Hair Transplant Surgeon in Dallas, Ft. Worth, TX & Austin, TX.

Over 7 years of hair transplant and cosmetic surgery experience. General Surgeon. Hands-on physician who personally does anesthesia, participates in harvesting and makes recipient sites during the procedure unlike many clinics where Technicians do most of the procedure. Experienced Hair Transplant and General Surgeon in Dallas - Fort Worth (DFW), Texas.  FUT, FUE, eyebrow, beard, mustache & facial hair transplants.



Dr. Thiele is a general surgeon with 5 years of training in general surgery. He has 7 years of cosmetic surgery and hair transplant experience - FUT and FUE, and 8+ years at East Texas Medical Center and Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals & Clinics. He specialized in Excision of Skin Lesion Procedures. Dr. Thiele has been a practicing physician for over 12 years.



Dr. Thiele was featured in and Contributed to Clinical Publications including the Journal of Vascular Surgery. He is Certified by the American Board of Wound Management.



Dr. Thiele attended medical school at the University of Texas Medical Center at Galveston. He trained as a General Surgeon at the Charleston Area Medical Center. He trained in general surgery at the Medical Center of Central Georgia. He has a Bachelor's degree from Spring Hill College, Mobile, Alabama.


Want to make sure a doctor performs every step of your procedure, rather than a technician? Dr. Thiele is the doctor to trust. He has over 7 years of hair transplant and cosmetic surgery experience, and he doesn't trust much to assistants. He personally handles the anesthesia, harvesting, and creation of recipient sites.



Dr. Thiele boasts a high patient satisfaction rate. He performs each hair restoration procedure with a steady hand. You'll be in good hands with Dr. Thiele, who has helped many of our clients achieve the full, thick head of hair they've been dreaming of.


Dr. Thiele's reviews point to his personable nature and willingness to answer questions. He cares deeply about helping clients achieve their hair goals, and it shows in everything that he does. His past clients have been very pleased with his results.


Dr. Thiele is certified by the American Board of Wound Management. He has also contributed to The Journal of Vascular Surgery.


Dr. Thiele attended medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch. He completed his residency at the Charleston Area Medical Center and his internship at the Medical Center of Central Georgia.


Dr. Thiele is friendly and caring, and is committed to helping you meet your hair restoration goals. He's happy to spend time with each of our clients, and will do what it takes to set your mind at ease about your upcoming procedure.



Dr. Thiele specializes both in surgical and non-surgical hair restoration procedures, including FUE, FUT, SMP, facial hair transplant, hybrid hair restoration, soft tissue injections, and more. He makes use of every FUE system MAXIM offers, depending upon the client's unique needs.

frequently asked questions

DR. STEFAN THIELE, an experienced hair transplant doctor, has been a valuable part of MAXIM Hair Restoration family for five years now. As a practicing general surgeon for more than a decade, his contribution in the hair transplant industry as a leading hair restoration surgeon has brought a new perspective for patients having hair loss problems. His dedication for helping patients address hair loss issues had generated an increased amount of opportunities for us to serve clients who wanted to achieve freedom from hair loss.

Dr. Thiele is a Texan by heart and serves our clients at our Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas clinics.

Dr. Stefan Thiele is a renowned General Surgeon and Cosmetic Surgeon with over five years of hair transplant experience and nearly ten years of cosmetic surgery experience. He's considered a veteran in Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplant Surgery, being in the industry for over several years now. He also specializes in excision of skin lesion procedures in addition to hair transplantation.

As an experienced Hair Transplant Surgeon at MAXIM Hair Restoration in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, he performs FUT hair transplants, FUE hair restoration, eyebrow, beard, mustache and facial hair transplants. His 8+ years of hospital training at East Texas Medical Center and Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics allowed him to expand his knowledge and experience to bring satisfying results to his patients. His certifications and licensure includes holding an active Texas State Medical License.

It is true that hair transplantation involves complex procedures that demand a trained hair restoration surgeon and a team of qualified hair transplant technicians in order to be successful. Otherwise, there may be a less than desirable clinical outcome. That's the reason why you should choose a distinguished and reliable hair transplant surgeon for your hair restoration needs.

Dr. Thiele earned his bachelor's degree at Spring Hill College, Mobile, Alabama.

He attended medical school at the University of Texas Medical Center in Galveston. He also completed his General Surgery residency at the Charleston Area Medical Center in West Virginia and at the Medical Center of Central Georgia.

Dr. Thiele is an esteemed member of distinctive medical affiliations to provide his patients with the high quality of patient care that is required by these organizations. One of which is the American Board of Wound Management, where he's been actively involved with. Another one is by holding his certifications and licensure for an active TX State Medical License.

Dr. Thiele specializes performs the following hair transplant procedures:

  • Hair transplants

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) hair replacement surgery

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair restoration

  • 3D Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) - Performed an SMP Tech

  • Facial hair transplants

  • Eyebrow, mustache, beard hair transplant

  • Hybrid hair restoration procedures

  • Soft Tissue injections.

Dr.Thiele utilizes only the latest hair restoration technology platforms which includes:

  • ATERA FUE System

  • NEOGRAFT FUE Technology (Fort Worth)

  • ELLIS FUE System

  • S.A.F.E. FUE Systems

  • WAW Hair Transplant System

  • COLE FUE Hair Restoration Technology

  • FUT Hair Transplant Equipment

  • Others!

Not only is Dr. Thiele a successful medical professional, he's also very much involved in community affairs, charitable institutions and other volunteer organizations. Dr. Thiele is an expert co-author of Prospective Controlled Study of the Natural History of Asymptomatic 60% to 69% Carotid Stenosis according to ultrasonic plaque morphology. He has also been published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery.

Dr. Thiele enjoys a consistent 5-star rating at Google Reviews. Past patients commend Dr. Thiel and his staff for topnotch service, for making them feel relaxed throughout the procedure, and for an authentic care and concern for their well-being. But don't just take their word. Schedule a free consultation today and experience Dr. Thiel's and our other doctors' brand of care.

The overall average patient rating of Dr. Thiele is excellent, he's consistently receiving a 5-star rating on Google Reviews. Our past patients expressed their gratitude for Dr.Thiele and his staff for top notch service, for making them feel relaxed all throughout the procedure, and for providing authentic care and concern for their well-being. But don't just take their word for it. Take a look at our client's testimonials.


"Professional, skilled, and accommodating team! - I am so pleased I decided to work with Dr. Thiele & the MAXIM Hair restoration team on my 3000 FUE procedure. Their staff is highly experienced and very personable. They explained every step of the procedure including post operative care and ongoing maintenance. You can tell that they are authentically invested in meeting your hair goals and are great people to work with! I would highly recommend this provider!"

-  May 29, 2020 Review from Doctor.com

"Overall, the surgery process was very smooth and less painful - Dr. Thiele was very clear in setting the expectations, that made the overall process very smooth. He explained very clearly how much the pain level is going to be while giving anesthesia. After surgery stitches behind the head were so neat we can barely see a thin line. I am really glad I chose Maxim for my hair transplantation."

-  May 29, 2020 Review from Doctor.com

Dr. Thiele is backed-up by a team of highly experienced hair transplant technicians. Most of them are former Bosley and PAI Techs, wherein the Lead Hair Transplant Tech has an average of over 10 years experience. Some of them are nurses, surgical techs or CMAs. They are experienced across multiple hair restoration technology platforms including ATERA FUE System, NeoGraft, SmartGraft, ARTAS Robot, Cole, Ellis, and S.A.F.E. FUE Systems.

Yes, Dr. Thiele is actively involved with each and every hair restoration procedure that he conducts with. He's a hands-on surgeon and works side by side with his hair restoration team during each procedure. To ensure that he and his staff are well-rested and at their best capabilities to perform the next surgery, MAXIM Hair Restoration limits hair transplant procedures to only two to three per day.

Dr. Stefan Thiele is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery specialist in Houston, TX. He also holds specializations in Family Practice and Peripheral Vascular Disease. In addition to that, he's a Regenerative Medicine Specialist with sub-specialty in Anti-Aging and Aesthetics.

If you're someone looking to begin your journey towards hair loss freedom, then there's no better way to do it than with Dr. Thiele. His skills and expertise as a hair restoration surgeon will not only translate to effective results, but will ensure that you'll have a great time being in the procedure.

Dr. Thiele treats his patients as a family with utmost caring and concern. Being fully involved in the hair transplant procedure, his excellent medical management, pre-op, follow up and patient care allows him to build mutual trust, friendship and affinity with his patients.

Send us a message to book your FREE consultation NOW! Or call us at our MAXIM Hair Restoration offices in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas to schedule an appointment. Dr. Thiele and his team are ready to help.

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