Rhonda Daniels, PA-C

Rhonda Daniels, PA-C

Rhonda Daniels, PA-C, is a Hair Restoration Clinician in  NYC, Long Island, Albany, Sarasota, Tampa & Boca Raton, FL. She is experienced in ARTAS, ATERA, WAW, Ellis, S.A.F.E., MAMBA and Cole FUE Systems. FUE Hair Transplant, and Hybrid Hair Restoration Procedures. read more

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Rhonda Daniels, PA-C, trained and worked at Bosley for several years following which she was Chief PA at a hair restoration practice on Long Island, NY. She has performed hundreds of FUE hair transplant procedures and is experienced with multiple FUE technology platforms including WAW, ARTAS, Cole, Ellis, S.A.F.E., and ATERA. She is skilled at harvesting, site making, local anesthesia, and micro grafting. She has worked at the Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, New York - Neurosurgical Critical Care Team and assisted in traumatic brain and spinal surgery. read more


Clinician Daniels has completed hundreds of FUE Hair Restoration procedures. She trains physicians, clinicians, Hair Transplant Techs, and mid-level providers including NPs, DNPs, and PAs on the art and science of FUE Hair Restoration. She is licensed in multiple States including Florida and New York. read more


Clinician Daniels attended Touro College for her P.A. Degree. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of South Florida, Tampa. She completed the 360 Hair Transplant Workshop at the prestigious St. Louis School of Medicine with a world renowned surgeon. She completed her Injectables Training at The Cleveland Clinic and is certified on the ARTAS iX Robotic Hair Restoration System. read more

Clinician Rhonda Daniels is one of the most experienced hair restoration professionals in the industry. She's so skilled that she now trains other clinicians, but remains hands-on with our own clients. She has an exceptional client satisfaction rate. You can trust her with your hair restoration solution! read more

Clinician Daniels has completed hundreds of FUE hair restoration procedures. She now trains physicians, clinicians, hair transplant techs, and mid-level providers including NPs, DNPs, and PAs on the art and science of FUE hair restoration.

Clinician Daniels attended Touro College for her PA degree. She then went on to complete the 360 hair transplant workshop at the prestigious St. Louis School of medicine, where she was taught by a world renowned surgeon. She completed her injectables training at The Cleveland Clinic.

Clinician Daniels developed and implemented the MAXIM Quality Assurance Program, and actively participates in its ongoing implementation. She trains the doctors and clinicians at MAXIM on FUE Hair Transplants. She also worked to expand the clinical training program. She is a true leader in hair restoration, one who works hard to take care of every client who comes through our doors.  

Rhonda Daniels consistently scores 5-star reviews on Google. Clients consistently speak of the skill with which Rhonda conducts their procedures, as well as her excellent hand for pain management. Her clients also speak to her incredible results and her high degree of professionalism.

Technologies Used by Dr. Rhonda

WAW FUE System

Rhonda Daniels, PA-C, uses the European Wireless WAW System to perform FUE procedures. The WAW FUE Technology is reputed worldwide for its ability to treat all types of hair with zero to minimal transaction. This includes African-American hair transplants and curly and wavy hair. read more

FUT Hair Transplants

Rhonda Daniels, PA-C, has assisted in hundreds of FUT Hair Transplant procedures on clients with limited donor tissue and those with previous FUT hair transplants who do not wish to have another linear scar.

Other FUE Technologies

Rhonda Daniels, PA-C, is also skilled at other FUE technologies including the ARTAS, ATERA, Ellis, S.A.F.E., MAMBA, and Cole FUE Systems. FUE Hair Transplant, and Hybrid Hair Restoration Procedures.

Been 5 years since surgery , had to go back and get my procedure again because my hairline looked terrible after a year . I figured I would wait this time and see how my hair would look down the road and I wish I never did a thing . It's been 5 years of people looking at the top of my head when they are talking to me and it been embarrassing to the point I'm so used to people not looking me in the eyes anymore . When I came in for the second procedure to try and fix it I was treated with a attitude by Michael since I didn't like the way it came out , I spent money and I have to look in the mirror everyday after spending a lot of money on it so I didn't appreciate him after I spent alot of money for something I trusted them in and get a attitude . I shave my head now and maybe will try and do it right down the road like most people do and go turkey . Save your 10 grand or go to Turkey where they do way more grafts for half the price and I have friends that had great results.

Brendan Shea

I recently had hair transplant at Maxim. It was a wonderfull experience. Everyone was professional and I'm looking forward to a great result. Thank you Maxim.

Bharath Ram

I had my transplant done in June an I can say I'm definitely seeing results and it's not even the full year! I did 1500 grafts fue an I am goin to do another after about year half mark to get more density Rhonda is great

Erik h

The Dr. and staff at Maxim were professional, thorough, personable and honest about expectations. Just began my FUE journey but would recommend Maxim for hair restoration as I'm confident in a positive outcome.

Joe Palladino

I went to Maxim location in Huntington and met Michael. He was really great in answering all my questions and concerns.

Mustafa Basheer

I highly recommend this hair transplant center and Michael helps me a lot !

Xiaolong Lin

I recently had my FUE procedure back in February 2023 & currently close to hitting my five month mark. I've have notice my hair starting to get fuller as the months past and can't wait to see my complete results in the next year. The tech's & MD at New York City Maxim office was very polite and knowledgeable during my whole procedure process. I'm happy with my decision on going to this facility and doing something to make me feel more confident in my day to day life.

David Rivera

I'd like to thank the entire staff here for making this process smooth and comfortable. Definitely would recommend hands down

David Fana

Had my fue procedure yesterday(6/29/23) and it was a very pleasent experience, went very smoothly and had no problems! The staff was very kind, informative and accommodating. Shoutout to Dr. Mollura, Andy and Christine. Now i cant wait to see my results in a couple months!!

jeffrey williams

Highly recommend! My name is John (I'm using my wife's account) and I am so so happy , pleased, excited and quite honestly in disbelief that the procedure I had done by Michael and his crew at Maxim hair restoration looks this awesome. I'm a 58 year old male who had significant thinning up top and now I'm a 58 year old male who looks like he's 40 and could literally be in a commercial saying "this is my hair…this is really my hair". Thank you so much for all your help.. The first photo is just after the procedure and the second is 6 months later.

Janel Carbone

i am only one week into recovery so as for the results i will have to update all on that. having said that the task of choosing a hair restoration place is not easy at all. i really tried to do my homework and went to several places for consults on long island and asked several questions. Maxim seemed to me to be the best all around place on long island. also they didn't request upfront cash just to sit down with the doctor which i think was ridiculous. Also the prices were far more reasonable than other places. now obviously money isn't the only factor. this is a procedure that can forever affect your life so choosing wisely is important. anyway i felt after the several consults that Maxim was the best fit for me. as for the procedure i was nervous for sure but Andy and Christine along with Dr Keith kept everything professional and relaxed at the same time. Mike who does the consults is also a very easy going guy that answers all your questions and phone calls. as for the most important part the procedure i feel it came out very well but im only a week in so i won't see the actual results for the better part of a year. If you are in doubt with who to choose i can confidently say Maxim is the place to go if you are out on long island.

Ken C

Great staff, very knowledgable and caring (Dr. K, Cristine, and Andy are amazing). They do great work! Would recommend

Luke Castellano

If you want to spend close to $10k for a huge scar that was supposed to be barely noticeable and a failed hair transplant. Go here.

Matthew T, CPA

I had my 1st hair transplant with MAXIM in August of 2020. The results were incredible, as I was very happy with my new hairline. To close out 2022, I just wanted a little bit more density, and I had my second hair transplant procedure. I am excited for the results, and I can already see improvement. Michael was so amazing throughout this process. The team of Dr Mollura, Christine, and Andy made me feel very comfortable. Eva was so friendly as well and even arranged for me to get lunch the day of the procedure. MAXIM is very ethical and they want to do everything they can to ensure you preserve your remaining hair. They went over finasteride protocol with me, and encouraged using minoxidil, both of which I have and will continue to incorporate into my regimen. Actually, I haven't lost any hair since my first procedure, and I attribute this to MAXIM's emphasis on the pharmacological protocol. MAXIM is a great practice and I would certainly trust them with any other cosmetic needs.

Avi Adlerstein

Out of fairness it is only my first day post-op so I'm in the waiting game now but my experience with Maxim and the procedure was excellent. It was overseen by Dr. Keith and performed by the very capable and experienced techs Andy and Genesis, it's also worth mentioning that they have a great repertoire with each other and work very well together. Don't be put off by how young they may look, between the two they have almost 20 years experience performing hair grafts and were both extremely professional. There was surprisingly very little pain involved, honestly the hardest part was the discomfort of having to lay still for a long time during the harvesting and grafting sections but even then I dozed off numerous times during the procedure. They do not appear to have over harvested from the donor area and the harvested follicles appear very well and consistently spread out. I'm not worried at all about how the donor area will eventually look once the healing and growth cycles do their thing over the next 6-8 months. I'm experiencing literally no pain post op. Very minimal swelling around my forehead and it's already basically gone all the way down not even a full 24 hrs post-op. There's basically some minor numbness and tightness but I'm also not bleeding or spotting at all. The swelling will obviously vary between people and yes it's only day one and I'm now in the waiting game but I feel very, very confident about the eventual results.


Amazing experience. Everyone is extremely kind and accommodating. Highly recommended.

Brian Lynch

Dr Barnard and staff is very professional

Peyton Johnson

Absolutely great staff Very pleased with the results.

jorge montoya

I can't say enough about the staff at Maxim. From my first consultation Joe was incredibly informative and helpful and he continues to answer any questions I have to this day 6 months later. Dr. Rhonda did my FUE procedure and the results have already restored my confidence even though there is another 6-12 months of growth yet to happen. I couldn't recommend Maxim more, let them help you bring your hair back to it's prime state!!

Lee Tucker

Orian is the quintessential artist. The work that he did for me is impeccable. I will recommend anyone who is interested

Paul Visconti

Frequently Asked Questions

Rhonda Daniels, PA-C is a Certified Physician Associate who performs FUE hair transplant procedures, injectables, and hybrid hair restoration procedures at our MAXIM Hair Restoration office in Great Neck, NY, Manhattan, New York City, Sarasota, Florida, and soon at Boca Raton, Florida.

Clinician Rhonda received her Physician Associate degree from Touro College in 2011 and her B.A. degree from the University of South Florida, Tampa. She started her career at Level One Trauma Center, Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, NY, as part of the Neurosurgical Critical Care team. Her role was to assist physicians with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) patients and spinal surgery.

When she got promoted as Senior PA, she left being a Physician Associate (PA) to neurosurgical patients and ventured into the field of Hair Restoration. She worked as a Bosley Hair Restoration Specialist for years, training with renowned hair transplant surgeons in the industry. After that, she became a Chief PA at a leading hair restoration practice in Long Island, NY. Now, she's an esteemed member of the MAXIM Hair Restoration team of skilled hair transplant surgeons and hair transplant technicians.

Clinician Daniels completed the 360 Hair Transplant Workshop at the prestigious St. Louis School of Medicine with a world renowned surgeon. She's accredited to perform the ARTAS iX Robotic Hair Restoration System and also completed the Cleveland Clinic's Soft Tissue Injections training program. In addition to that, she's experienced in FUE Hair Restoration Systems including the ARTAS, ATERA, WAW, Ellis, S.A.F.E., MAMBA, and Cole FUE Systems. Furthermore, she's skilled at harvesting, site making, local anesthesia, and micro grafting.

Rhonda Daniels, PA-C has completed hundreds of FUE hair transplant procedures in the course of her career as a Certified Physician Associate. Now, she trains other physicians, clinicians, Hair Transplant Techs, and mid-level providers (NPs, DNPs, and PAs) on the distinctiveness of FUE Hair Restoration. She has also acquired her license in multiple states including Florida and New York.

Clinician Daniels specializes in several hair restoration procedures that deliver top class results to help you address hair loss problems. These are the hair transplant procedures that she's proficient in:

  • FUE Hair transplants
  • Assists in Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) hair replacement surgery
  • Facial hair transplants
  • Eyebrow, mustache, beard hair transplant
  • Hybrid hair restoration procedures

MAXIM Hair Restoration takes great pride in having Rhonda Daniels, PA-C as a Certified Physician Associate (PA-C) and Clinical Director. She has been with MAXIM for four years.

Rhonda Daniels, PA-C, performs hair restoration procedures at MAXIM Hair Restoration in NYC, Long Island, Albany, Sarasota, Tampa & Boca Raton, FL. Initially, she will conduct a careful examination to determine if you are a good candidate and recommend the best possible solution for your hair loss - whether surgical or non-surgical. Then, she will perform the procedure with his team to give you a natural-looking fuller head of hair. He draws patients from NYC, Long Island, Albany, Sarasota, Tampa & Boca Raton, FL.

Rhonda Daniels, PA-C earned her Physician Associate degree from Touro College in 2011, as well as her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of South Florida, Tampa.

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