Unit Extraction (FUE)

Minimal Pain and Discomfort. Rapid Recovery. Hair Restoration Procedure of Choice. NO STITCH, NO LINEAR SCAR HAIR TRANSPLANT


Multiple FUE Technologies.
Hair is all we do and we do it well.
Hands-on physicians and clinicians.
2 cases per day, dedicating the team to you.
Affordable Prices. 0% financing.


Affordable and based on a per graft basis. 0% Financing available to those who qualify.


An FUE Hair Transplant ​takes 6 to 8+ hours


Local anesthesia in a clinic setting. You can watch a movie, Nap or converse during your procedure.


One hair graft or Follicular Unit, at a time, is harvested and transplanted during hair replacement surgery. The FUE procedure is performed using advanced technology including WAW FUE, the S.A.F.E. FUE System, Ellis FUE, the Cole FUE System, or the ATERA. FUE hair surgery is performed by a hair transplant doctor under local anesthesia in a clinic setting. He/she is assisted by hair transplant techs. You can watch a movie, converse with our staff, or chat on the phone during your procedure, or even take a nap and rest during your hair restoration surgery.


No alcohol 48 hours prior, and no Vitamin E, blood thinners or Aspirin for 7 days prior to your hair transplant. We provide written pre and post-op instructions. Most strenuous activities and active sports are not permitted for at least a week following the hair replacement surgery. The transplanted hair falls off after a few weeks and re-grows after four months. Results can be seen within 6 to 12 months.


No Linear Scar or Stitches. Rapid recovery and return to work within a few days. Minimal follow-up care/visits. Minimal pain and discomfort. MEGA hair transplant sessions up to 3,000+ Grafts.


FUE stands for follicular unit extraction, a minimally invasive hair treatment wherein individual hair grafts consisting of follicular units excised from the patient’s donor area and transferred to the area affected by hair loss.

Unlike FUT, follicular unit extraction requires only smaller incisions and leaves barely noticeable microscars. As opposed to a visible linear scar left over by the FUT’s strip method, FUE leaves no visible scarring, is virtually painless, and requires a shorter recovery period.

At MAXIM Hair Restoration, we utilize only the best that technology has to offer. We perform advanced FUE procedures using a host of state-of-the-art devices, including the S.A.F.E. FUE System, the Ellis System, the Cole FUE System, the ATERA System, or the Robotic Hair Restoration.

Book a free consultation now[Q1]  and let us happily discuss with you the benefits of each system.

Our FUE procedure is performed only by our top-caliber hair transplant doctors. They are highly trained, experienced, and most importantly, they care about you and your well-being. Because of the FUE procedure’s complexity, our surgeons are assisted by a team of hair transplant techs to deliver the best results. Meet them here[Q2] .

If you can’t afford to have your busy schedule, get disrupted by long recovery periods, FUE is the perfect hair transplant procedure for you. It balances short recovery time and maximum yield to help you treat severe hair loss problems.

Not only that, because FUE is minimally invasive, not only is it a practically painless procedure, it also leaves barely visible scarring. Our skilled surgeons will leave only microscars on your scalp. Say goodbye to long linear scalps you’ll need to hide with your hairstyle. With FUE, you can wear your hair any way you like: cropped, long, and you can even shave it.

FUE hair transplant, because of its increased complexity, usually takes 6 to 8 hours to perform in a clinical setting. To ensure the quality of the services we provide, MAXIM Hair Restoration limits hair transplant procedures to one to two per location.

Even though FUE is practically painless, a local anesthetic is administered before the procedure

The patient stays awake during the entire procedure and can engage in relaxing activities like reading or watching TV. They can even converse with our staff, or if they so choose, can take a nap while our specialists work. Some clients prefer to bring their own I-Pad to watch movies or videos.

The patient first comes in for an initial consultation. Our surgeon shall evaluate the case and recommend the procedure needed, which he or she will then discuss with the patient. The patient will also be provided with a comprehensive preoperative and postoperative guide listing all the precautions they need to follow. As an advantage of FUE, there is minimal care and follow-up visits required

FUT and FUE have similar preoperative guidelines that patients need to follow. These are simple DOs and DON’Ts listed in the provided guidelines. These include:

  1. Medications. The patient needs to inform the surgeon of any medication he or she is currently taking. If changes to the medications are needed, the surgeon will advise the patient before the procedure. The surgeon also needs to be informed of any medical allergies the patient might have.
  2. Food. The patient needs to avoid certain food items and drinks before the procedure, which might have adverse effects on the procedure. These include spicy foods, like chili, and beverages with caffeine like coffee, tea, soda, and energy drinks, especially on the morning of the operation. On the day of the operation, the patient should take a high-protein light breakfast. Because of the procedure’s length, the patient can bring their lunch; however, MAXIM Hair Restoration will also provide a light lunch.
  3. Rest and Exercise. Although the patient needs to stay healthy and active before the operation, extensive exercise, heavy lifting, and other strenuous activities are not allowed. Before the procedure, patients need to relax and rest up.
  4. Grooming. It is not needed for patients to cut or style their hair to prepare for the procedure as our hair transplant specialists will do that. However, patients should come in a button-down or zippered top with nothing needing to go over the head to make it easier to change clothes post-operation.

5.       Age. Although there is no age limit, patients 65 years old and above may need medical clearance before undergoing the procedure.

Recovery time for an FUE procedure usually takes up to 10 days maximum. However, patients can go back to their daily routine after the operation, given that they follow strict postoperative guidelines provided by our doctors, which include:

  1. Post-Op Medications. This medication includes pain medicines and antibiotics the patient needs to take. Prescribed by our doctors, these should be taken by patients religiously.
  2. Food. The medicines mentioned above cannot be taken on an empty stomach. Patients are advised to eat healthy during the recovery period while avoiding spicy foods and caffeinated beverages.
  3.  Rest and activities. As with any operation, rest is essential. While allowed to return to their routine, patients need to avoid heavy lifting and other strenuous activities.

With us so far? Don’t worry. MAXIM Hair Restoration specialists will guide you every step of the way.

Because of its greater complexity, the FUE procedure tends to cost more than other hair transplant procedures and can take longer. Also, the density and yield may not be as high as the FUT procedure although this is changing as hair restoration specialists perfect the technique.

Swelling, oozing, slight bleeding, and scabbing might occur in the transplanted area. But don’t worry! Just follow the postoperative guidelines and your doctor’s advice, and everything will turn out fine.

FUE pricing starts at per graft in the U.S. with minimum price starting at .\ Patients can avail of lower prices at our international clinics in Manila and Cebu, Philippines, Turkey, and Dubai. Zero percent financing is also available in the U.S. With MAXIM Hair Restoration, you can be sure that there are no gimmicks, no hidden fees, no bait and switches, just transparent pricing and quality service.


So what are you waiting for? Begin your fight against hair loss. Book your free consultation now and let us at MAXIM guide you on your journey.