Follicular Unit Excision (FUE)

Also known as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE, this is the No Stitch/NO Suture, No Linear Scar Hair Transplant Procedure that is the most widely performed today. read more

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At MAXIM, FUE is very reasonable and competitive. We also offer 0% financing up to 24 months. Pricing depends upon the no. of grafts and type of procedure and varies by location. 

The FUE procedure lasts between 6 and 10 hours. Most procedures take roughly 8 hours. The length of the procedure depends upon the type of procedure, no. of grafts, curvature of the hair, the patient's tolerance for discomfort, compliance with pre-op instructions, and medical history, among other factors. You can also take bathroom and meal breaks. 

FUE is performed under local anesthesia in a clinic setting, much like a dental office. Most patients tolerate local anesthesia very well unless you have predisposed allergies which you should communicate to the MAXIM FUE hair transplant doctor/clinician. You can nap, relax, converse, watch a movie/TV, or chat with our team during your FUE procedure. 

The FUE technique at MAXIM Hair Restoration is at the forefront of hair replacement surgery.  This advanced method extracts and transplants one follicular unit at a time. Our highly skilled hair transplant surgeons and clinicians utilize cutting-edge technologies, including the European WAW FUE, the S.A.F.E. FUE System, the Ellis System, the Cole FUE System, the ATERA System, and Robotic Hair Restoration if necessary. This meticulous approach ensures customization of the procedure to the type of hair, texture, skin and client. The goal is precise and natural-looking results, giving you the hair and density you've always desired.

Preparing for your FUE hair transplant is essential to a successful procedure. We provide detailed preoperative instructions to optimize the outcome and minimize potential risks, complications, side effects and/or allergic reactions. These instructions include avoiding alcohol for 48 hours before your transplant, refraining from taking Vitamin E, getting plenty of rest and sleep the night before your procedure, avoiding certain medications as advised by your doctor, and eating a light breakfast on the morning of your procedure. Our comprehensive preoperative guide will provide the necessary information to prepare for your hair restoration journey. 



Choosing FUE for your hair transplant offers numerous advantages that set it apart from other procedures. 

There is no linear scar with FUE and no sutures or stitches, unlike the FUT procedure where you will have a linear scar at the back of your head. 

You can expect a quicker recovery than other hair transplant procedures. Most patients can return to work within a few days, allowing them to resume their daily activities even sooner. It is advisable to rest and recover at home for a few days following your hair transplant. 

FUE enables the hair transplant doctor or clinician to do large procedures up to 5,000 grafts. This can give you a great result in just one session whereas historically, multiple procedures were needed in order to achieve the desired outcome and density. 

Since FUE Hair Transplants are performed under local anesthesia and it is a minimally invasive procedure, the level of pain and discomfort is minimal and varies by individual. Multiple post-op visits are not necessary but you are encouraged to come in for complimentary follow-up visits to measure your progress and ensure rapid and natural recovery and healing. 

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WAW FUE System

The European WAW FUE is a leading FUE Technology that can harvest high-quality grafts without making a large incision. It was also designed to reduce transection rates during FUE hair transplant procedures. Transection occurs due to damaged follicular units during the harvesting process which results in the transplantation of compromised grafts that may not regrow. This is particularly rampant in clients with curly hair. The WAW FUE system can handle all types of hair including straight, curly, wavey and thin hair. Its patented punch design is meant to mimic the shape of a natural hair follicle, regardless of its shape and size. read more


This is an FUE technology that maximizes the viability of follicular unit grafts. The system lubricates grafts from extraction until transplantation to keep the transplants healthy and natural-looking. The ATERA includes a variety of punch sizes for different types of hair, including curly and thin hair, making it the perfect system for African-American, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, and Indian clients. This minimally-invasive technology results in very little scarring, fast recovery times, and long-lasting results. read more


At MAXIM, our hair transplant doctors and clinicians utilize other FUE technologies including, but not limited to, the COLE FUE System, NEOGRAFT, S.A.F.E., SAPPHIRE, DHI, ELLIS and Robotic Hair Restoration. Each of our clinics offers both the WAW and at least one other FUE technology. We use the system that is most suitable for the client's hair and scalp.  read more

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Frequently Asked Questions

FUE stands for follicular unit extraction or excision, a minimally invasive hair transplant procedure performed in a clinic setting under local anesthesia wherein individual hair grafts are extracted and transplanted to thinning and balding areas affected by hair loss. 

FUE involves making smaller incisions compared to other methods, leaving barely noticeable microcars. It is virtually painless and requires a shorter recovery period compared to FUT, the conventional strip technique. MAXIM Hair Restoration utilizes advanced FUE technologies to ensure optimal results including the WAW FUE System that can harvest all types of hair.

FUE procedures typically take 6 to 8 hours to complete in a clinical setting. At MAXIM Hair Restoration, we prioritize quality over quantity, limiting procedures to one large case per day or two small procedures per location per day to ensure excellent results. 

FUE offers a balance of short recovery time and maximum yield. It is minimally invasive, virtually painless, and leaves minimal scarring. You can wear your hair in any style without worrying about visible linear scars. You can be back to work in just a few days and can indulge in normal activities within a couple of days following your FUE Hair Transplant. 

At MAXIM, FUE is the primary hair transplant procedure that our hair transplant surgeons and clinicians perform. Hair restoration is our sole focus. We prioritize one procedure per day, ensuring the medical team's dedicated attention to each client's needs. We also offer non-surgical solutions including autologous cellular micrografting, laser hair therapy, and topical solutions as part of our commitment to providing personalized and effective solutions for your hair restoration needs. These can be combined with FUE hair transplant surgery. 

Our top-caliber and highly experienced hair transplant doctors and clinicians perform FUE hair transplant procedures at MAXIM. They are highly trained, experienced, and assisted by a team of dedicated hair transplant techs to deliver the best possible outcomes. Most importantly, our doctors and clinicians are hands-on and fully involved in your procedure. They perform anesthesia, harvesting and site-making unlike other clinics where the doctor delegates the vast majority of the procedure to Technicians. 

A local anesthetic is administered before the FUE procedure to ensure your comfort. While the procedure is virtually painless, the anesthesia numbs the area to minimize potential discomfort. You are wide awake during the procedure but can take a nap, relax, chat with the staff, watch a movie, speak on the phone and enjoy the procedure. 

The vast majority of our clients experience successful outcomes following a hair transplant. The results can take upto a year to be visible. However, a hair transplant cannot control hair loss. If you are continuing to lose non-transplanted hair, MAXIM offers topical compounds and other non-surgical hair loss solutions that can stem hair loss. 

Yes, millions of people have undergone FUE hair transplants with transformative results. For many, it has changed their lives. Some are able to advance in their careers; others are able to find that special someone; others are pleased that they look younger and feel more confident. Overall, its a game changer for many hair transplant clients. 

Yes. We offer both conventional and 0% financing up to 24 months to those who qualify. Our prices are reasonable and competitive. Moreover, our pricing is transparent and free of gimmicks and old school, bait-and-switch sales techniques. 

Yes, our consultations are complimentary. Please call, chat or contact us via the form on the web site. 

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