. Personally performs comprehensive consultation. Specialized in FUE Hair Transplant Surgery. FUE Hair Transplants - Facial, Beard, Mustache and Eyebrow hair transplants using NEOGRAFT and ATERA FUE Technologies.



Dr. Jezic has over seven years of FUE Hair Transplant experience with the NEOGRAFT system. He has over 20 years of experience as a practicing physician.



Dr. Jezic has an outstanding patient reputation + reviews for FUE hair transplant surgery in Houston, Texas. He provides personalized care with an excellent bedside manner. He performs the entire consultation and is present throughout the hair restoration procedure. He was born in Michigan and grew up in Houston. He plays the guitar, piano, collects art and enjoys cooking, wine and world travel. He is the father of two daughters.



Dr. Jezic attended medical school at UT Health Science Center - Houston. He obtained additional specialty training at the University of Utah in Salt Lake.


Do you want an extremely hands-on doctor who will meet with you personally and work closely with you from start to finish? You can't go wrong with Dr. Jezic, a veteran in the hair transplant industry who believes every patient deserves the highest standard of care and respect. Plus, Dr. Jezic has over 20 years of experience as a practicing physician and over 7 years as a hair transplant physician.



Dr. Jezic is highly adept at using NeoGraft and Atera FUE procedures to provide his clients with incredible results. He also has extensive experience performing beard, mustache, and eyebrow hair transplants.


Dr. Jezic is a member of the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He's certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, as well as Neuromuscular medicine.


Dr. Jezic's reviews consistently call attention to the thoroughness of his examinations, his willingness to answer questions, and the clarity of the instructions he gives for pre-and-post procedure care. Plus, he gets incredible results for every client who walks through his door!


Dr. Jezic is well-known in the field of hair restoration and is highly sought after. And no wonder: he tends to spend at least 45 minutes with patients on the initial consultation alone. He's also been published in The Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.


Dr. Jezic uses the latest FUT and FUE hair restoration procedures to give clients the best possible results. He's skilled enough to be one of the few hair transplant doctors capable of getting incredible results on beard, mustache, and eyebrow transplants. He favors both the NeoGraft and the Atera FUE systems.



Dr. Jezic's specialty and passion is hair restoration! He is passionate about our work because he's seen the positive impact it has on the lives of our clients. He excels in adopting the latest technologies to help restore the confidence and self-esteem of clients who have lost their hair.

frequently asked questions

DR. GORAN A. JEZIC is an expert in hair transplant procedures with over seven years of experience performing FUE hair transplants with the NeoGraft technology  in Houston, Texas.  He has contributed invaluable skills and expertise that have changed the lives of patients whose goals are to achieve hair loss freedom.

Dr. Jezic works at our MAXIM Hair Restoration office in Houston, Texas. Here, he conducts extensive one-on-one consultations and performs hair transplant surgeries with a team of hair transplant techs using the NeoGraft and ATERA FUE system and technologies.

Dr. Jezic began performing hair transplants seven years ago after the FDA clearance of the minimally invasive NeoGraft technology system. It prompted him to expand his practice and include hair restoration, because the less invasive FUE system makes a more viable option for patients experiencing hair loss.

As a dual board-certified hair transplant doctor, he personally performs comprehensive consultations and specializes in FUE hair transplant procedures here at MAXIM Hair Restoration. Dr. Goran A. Jezic completed his residency at the University of Utah and is affiliated with HCA Houston Healthcare Medical Center and Houston Methodist Hospital. Not only that, he's also board-certified in Neuromuscular Medicine.

All the same, a qualified hair restoration surgeon should work with you to plan the best possible solution for your hair loss needs, and it needs to be an obtainable result.

Dr. Goran Jezic started his medical career by graduating from the UT Health Science Center in Houston and completed his residency at the University of Utah. He has been given additional specialty training at the University of Utah in Salt Lake. He has been practicing medicine in Houston since 1996, and maintains a double board-certification.

MAXIM Hair Restoration has been very grateful for having Dr. Jezic as part of our team. Aside from being highly regarded as a hair transplant surgeon, he's also an active member of many medical organizations for his certifications and licensure:

  • American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - Certified in Neuromuscular Medicine

  • American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - Certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

  • TX State Medical License

  • UT State Medical License

Considered as a veteran in the hair transplant industry for performing hair restoration procedures for over seven years, Dr. Jezic is renowned for conducting FUE hair transplant procedures as well as facial hair restoration surgeries such as facial, beard, mustache, and eyebrow hair transplants using the NEOGRAFT and ATERA FUE technologies.

With the primary objective of offering the latest technologies to his patients, Dr. Jezic exudes a relentless drive to equip himself with the most innovative hair transplant techniques. Since 2013, he's been using the NEOGRAFT technology for FUE hair transplant surgeries. He recently adopted the ATERA FUE System and other state-of-the-art hair restoration technologies. The ATERA FUE Technology lubricates the grafts during harvest, has separate suctions for harvesting and extraction, has a digital graft counter and specializes punches for curly hair.

Dr. Jezic's day-to-day activities are not only limited to his medical profession. He's also actively involved with regenerative work, charitable institutions, local foundations and community associations. As far as research is concerned, one of his publications included "Calf vein thrombosis in spinal cord injured patients: Conservative management of two cases".

Due to its complexity, hair transplant procedures require a skilled hair transplant surgeon and a team of hair transplant technicians in order to be successful. Or else, bad experiences may occur. These have become more prevalent in the last few years in the hair transplant industry. For that reason, it's important to know that you come to the right hair transplant surgeon for your hair loss concerns. Dr. Jezic has consistently received a 5-star rating on Google Reviews from our past clients. Among them are:

"I would highly recommend this place if you live in Houston and are looking for FUE surgery done right. The staff is very easy to talk to and helpful.

- Jared Lakhani

"I did the research and found out that Maxim Hair Restoration Houston was the best way to go for me. I had my FUE done at the Houston location.

- Cedrick Hoodye

"The staff technicians and Doctor were very thorough about the process and very pleased about the immediate results. In addition, very good follow up skills. I'm very excited to the further progress.

- David L.

Here at MAXIM Hair Restoration, our hair transplant surgeons only work with the best staff. Our hair restoration team is composed of former Bosley and PAI Techs. Our hair specialists are also nurses and surgical technicians. Some of them are registered nurses (RNs), Certified Medical Assistants (CMAs), and patient coordinators. One can speak volumes about the benefits of being treated by Dr. Jezic and his entire hair restoration team.

Dr. Jezic believes in looking at each process in every aspect. He personally conducts a one-on-one consultation with the patient before the treatment begins. His uncanny attention to detail leaves no stone unturned in identifying the proper course of action to address the patient's hair loss problems. He also determines which technologies and processes are best suited for the clients, including the number of grafts, techniques and other factors that have to be considered. He also turns down patients who he believes are not ideal candidates for a hair transplant procedure. He leverages his 7-year experience in the business to deliver satisfying results.

Born in Michigan, Dr. Jezic then moved to Texas not long afterwards. He considered himself a native Houstonian for all intentions and purposes. At his home, he enjoys cooking, tasting wine and spending time with his two daughters. He likes playing the guitar and piano, collecting art from various painters, and traveling around the world. His family lives in Croatia, so he makes sure to visit them whenever possible to stay connected with his family.

If you're looking for an experienced and dedicated hair transplant physician who renders personalized care and a genuine desire to help his patients, then Dr. Jezic is the right hair transplant surgeon for you. His skills and expertise have helped his patients achieve the best possible hair restoration solutions for their hair loss needs.

Dr. Jezic takes great pride in his personalized approach to patients. He makes sure he gets every detail on the consultation because he believes that every patient should be treated with absolute caring and support. He gives his patients the type of personal attention needed to achieve the best possible hair restoration results with minimal pain and discomfort, and little to no disruption to their daily activities.

Do it right NOW! Schedule a FREE consultation by calling us at our MAXIM Hair Restoration office in Houston, Texas. You can also request for a virtual consultation with Dr. Jezic.

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