NeoGraft Hair Restoration

Many MAXIM surgeons favor the NeoGraft Hair Restoration system. It is one of the most advanced hair restoration systems on the market, providing incredible results. Here's everything you need to know about this exciting hair restoration technology.

What Is NeoGraft Hair Restoration?

NeoGraft hair restoration is a minimally invasive, advanced technology that automates the extraction of single hair follicles from the back and sides of the scalp during a follicular unit extraction procedure.

NeoGraft helps surgeons harvest thousands of hair follicles from a donor site with little or no visible scarring. The system then allows the surgeon to transplant the grafts in thinning and balding areas with needle-sized incisions.

NeoGraft offers dramatic increases in accuracy and speed over older FUE processes, because it does not require the surgeon to manually select and extract individual hair follicles.

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How does NeoGraft Hair Restoration work?

The surgeon selects healthy follicular units, then extracts them and collects them in a patented NeoGraft suction canister.

Once the surgeon has harvested an adequate number of grafts, they use a handheld NeoGraft device to transplant the units to the affected area. The device allows the surgeon to place follicular units with great speed and precision.

Results can still vary of course-every person is different. Nevertheless, we've seen consistent good results for our clients by using this cutting-edge technology.

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Advantages of NeoGraft Hair Restoration

NeoGraft offers the following advantages:

  1. Hair grows evenly, promoting a fuller, thicker, fuller head of hair.
  2. The system is smooth and silent, eliminating vibrations that can damage living follicles.
  3. Every follicle is handled with gentle care, allowing the surgeon to get the job done with fewer grafts. This translates into fewer cuts, and it means you don't have to pay for as many grafts. 
  4. Most clients will get the same results in fewer sessions. 
  5. Follicles grow naturally with the rest of your hair, promoting a natural appearance.
  6. NeoGraft makes facial hair transplants possible.
  7. NeoGraft allows us to target receding hairlines. 

Of course, no system can replace surgeon skill, and no system is so special that it will supercede surgeon skill. Nevertheless, this particular technology has helped our surgeons achieve a high rate of client satisfaction.

  • Who are the best candidates for NeoGraft hair restoration?

    NeoGraft is appropriate for most people suffering from hair loss. If you have healthy follicles in the donor areas and understand the timeline for growth after a NeoGraft procedure, you may be a good candidate. You must also have enough healthy follicles in the donor site.

    Some scalp conditions make it impossible to perform a NeoGraft. If you have medical conditions which could impact the procedure, be sure to bring them up during your free consultation. Before you can receive a NeoGraft you must address and heal any active infections or skin conditions in the donor or recipient areas.

    NeoGraft may be conducted on any person of any gender, but it's frequently used for men with male pattern baldness.

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  • What happens at a private consultation with your MAXIM expert?

    During your free consultation, we will:

    1. Address your medical, surgical, and prescription history.
    2. Ask if you've tried any hair loss treatments in the past, such as hair plugs, supplements, or medications.
    3. Examine your head, noting the density of healthy hair in the donor area.
    4. Evaluate the extent of your hair loss.
    5. Schedule procedures.

    We'll discuss all of your options at your consultation, not just NeoGraft.

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  • How to Prepare for NeoGraft

    Here are some things you may need to do before getting a NeoGraft FUE hair transplant.

    1. Avoid blood-thinning medications, including aspirin, because this can cause excessive bleeding during your NeoGraft session.
    2. Avoid nicotine and alcohol for 48 hours prior to the procedure, as these substances can hinder the body's natural ability to heal and recover.
    3. Shave your head in the donor area to help promote maximum yield when harvesting hair follicles, and to stimulate new hair growth in the following months.
    4. Eat a light breakfast on the day of your hair transplant.
    5. Avoid vitamin E for at least 48 hours prior to the procedure.
    6. Avoid caffeine and energy drinks 24 hours prior to the procedure.

    You should follow any other pre-op instructions that your clinician gives you.

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  • What to Expect During the NeoGraft Procedure

    Here are the steps your clinician will take during the NeoGraft procedure.

    1. The clinician applies topical anesthesia to prevent you from feeling pain or discomfort during the process.
    2. The clinician shaves down the hair in the donor area, as well as around the recipient area.
    3. You may feel pressure or a dull sensation as the procedure goes on, but you won't feel plucking or squeezing as your hair is moved.
    4. During the procedure, your clinician will use an automated machine to harvest hair follicles in groups of one to three hairs.
    5. The clinician makes tiny incisions in the recipient area.
    6. The clinician then implants these healthy follicles into the incisions in the recipient area, placing them at uniform depths to ensure even growth patterns across your head.
    7. The NeoGraft procedure takes between four and six hours, depending on the extent of your hair loss.
    8. After the process is complete, we bandage your head.
    9. After the procedure, you may feel some numbness or slight discomfort. The clinician usually prescribes pain relievers.

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  • What to Expect from NeoGraft Recovery

    The recovery process is quick. As you leave the office, you may notice some redness and tiny holes in the treated areas. This is normal and should go away after about a week. Swelling subsides in one to two days.

    For best results:

    1. Don't pick the scabs that begin to form within the first few hours of a NeoGraft procedure. Scabs should come off on their own within two weeks.
    2. Don't wash your scalp for at least 24 hours post-transplant.
    3. Don't wear hats for several days, and try to avoid strenuous activity for at least two weeks after your transplant.
    4. Based on your comfort level, you may return to work within a day or two after the procedure.

    Your hair may appear thinner for a few months after a NeoGraft procedure. Between two weeks and two months from the procedure, the hair from the transplanted follicles will fall out. After the third month, your hair starts to regrow naturally in the transplanted area. After six months to a year of regrowth, you'll be able to see the complete result of your NeoGraft transplant.

    You can resume nonstrenuous activities the day after the service, but refrain from strenuous activities for at least two weeks afterwards. While your scalp heals, it's crucial to avoid irritating the transplant areas. Sleep with your head elevated and flat for at least four weeks after the service.

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  • What is the cost of NeoGraft Hair Restoration?

    The cost of NeoGraft Hair Restoration depends on several factors, including:

    • The extent of your treatment area.
    • The number of sessions required.
    • The viability of your donor follicles.
    • The number of hair grafts.

    MAXIM hair restoration prices are competitive. To make our prices even more affordable, we offer 0% 12-month financing.

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Will my MAXIM location use the NeoGraft system?

The NeoGraft system is not in use at all MAXIM locations, but it is one of the high-tech solutions we've invested in. Often, whether a particular FUE system is available at a given location depends on clinician preference, as there are other systems that offer similar benefits and results. 

If you're interested in a specific FUE procedure or device you can ask about it at your free consultation. Our team will be happy to discuss the options available to you!

Ready to get started? 

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