Many clinics choose to market their services by touting the superiority of certain systems, so it’s natural to wonder whether MAXIM is using any given system. While we put our faith in our ability to find and work with some of the best hair restoration clinicians in the world, we also invest in the best technologies we can find. As it happens, the Ellis FUE system is one of the technologies we do use at MAXIM. We’ve seen many benefits to using this system, and many of our clinicians prefer it. Here’s what you need to know. 

Who created
the FUE system?

The Ellis FUE system is a product of Ellis Instruments, Inc., created by Chuck and Andy Ellis. 

Both of these individuals have over thirty years of experience in the hair restoration and cosmetic surgery fields. Their medical instruments are some of the most renowned in the business. They take great pride in delivering the highest quality products to their customers, and are committed to providing comprehensive customer satisfaction.

We are proud to work with them, and we are proud to use their technology in many of our clinics.

How does the Ellis FUE system work?

The Ellis FUE system is an extremely accurate FUE harvesting system with the following key characteristics.

  • A hand engine
  • Titanium-tipped punches
  • A variable speed console
  • On/off foot pedal
  • A handpiece stand
  • A digital RPM read-out

They are light, easy to use, intuitive, and perfect for clinicians who need to harvest a large number of grafts in a short period of time.

How do Ellis FUE instruments help with hair loss?

The Ellis FUE system allows us to give our clients excellent service because each punch is equipped with an internal bevel that protects the follicle as the punch advances. When used with adapter collets, it also allows us precise depth control.

It’s also extremely comfortable for our clinicians. Reducing hand fatigue means reducing the possibility of mistakes. These devices also offer high visibility through their magnifying headlamps, allowing them to exercise even greater skill.

What are the advantages of the Ellis FUE system from the client's perspective?

The Ellis FUE system offers many advantages from a client standpoint.

  1. The speed and surgical efficiency of the device means you spend less time in the chair. 
  2. The increased accuracy allowed by the Ellis FUE system puts less stress on your skin. 
  3. This system is highly suitable for collecting a large number of grafts, which helps our patients experiencing severe hair loss.

While the Ellis FUE system isn’t the only system on the market offering these benefits, it is well suited to delivering the kind of client care experience we hope to achieve every time someone visits a MAXIM clinic.

Will my MAXIM clinician be using the Ellis FUE system?

If you’re curious about the system your MAXIM clinician will be using feel free to bring it up during your free consultation! The clinician will be happy to tell you what system they’re using and why. 

Many of our clinicians do like and use Ellis FUE harvesters, so there’s a good chance you’ll be talking to one of the clinicians that does.

Regardless, you can rest assured that your clinician will be using the best tools and technologies they can to give you the most incredible results it’s possible to give you. Trust in their skill, and trust in our willingness to keep investing in high-quality FUE technologies.

Ready to get started? 

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