New York City and Long Island.


Joseph has spent his career focused on hair restoration and regenerative medicine. Co-author to one of the first ever FDA approved IND’s for Stromal Vascular Fraction derived MSC’s.

Accomplished clinician and mid-level provider in New York City and Long Island. Non-surgical hair restoration expert including laser hair therapy, products, vitamins, supplements, topical compounds and injectables. Pioneered, non-surgical scalp rejuvenation.


Expert in hair restoration with a specific focus on non-surgical solutions.
He also specializes in female hair restoration and is a master injector.
Medical researcher with a focus on regenerative hair procedures.
Worked in a Level II ICU Trauma Center in Detroit.
Experienced with CIT, PDO-Max, and other non-surgical regenerative procedures.


Joseph is one of the few Registered Nurses with an expertise in restoring and preventing hair-loss through non-surgical methods. Having suffered from rapid hair loss in his mid twenties, he underwent an FUE hair transplant at MAXIM in 2017. Impressed with the results and the care received, Joseph relocated to NYC and began research on regenerative medicine. In 2019, he co-authored an investigational new drug clinical trial on SVF derived MSC’s, which was one of the first of it’s kind to be approved by the FDA in 2020. Since then, Joseph had recognized a glaring health disparity in female hair loss, compared to males, who have many successful treatment options. Dissatisfied with the lack of treatments available, Joseph sought out to find alternatives that would be successful for women and has since created the MAXIM Scalp Rejuvenation technique, which has shown great success in both men and women. Joseph now trains clinicians and surgeons on non-surgical applications for hair restoration on an international level.


Co-authored one of the first FDA approved IND applications for SVF derived MSC’s. Created a non-surgical restoration therapy for women, most of whom did not have previous treatment options. Featured in a public education documentary of industry leaders in hair restoration. Trains and develops clinicians on effective techniques for hair loss. Discovered disparities in University’s HIPAA policy, which was rewritten, accepted, and presented at a health care symposium. Produced and presented research on forced retraction induced phimosis in infants at health care symposiums.


Joseph received his BSN from Rochester University, a highly selective School of Nursing, and is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Nursing Practice.