Do you want to take advantage of the latest in hair restoration technology? The Cole FUE system is one of those advances. Developed by renowned hair transplant surgeon Dr. John P. Cole, this particular method has allowed our clinicians to improve client satisfaction to an even greater degree. Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting technology.

What is the Cole FUE System Isolation Technique?

Cole FUE is capable of extracting single follicular units at a minimum cutting depth. This means the follicle’s stem cells remain in the donor area. It also means that there is less damage to hair follicles during the transplant process.

It’s a highly efficient technique that is less invasive than many other FUE techniques. How efficient? One talented hair transplant surgeon used the Cole FUE system to perform the largest single session of FUE ever performed in a single day.  

The system uses multiple devices to support different parts of the hair transplant process, including:

  • Donor harvesting
  • Graft storage
  • Recipient site preparation
  • Graft preparation
  • Hairline design

Some of these instruments are so cutting-edge that they’re still in the design and testing phases. Others are fully in use in hair restoration clinics around the country.

The Cole FUE System Process

The process begins with a dermal depth analysis allowing the surgeon to properly judge the depth of the arrector pili muscle. That is the smooth muscle that connects the hair follicle to the connective tissue of the skin. There are depth variations from person to person. There are even variations from one section of the donor area to another. We want these measurements to remain as precise as possible.

Once we have those measurements, the surgeon uses an extremely sharp, stainless steel Cole FUE punch that allows surgeons to rotate, oscillate, and adjust the depth of the cut. Cole instruments manufactures some of the sharpest punches on the market, but “sharp” alone isn’t enough. High amplitude oscillation makes a huge difference too, allowing the surgeon to reach a deeper level of the hypodermis. The tool glides over the hair shaft and then gently grabs the follicle without damaging it while producing a fast, complete separation.  

The tools also allows your surgeon to set precise extraction parameters to suit your unique, specific hair follicles, or even the area of the body the surgeon is working on. For example, the operator may change the settings when transplanting from the chest or beard area, or even to transplant long hair.  

Each punch allows for perfect calibration and is designed to reduce friction during graft cutting.

The quality of the tools combines with your surgeon’s skills to produce incredible results.

What are the advantages of the Cole FUE System?

The Cole FUE system offers the following advantages:

  1. It reduces the chances that we’ll accidentally cut or harm the hair bulb, which means more follicular units survive. Cole FUE offers a 97% graft-per-graft success rate, which translates to better density.
  2. It allows us to properly harvest follicular units from different parts of the body, so we can offer body to scalp hair transplants when appropriate.
  3. The Cole FUE system makes no-shave FUE a possibility for some clients. 
  4. Cole FUE allows for donor area recovery, allowing some of the donated hair follicles to heal. 
  5. Faster recovery times. 
  6. An ability to correct for both the subsurface course taken by a hair follicle and for changing skin characteristics, including variations in skin firmness and thickness around the head area.
  7. The ability to easily offer FUE to all hair types, including wavy hair and curly hair. It was designed to be versatile enough to accommodate all or most FUE scenarios. 

Plus, Cole FUE offers all the same advantages inherent to the FUE technique itself.

Cole FUE Devices and Instruments

Dr. Cole spends a great deal of time and energy on the equipment that he creates and uses. Both he, and the team at MAXIM, believe that clients deserve the best possible results.

There are two devices in active use.

Cole Dissection Device

The Cole Dissection Device (CDD-Vortex) is the first of its kind to have a patented depth control tip. Cole Instruments is the official distributor of the CDD-Vortex or Cole Dissection Device (CI). The CDD-Vortex’s most notable features are:

  • Minimal vibration technology
  • Speed indicator of up to 25,000 revolutions per minute
  • Battery life indicators
  • Foot pedal

The device can run for up to nine hours between charges. What this means for you, the client, is that your entire hair transplant procedure is more efficient because the doctor doesn’t have to stop and change out the device before continuing.

FUE Extraction Punches

Any one of our surgeons may choose from four distinct varieties of FUE extraction punches:

  • The Cole Instruments Classic Punch
  • Cole Instruments Surrounded Punches
  • Cole Instruments Best Value Coated Punches
  • Cole Instruments Best Value Titanium Nitrade Coated Punches

The doctor chooses the specific punch to meet the patient’s unique needs. Each punch may either be a manual or power driven one. Either way, the state-of-the-art punches make it easier for the doctor to extract your hair.

Will my MAXIM location use the Cole FUE System?

The Cole FUE system is not in use at all MAXIM locations, as it is one of a number of high-tech solutions we’ve invested in. Rest assured that if your doctor uses a different system, it will be one that is equally powerful. Nevertheless, if you’re interested in a specific FUE procedure or device you can ask about it at your free consultation. Our team will be happy to discuss the options available to you!

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