What Is the Ellis FUE System?

The Ellis FUE System is a precise, comfortable, and inexpensive hair restoration technique that uses special tools. It allows for more control for the hair restoration physician. It’s a popular hair restoration system because it can augment a strip harvest procedure but also be used for a full FUE restoration. With this method, your clinician can perform exact placing and have depth of control of the extraction punch.

How Does the Ellis FUE System Work?

A hand engine and titanium-tipped punches are the instruments our clinicians who prefer the Ellis FUE System use. These instruments are automated, making them more accurate and providing improved accuracy when performing the procedure. Chuck and Andy Ellis have over 30 years of experience in the hair restoration industry. They take great pride in delivering the highest quality products to their customers and are committed to providing comprehensive customer satisfaction.

How Do Ellis FUE Instruments Help With Hair Loss?

The Ellis FUE hand engine has the following key features and characteristics that help with hair loss: 

  • Variable speed console.
  • Motor with lightweight cord.
  • On/off footswitch.
  • Handpiece stand.
  • Digital RPM read-out.
  • FUE titanium-tipped punches. 

The FUE titanium-tipped punches display the following properties that aid in hair loss: 

  • An internal bevel that protects the follicle as the punch advances.
  • Long-lasting sharp edge.
  • Precise depth control when used with adapter collets.