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FUT and FUE Hair Restoration, Tampa, Florida

Serves East & West Coast of Florida, Tampa, Palm Harbor, Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, Bradenton, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Fort Myers, Spring Hill, Largo, Venice, Naples, and Lakeland


  • Board Certified
    Hair Transplant + Facial Plastic Surgeons
  • FUT, FUE, SMP and Hybrid options
  • MEGA Sessions to 4,000 Grafts.
  • Advanced WAW, ATERA, Cole and ELLIS FUE Technologies
  • Only 1 or 2 Procedures done at a time.
  • Affordable Prices + 0% Financing


  • FUT Hair Transplants
  • FUE Hair Restoration
  • Eyebrow, mustache, beard and facial hair transplants
  • Transgender hair restoration
  • Hybrid procedures that combine hair transplants and non-surgical hair treatments
  • Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)
  • Non-surgical hair restoration
  • Products, laser therapy, vitamins and supplements
  • Topical compounds for male and female hair loss

MAXIM Hair Restoration in Tampa, Florida, offers exceptional hair replacement surgery and hair transplant procedures for men and women with a Board Certified plastic surgeon who has performed thousands of hair transplant procedures. As one of the prominent and leading hair transplant centers in Florida, we pride ourselves on excellent clinical outcomes for our patients, enabling them to recover the confidence and feeling of a fuller head of hair at affordable rates.

We provide a range of affordable hair restoration procedures to Florida and non-Florida residents. Our procedures include Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), hybrid hair transplant and non-surgical hair restoration procedures.

Our expert and board-certified Florida hair transplant surgeons and clinicians will meet with you to present the most optimal options that would meet your hair replacement needs and will yield superior results for you.

maxim hair restoration in tampa, fl
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Dr. Kristopher Hamwi is the lead hair transplant surgeon at MAXIM Hair Restoration in Tampa and Sarasota, Florida. He is recognized as one of the country’s top surgeons, is board-certified, and has performed thousands of successful hair restoration procedures. We are proud to have someone with such expertise in the area of hair replacement surgery on our staff at our Tampa clinic.

When you decide to start your hair restoration journey, you will be greeted at our Tampa office, which is conveniently located near the International Mall in an upscale office building.

At MAXIM Hair Restoration in Tampa, all of our hair transplant procedures are priced competitively. We assist patients from not only Tampa but also the surrounding cities and towns of the Florida East and West Coast including Tampa, Palm Harbor, Sarasota, Bradenton, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Fort Myers, Spring Hill, Largo, Venice, Naples, and Lakeland.

We have successfully treated clients throughout Florida to help them reach their hair restoration goals. If you reside anywhere in the Tampa or Sarasota, Florida, area and are seeking the best quality hair restoration options, contact us at MAXIM Hair Restoration Tampa to schedule your complimentary consultation. Consultations and follow-ups can be done in Tampa. Procedures are performed at our Lakewood Ranch office. We offer a free car service on procedure days for those who are not accompanied by a family member or friend.



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