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Advanced hair transplant and non-surgical hair restoration in Austin (ATX), Texas, offering FUE Hair Transplants, Body to Scalp, NO SHAVE, cellular grafting, beard and eyebrow hair transplants. Competitive Pricing with 0% Financing up to 2 years*.

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At MAXIM in Austin, TX, hair restoration is our core specialty.

Our clinical team performs one hair transplant per day. The team is dedicated to your procedure.  Non-surgical hair restoration solutions include cellular micrografting, laser hair therapy, ACP, CIT, PDO, and others that can be combined with or used if not a candidate for hair transplants.

  • Doctors+Clinicians (NOT Techs) Perform FUE
  • Up to 5,000 Graft FUE MEGA Sessions
  • Beard, Mustache & Eyebrow Hair Transplants
  • Board Certified Doctors & Clinicians
Dr. Stefan Thiele

Board Certified general surgeon with over 12 years of medical experience including seven years in hair transplants. He performs FUT, FUE, cellular micrografting, PDO, male enhancement, and other procedures. He attended UT-Galveston medical school and completed his residency training in Georgia and Alabama. He has also worked at several Dallas area hospitals. read more


Goran A. Jezic, M.D.

Dr. Jezic is an experienced hair transplant physician and Medical Director of MAXIM Hair Restoration in Austin, TX (ATX). He has practiced medicine for over 20 years and has been doing hair transplants for over a decade. He specializes in FUE hair transplants and Autologous Conditioned Plasma (ACP) which is a non-surgical procedure. He personally performs patient consultations and is actively involved in pre and post-operative care of hair transplant clients. Dr. Jezic obtained specialty training at the University of Utah in Salt Lake, and attended medical school at UT Health Science Center in Houston, Texas. read more


Josh Simpson, PA-C

Board Certified Physician's Associate trained at Johns Hopkins and the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC. Over 10 years of orthopedic and dermatological experience including several years of FUE hair transplant experience. Invented several medical devices. Completed Dr. Sam Lam's Hair Transplant 360 Workshop. Licensed in multiple States including Texas. read more


Joseph Hart, RN

Hands-on clinician who performs non-surgical hair restoration procedures including cellular micrografting. Has successfully developed protocols and performed regenerative procedures for female hair loss. Part of the body-to-scalp hair transplant team. Performs hair restoration consultations, patient education, pre and post-op care, and manages clinical outcomes. Co-authored a clinical trial in the field of regenerative medicine and has written several articles on hair restoration. read more


our patners

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Upto 5,000 Grafts. No stitches/sutures. No linear scars. Fast recovery. Limited pain/discomfort.

Follicular Unit Transplants (FUT)

Ideal for large procedures and clients with limited donor areas. Can combine old scars.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Non-surgical option to camouflage hair loss using a medical grade pigment. 1 or 2 sessions.

Beard, Mustache & Eyebrow Hair Transplants

Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon leads the team. FUE/FUT and Hybrid procedures.

I'm very satisfied with the overall experience of FUE transplant. Josh, Joseph, and Cindy are a great team. In addition to their professionalism and skill level, I appreciate their availability even outside of office hours and willingness to help during and after the procedure which involved some difficult moments. I hope their superb and personalized attention to the patient will continue even as they continue to grow. Besides that, the prices were reasonable for the US and the hairline was well designed.

Dario D

I recently had my FUE procedure done at MAXIM Austin, and it was excellent! The team is very professional and experienced, and went the extra mile to ensure I had a good experience throughout the procedure. Before and after the procedure, they were always available to answer all my questions and guide me through the important decisions. I highly recommend MAXIM.

Rafaell Caldas

I really don't need to write anything in regards to results as all you have to do is look at the photos. My hair was a weakness for me all my life. Now it's finally a strength. Night and day difference. What I do feel compelled to write is that the team at Maxim is really excellent personally. I was very nervous going into this and they did a great job walking me through everything to make sure I was comfortable. This is different than a lot of places in that it's not a "crank clients in, crank them out" kind of shop. They're looking to build clients for life and I still have consistent access to them night or day if I have any questions. It's been about 18 months now. Extremely happy. Not to mention the care I've received after. Love the finasteride/minoxidil concoction they have which includes other great ingredients. I also got the stem cell injection and my hair all around is healthier and stronger. I *hope* I won't need another transplant down the road but if I do, I'll be going to them. Worth every penny.

Robert Sherman

I stopped into MAXIM to get PRP. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and the facilities are clean. This is the spot to go for hair/scalp treatments in Austin! I would also feel confident in their abilities to perform transplants, if that was what I wanted.


This experience has started out phenomenally. I'm only three weeks in but the process has been so easy. The entire team with Josh and Joseph at the helm minimized the stress and maximized the confidence on the decision with a plethora of good information and really being flexible during an otherwise overwhelming process. Will keep updating as the process goes but have already advised friends to definitely check them out. Looking forward to being a walking ad for them as additional gratitude for their hard work, availability and support through this process. A+

Gelson Pagan

I considered a FUE procedure for almost five years before finally pulling the trigger, and along the way, I spoke with some of the most highly rated specialists in Austin, TX. For various reasons, none of them made me feel comfortable enough to move forward, and so I put off the procedure for as long as possible. When Maxim opened an office in Austin, TX, I set up an initial consultation, and by the end of the session, I knew that this was what I had been searching for... The Maxim team is what makes this clinic truly exceptional. Joseph (the Director at Maxim) thoroughly exceeded my expectations with his honesty and gave me a clear picture of the results I could expect from the procedure and the clinic. He also helped me understand the state of my hair and what could be done to make it look its best. Josh is the specialist that handled the procedure, and he's truly a master of the craft (very smart and gifted with a ton of experience.) Cindy, Ruby, and Aliyah are also a fantastic team and are there to help answer any questions you have along the way. They all work very hard to make sure that you have a great experience. The procedure itself is pretty long (about 8 hours), but it takes place in the very clean Maxim facility and the team makes you feel comfortable throughout the process. Aside from local anesthesia, there's really isn't a lot of pain during the procedure, just some occasional discomfort that you get used to as you go along. If you're like me, you're looking for the best to handle your procedure, and I honestly can't recommend the Austin Maxim team highly enough. These guys know what they're doing, they've done hundreds of these procedures, and they're just genuinely good people. I'm very happy I chose Maxim, and if you choose to do the same, you'll definitely be in good hands.


I went to Maxim for a 3,000 graft FUE procedure and would highly recommend using Josh if you are considering a similar procedure. The team at Maxim is great and after meeting with Josh and Joseph for my initial consultation I knew I wanted to move forward. Josh's extensive background in hair restoration is impressive and it's clear that he is very skilled at his craft. The deposit/payment policy and overall sales process are very client-friendly and at no point did I feel like I was being pressured in one direction or another - it felt like Josh and Joseph wanted to give me the info I needed to make the right decision and nothing more. On the day of my procedure everything went smoothly and you can tell that the team is not only skilled but also takes a lot of pride in giving patients a positive outcome. My hair loss was more extensive than initially anticipated and Josh and his team went above and beyond to ensure that I would achieve the result I was after. Josh and his team kept me comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure and provided me with detailed post op instructions to maximize my results. Little things such as ordering lunch for me during a break in the procedure and asking me which type of music I wanted to listen to in the operating room made a long day of sitting in an operating chair surprisingly enjoyable. I would highly recommend Maxim to anyone considering an FUE procedure.

Conor Doyle

Josh performed my surgery and did an incredible job. He answered all of my questions and made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire process . Cindy was able to get me in at an earlier appointment which was a big help l .The entire team was great as well. Highly recommend.

Michael R

Great experience here from initial consultation although through the procedure. I went to several consultants and once I met with Joseph Hart I knew that Maxim was the right place for me. After meeting with Joseph and signing up for the procedure I had the pleasure of working with Cindy who is as awesome as they come. The day of the procedure I was greeted bright and early by Cindy and introduced to Josh who would be doing the procedure. Josh is highly skilled and made me feel comfortable through the entire process. Cindy and Ruby assisted Josh and also did an amazing job. I don't know how they had so much stamina but i definitely appreciate them! It was a long day but the team worked tirelessly to help me achieve the results that I wanted. In the end I ended up getting 3400 FUE grafts + Stem cells and I am so excited for the outcome. I have no doubt it will be great. If you are looking for some new hair i highly recommend checking out Maxim in Austin, TX. Joe, Cindy, Josh and crew are world class. I could not be happier with my decision.

John Z

I really appreciated the level of service and knowledge that I received from Maxim and particularly an individual named Joseph. They gave me all the info I needed and were very accessible. I did not end up going through with the surgery but they worked to answer my questions and were very polite. I will be choosing them once I decide to go through with this.

Christopher Garcia

Excellent service. Managed to get an appointment pretty quickly. Joseph made sure I was comfortable and he and his assistant worked really quickly. Procedure was pretty much painless. Definitely recommend it to the ladies who are experiencing hair loss. I got the PDO + Exosomes treatment. Edit Oct-7-23: 2 weeks after my procedure, my daily hair shedding decreased drastically. That maintained for around 2-3 months. Around 4-5 months after the procedure, there is an increase in hair shed, but not to the amount I lost daily prior to the procedure. 5 months after the procedure, you can see progress on my part. It's not a drastic improvement, but it is substantial. I do have regrowth, but it's not drastic like you would see in someone who responds well to minoxidil. I do not use minoxidil and I'm not on any DHT blockers. I'm using the estradiol topical that was prescribed.


This is one of those reviews that I hope is read by prospective patients interested in using this business for their hair restoration needs. I couldn't begin to explain the boutique service that I received from Josh, Joseph, and Cindy. They are amazing professionals in this field with a personal, down to earth touch, that made for a very comfortable experience. I know that before, during, and after my procedure I was personally guided by these 3 people in a way that proved to me that they not only actually cared, but that they truly were interested in customer service and the results of their product. My hair turned out amazing. Huge shout out to Cindy and Josh who stayed extra hours to accommodate me. This is what customer service looks like. I am very happy that I ultimately chose Maxim Hair Restoration.

Tyler Dean Lawson

This entire team is phenomenal. It's been 4 months since my procedure and am so pleased with the results so far. The communication and personal care from pre-op to post-op has been incredible and I highly recommend

James Drake Coleman

Great work with FUE. Did about 3000 grafts and it's looking great after 6 months. Post op was relatively easy

Kyle Heath

Hi how are things. I had an excellent service. Very good professional treatment from the staff. The clinic is clean, tidy and has all the latest generation devices for good diagnosis and treatment. I am delighted.. I recommend it..

Felix Ramírez

The team here at Maxim went above and beyond to ensure my experience was top notch. From Joseph & his extensive knowledge on the best plan for me, Josh & the team was very proficient from start to end on my FUE procedure, Cindy was awesome at the communication leading up and after. Highly recommend

Dion K

I have nothing but excellent things to say about this company and staff. I had my initial consultation with Joseph who is very knowledgeable and genuinely wants you to be happy with the decision you're about to make. He answered all of my questions in great detail and was very transparent. Josh took great care of me on the day of the procedure. He took time to carefully draw out a natural looking hairline with precision. The ladies assisting him with extraction and insertion were excellent. Cindy has been excellent about answering any questions I had during and after the procedure. The entire experience was white glove.

Nicholas Riseman

This April I went to Joseph and his team for a FUE procedure (2,400 follicular units) plus PDO threads and stem cells. The team was incredibly knowledgeable and I knew right after the consultation that I wanted to get the procedure done with this team. I had consulted with one other specialist before visiting with Maxim, and while that previous specialist seemed fine, Joseph and his team showed genuine interest and knowledge in the process that made my decision easier. The previous hair consultation also quoted me a higher price for only 2,000 follicular units. Maxim was able to give me 400 additional units, plus PDO threads and stem cells for a lower price. I highly recommend at least visiting for a consult if you are considering the procedure. I will also add that throughout the recovery process, they have been highly accessible, answering my questions at any time. (Thank you Cindy) Since my procedure I have recommended to many friends and family. Go give them a call.

Chris Luca

Josh, Joseph, Ruby, and Cindy are incredible people and awesome at what they do. I had tons of questions, some I'm sure repetitive, they take the time to explain and make you feel comfortable. The procedure was done with incredible care and attentiveness. I'm six days out feel great and can't recommend this group enough. Looking forward to seeing the results over the next year.

Joey Ray

Been consulting with Joseph for a while now after an incredibly bad and deeply traumatic surgery at another clinic. His support and advice has been absolutely wonderful. He went completely out of his way to check with his doctors about how best to approach my repairs, provide me with examples of what to do and has always made himself available. Can't thank him enough ...


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, MAXIM's Austin, TX, office specializes in hair transplants and non-surgical hair restoration. Our hair transplant surgeon and clinicians perform MEGA Session FUE up to 5,000 grafts. Hair Restoration is our core specialty.

Team of Board certified, hair transplant doctors & clinicians that are hands-on fand fully involved (they perform the procedure rather than Technicians); surgical and non-surgical solutions; affordable Pricing and 0% financing; convenient location in downtown Austin. Our clinic manager in Austin, Texas, is an RN who performs your initial consultation which is very clinical and scientific. We also offer unique procedures such as body-to-scalp hair transplants, beard/ mustache/eyebrow hair transplants, No Shave FUE, and others.

At MAXIM, we work with half a dozen patient finance companies that offer conventional, multi-year and 0% financing plans.

MAXIM in Austin, TX, offers cellular micrografting using your own tissue, Autologous Conditioned Plasma (ACP), Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), topical compound, laser hair treatments, shampoo/ conditioner, and vitamins/supplements.

As evidenced by our excellent Review Rating in Austin, TX, for hair transplants, the vast majority of our clients are satisfied with their results and clinical outcomes. As with any medical procedure, there is a small risk of side effects, less than desired outcomes, and potential minor complications. Please discuss these with our hair transplant doctor and clinician during your complimentary consultation.

Yes. A large segment of our clientele in Austin, TX, is African-American, Indian and Middle Eastern, many of whom have wavy/curly hair. Our clinical team has considerable experience with all types of hair including straight, wavy, curly, thin and thick. The European Wireless WAW FUE Technology is specifically designed for curly hair and has the lowest transection rate among FUE technologies in the market.

We serve North Austin, South Austin, and surrounding areas including Round Rock, Georgetown, Bee Cave and Shady Hollow all the way South to San Antonio.

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