ATERA is one of the most state-of-the art hair restoration solutions on the market today. This patented technology has transformed the FUE technique by automating hair follicle extraction to produce the most efficient, least traumatic extraction of each follicular unit. Here's everything you need to know about this impressive hair restoration technology.

What are the advantages of the ATERA FUE system?

The advantages of the ATERA FUE system include:

  1. Permanent, natural-looking results and hairlines. Experience the confidence that comes from receiving a discrete, effective procedure that restores your hair to its more youthful, fuller state! The results are long-lasting, too!
  2. Lubricating grafts between transplantation and implantation helps more grafts survive.
  3. ATERA uses two separate tubes to irrigate and suction grafts to keep them protected. Other systems have just one tube to perform both functions. This ensures the process is more efficient, faster, and more accurate than earlier FUE systems.
  4. You'll be able to see the digital graft counter, which means there will be no doubts about the amount of grafts vs. what you're being billed for.
  5. You'll experience less pain, reduced scarring, and faster recovery times thanks to the light handpiece which causes minimal impact to the scalp.
  6. The ability to make an immediate return to your active lifestyle.
  7. Atera FUE is perfect for people with any type of hair, including Black, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, and East Asian clients.

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How does the ATERA FUE system work?

If your father or another older relative ever had a hair restoration treatment then you may be familiar with the "plug" technique. Rest assured, these aren't your daddy's hair plugs.

The "plug" method required doctors to transplant large groups of hair in clumps of about 20 hair follicles. The result was a doll-like hairline with noticeable linear scarring that made it impossible to wear short hair well.

Today, follicular unit extraction (FUE) is the gold standard in hair restoration techniques. Surgeons perform the technique by extracting hair grafts using 0.6-millimeter to 1.025-millimeter micro punches to extract one to three single hair follicles at a time and then transplanting them to thinning or balding areas of the scalp. These micro-punches are so tiny that they leave almost no signs of extraction and leaves no scars that are visible to the naked eye.

ATERA FUE takes these advances one step forward. The system moisturizes your hair follicles after extraction, which ensures the unit remains primed for grafting. The system also allows surgeons to determine the diameter and depth of extractions so the extraction process is as gentle as possible. It uses a digital graft counter to keep the entire process efficient. Plus, ATERA is optimized to work with many different kinds of hair, allowing us to handle even the curliest head of hair without issue.

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Who are the best candidates for ATERA FUE hair transplants?

If you're in reasonably good health and aren't suffering from a scalp allergy, infection, or condition, ATERA FUE might be able to help you. We can use this process on any type of hair, and we can use it to help both men and women restore their hair.

ATERA FUE addresses both male and female pattern hair loss. If you're ready to look and feel your best, we're ready to help.

What are the preparation and recovery procedures for an ATERA FUE hair transplant?

During the preliminary consultation, a MAXIM hair transplant surgeon will calculate the number of grafts required. This will determine the duration of your treatment.

We'll provide you with detailed instructions to help you prepare. Generally, we ask you to avoid drinking and smoking, to avoid blood thinning medications, and to avoid certain foods.

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  • The ATERA FUE Process

    The process works as follows:

    1. The clinician trims the donor area on the back of your head.
    2. The clinician administers local anesthesia with sedation to soothe and relax the client.
    3. Once the anesthesia takes effect, the clinical team extracts hair follicles from the donor area using micro punches, all while viewing the head under 3x to 5x magnification.
    4. After extraction, the collection system puts the grafts into a staging area that digitally counts the number of extracted follicular units and ensures they remain optimal for grafting by putting them in a moist, cool state.
    5. The clinician carefully transplants the harvested hair to the recipient site.

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  • ATERA FUE Recovery

    Once the process is complete, most clients can return to work and resume normal, light activity within days of surgery. Be sure to follow all of your clinician's aftercare instructions.

    Remember, it's normal for transplanted hair to fall out two to three weeks after the procedure to make room for new hair growth. Most patients can see a certain amount of new hair growth within eight to twelve months after their surgery.

    Some patients require a touch-up procedure to receive the best results, but most do not. In almost all cases, our clients are extremely satisfied, saying they believe they look younger and more attractive.

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  • Caring for ATERA FUE Hair Transplants

    Follow these tips after your procedure to get ideal results.

    1. After a hair transplant, you should eat foods rich in protein to promote faster healing and induce hair regrowth. This can include foods like eggs, beans, tofu, walnuts, fish, and poultry.
    2. Supplement your diet with vitamins E, C, A, and B complex. They all impact hair health. Eat foods rich in iron, as they support the immune system and speed up the healing process.
    3. Wash your hair frequently and gently with a healthy shampoo. Use a sponge and avoid towel drying to protect your hair transplants.
    4. Avoid tight hairstyles such as cornrows and pigtails, which are linked with increased hair loss.
    5. Gently massage the transplant area four or five times a day with an outward swiping motion from the middle of the forehead to your temples. This can help relieve swelling.
    6. Choose a sulfate free, paraben free, and phosphate free shampoo.

    Above all, be gentle with your hair and scalp!

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  • How much does ATERA FUE cost?

    Costs depend on several factors. No two hair patterns are the same. We factor in your medical history, the extent of your hair loss, and how you want your hair to look in the future into consideration when we calculate the cost of your hair restoration. After assessing your hair loss and examining the amount of donor hair you have available for transplant, we can put together a personalized, strategic plan.

    We charge on a per-graft basis, which saves you money when compared to other hair restoration centers, and we don't split grafts unless it's medically necessary to properly design a hairline, beard, or eyebrows. Most transplants will range between $6000 and $12,000.

    To keep hair transplants affordable, we offer 0%, 12-month financing, as well as more traditional financing programs.

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Will my MAXIM location offer the ATERA FUE system?

Our hair transplant clinicians deliver excellent results by focusing on what's best for their patients. They've developed a systematic approach to care, combining all proven surgical methods and treatment processes available to provide customized solutions to every client. 

ATERA FUE is available at most MAXIM locations, but sometimes the choice of tool comes down both to clinician preference and what's right for your unique situation and head of hair. If you're curious about using a specific technology like ATERA, be sure to bring it up at your initial consultation. 

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