Stefan P.Thiele, M.D.

Stefan P.Thiele, M.D.

Dr. Thiele is a Hair Transplant Surgeon in Dallas, Ft. Worth, TX, San Antonio & Austin, TX. He has over 7 years of hair transplant and cosmetic surgery experience including FUT, FUE, eyebrow, beard, mustache & facial hair transplants. read more

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Dr. Thiele is a general surgeon with 5 years of training in general surgery. He has 7 years of cosmetic surgery and hair transplant experience - FUT and FUE, and 8+ years at East Texas Medical Center and Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals & Clinics. He specialized in Excision of Skin Lesion Procedures. Dr. Thiele has been a practicing physician for over 12 years. read more


Dr. Thiele was featured in and Contributed to Clinical Publications including the Journal of Vascular Surgery. He is Certified by the American Board of Wound Management. read more


Dr. Thiele attended medical school at the University of Texas Medical Center at Galveston. He trained as a General Surgeon at the Charleston Area Medical Center. He trained in general surgery at the Medical Center of Central Georgia. He has a Bachelor's degree from Spring Hill College, Mobile, Alabama. read more

Do you want to make sure a doctor performs every step of your procedure, rather than a technician? He has over 7 years of hair transplant and cosmetic surgery experience, and he doesn't delegate to assistants. He personally handles the anesthesia, harvesting, and creation of recipient sites. read more

Dr. Thiele boasts a high patient satisfaction rate. He performs each hair restoration procedure with a steady hand. You'll be in good hands with Dr. Thiele, who has helped many of our clients achieve the full, thick head of hair they've been dreaming of. His online reviews speak volumes about his outstanding work.

Dr. Thiele attended medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch. He completed his residency at the Charleston Area Medical Center and his internship at the Medical Center of Central Georgia.

Dr. Thiele's reviews point to his personable nature and willingness to answer questions. He cares deeply about helping clients achieve their hair goals, and it shows in everything that he does. His past clients have been very pleased with his results.

Dr. Thiele is certified by the American Board of Wound Management. He has also contributed to The Journal of Vascular Surgery.

Technologies Used by Dr. Thiele

WAW FUE System

Dr. Thiele uses the European Wireless WAW System to perform FUE procedures. The WAW FUE Technology is reputed worldwide for its ability to treat all types of hair with zero to minimal transaction. This includes African-American hair transplants, curly and wavy hair. read more

FUT Hair Transplants

Dr. Thiele has performed hundreds of FUT Hair Transplant procedures on clients with limited donor tissue and those with previous FUT hair transplants who do not wish to have another linear scar.

Other FUE Technologies

Dr. Thiele specializes both in surgical and non-surgical hair restoration procedures, including FUE, FUT, SMP, facial hair transplant, hybrid hair restoration, soft tissue injections, and more. He makes use of every FUE system MAXIM offers, depending upon the client's unique needs. read more

Heard they were the best in the area, first and last stop when I was actively looking for hair transplant. Debated on traveling across the globe before checking out Maxim, 6 months in and the results are more than I expected. Would have done this a lot sooner had I know the results would be this great. MD & staff are great to work with. Highly recommend. -EJG

Emilio Gomez

I couldn't be happier with the results. From the initial consultation to the post-procedure follow-up, the team at Maxim was incredibly professional and supportive. The surgeon and staff were highly skilled and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Not only did they deliver on their promises, but the results exceeded my expectations. I just had my transplant and NO pain at all, I highly recommend Maxim Hair Restoration to anyone considering hair restoration treatment.

Bryan Velez

My husband paid over $8,000 for hair restoration and this is the result after 16 months. The resolutions the dr suggested were basically for us to fork more money to get better result and for him to have to go through pain and recovery again. Please don't get scammed like we did. Do not go to maxim hair restoration, they will tell you you're a great candidate and do the bare minimum. Here's the before and after


Great results! Amazing staff.


I have got my hair transplant done for the FUE for 3000 grafts done and was satisfied with the results will definitely recommend Dr Thiele to others.

Loksh K

My partner had a surgery here. Sincere suggestion is to go turkey. My partner went to turkey for second one. In here treatment is very bad, Blood is all over and lots of bleeding, but in turkey utmost care is taken and procedure is very neat and clean. Not to consider price is also less comparatively, please consider turkey. As I know the pain and have seen my partner I want to give my time for this suggestion.

sravya chava

Hello, went in for my FUE on Dec 28th was a very long procedure but I'm excited about the results. Everyone was nice and seemed to really care about my wellbeing. They kept checking on me making sure I was comfortable. The price compared to the other clinics in Dallas was more affordable and they were offering the same graph count 3000. It's only been 4 days but I'm excited can't wait for this hair to start growing. I'll upload pic in a couple of months.

Neko Gaderson

Awful place, you're a money sign. Nurse shayna Don't let her quiet and sweet personality fool you, she doesn't care about the people. Her skills as a nurse are poor and I will never put myself under there care again. Her office is chaotic not the typical peaceful office where everyone takes their job seriously. The technical lacks empathy towards there patients and when making mistakes they tries to brush it under the rug, what they don't know is that I'll be taking legal action against there her staff. Also there's no communication, there's no direct line to the office making her hard. And the result it's horrible. I wouldn't recommend it.

Merid Berry

Dr. Thiele and his team excel in their work. They meticulously consider patients' preferences and strive to create a comfortable environment. Dr. Thiele is exceptionally thorough in explaining procedures before, during, and after. You can trust MAXIM in Dallas for your cosmetic needs. A+

Destin Farr

I just want to make a couple of points. The first is in regards to the experience, I have had multiple hair transplants, this was by far the best experience. My second point is in regards to the price. The day before my initial consultation with Maxim. I had a consultation with a different company for the exact same procedure, and was quoted more than double the price. Dr Thiele is a brilliant, talented physician, and his techs Sofiu and Flor are friendly, polite, and professional. I very highly recommend Maxim.


I really liked the way they treated me, they made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process, I loved the results I got on my hair, they knew exactly what I needed and I got very good results 100% recommended, now I feel more comfortable knowing what to do and who to go to to continue taking care of my hair

Carlos Sanchez

All the staff at Maxim Hair Restoration was nice and professional.

Arnold Rushing

the Dr and staff are great! very frendly people to talk to and explain things in a straight forward honest way.

Christof McKelvey

I have had 2 PRP treatments out of 3 so far and waiting for its effects to show but the staff there is very nice. Doctor is very informative and does everything to ensure I was comfortable during my treatment specially while I was injected with 100 needles in my head. The only part to be aware of this treatment is that anesthesia will take about a week to drawn out of head and it goes through the face, so face will look weird for 7 days and the head will be tender for weeks. Doctor recommends to resume life as normal but I couldn't for 7 days post PRP. Otherwise. I do recommend this place.

Shweta Verma

Today marks my 4th month anniversary since my FUT procedure. I found Dr. Thiele to be thorough, professional, efficient and scientifically cautious. He is very informative but he manages expectations well while some other doctors in the area promise the moon. I really appreciated that. His team was top notch. Marc at the front office exudes customer service as well. Pain lasted 48 hrs. Minor discomfort lasted about 7 days. After that its easy to forget one had a procedure done. The whole experience was an unqualified success. (I may even double dip on a second procedure in a couple of years to achieve more density in another area of my scalp)

Vic V

The entire process was great. It started with the consultation. The person was extremely knowledgeable and made you feel comfortable. There was no pressure, even when I said I wanted to shop other places first. The day of the procedure the doctor did o good job reviewing what he was going to do that day. I think anyone considering hair restoration should take a look at Maxim first. Hey I have hair now!!!

Stroud Stroud

Great service! Cora was fantastic!

Tim O'Neil

Went there October of 2022 and seeing very satisfactory results now after 11 months. Friendly staff and experienced professionals.

Fred Anderson

Just did my 1 year follow up and I'm pretty happy with the results. I did 1800 grafts and still need another session to cover everything but I'm happy with the area that was covered. Very professional and overall great experience.

Josh Melita

It's only been two days since my 3,000 graft FUE procedure so the jury is still out on results but the process, staff, and Dr. Thiele were absolutely first class. Dr. Thiele is meticulous and does his own anesthesia and does not shy from adding additional anesthesia whenever there is discomfort. Highly recommended. (will update when results are showing). Update 5 months - very happy with results. Don't get discouraged at months 2 or 3, coming in nicely now and still seeing improvement.

Michael Orr

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Stefan Thiele is a renowned General Surgeon and Cosmetic Surgeon with over five years of hair transplant experience and nearly ten years of cosmetic surgery experience. He's considered a veteran in Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplant Surgery, being in the industry for over several years now. He also specializes in excision of skin lesion procedures in addition to hair transplantation.

As an experienced Hair Transplant Surgeon at MAXIM Hair Restoration in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, he performs FUT hair transplants, FUE hair restoration, eyebrow, beard, mustache and facial hair transplants. His 8+ years of hospital training at East Texas Medical Center and Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics allowed him to expand his knowledge and experience to bring satisfying results to his patients. His certifications and licensure includes holding an active Texas State Medical License.

Hair transplantation indeed involves complex procedures that demand a trained hair restoration surgeon and a team of qualified hair transplant technicians to be successful. Otherwise, there may be a less than desirable clinical outcome. That's the reason why you should choose a distinguished and reliable hair transplant surgeon for your hair restoration needs.

Dr. Thiele specializes both in surgical and non-surgical hair restoration procedures, including FUE, FUT, SMP, facial hair transplant, hybrid hair restoration, soft tissue injections, and more. He makes use of every FUE system MAXIM offers, depending upon the client's unique needs.

STEFAN THIELE, an experienced hair transplant doctor, has been a valuable part of MAXIM Hair Restoration family for over five years now. As a practicing general surgeon for more than a decade, his contribution in the hair transplant industry as a leading hair restoration surgeon has brought a new perspective for patients having hair loss problems. 

His dedication to helping patients address hair loss issues has generated an increased amount of opportunities for us to serve clients who want to achieve freedom from hair loss.

Dr. Thiele performs hair restoration procedures at MAXIM Hair Restoration in Dallas, Ft. Worth, TX, San Antonio & Austin, TX. Initially, he will carefully examine whether you are a good candidate and recommend the best possible solution for your hair loss - surgical or non-surgical. Then, he will perform the procedure with his team to give you a natural-looking fuller head of hair. He draws patients from Dallas, Ft. Worth, TX & Austin, TX.

He attended medical school at the University of Texas Medical Center in Galveston. He also completed his General Surgery residency at the Charleston Area Medical Center in West Virginia and at the Medical Center of Central Georgia.

Dr. Thiele is an esteemed member of distinctive medical affiliations to provide his patients with the high quality of patient care that is required by these organizations. One of which is the American Board of Wound Management, which he's been actively involved with. Another one is by holding his certifications and licensure for an active TX State Medical License.

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