At MAXIM hair restoration, we offer a variety of cutting edge technologies. The WAW FUE system is one of those technologies, and many of our clinicians prefer to use it, in part because it has the lowest transection rate of all FUE devices, reporting in at just under 4%. This distinctive feature helps to maintain the quality of harvested follicles and create a graft with an increased rate of survival. Here is everything you need to know about this incredible FUE system.

What is
the WAW FUE system?

Dr. Jean Devroye created the WAW FUE system by formulating his cutting edge Hybrid Trumpet punch, consisting of a motorized pedal and punches to extract follicular grafts. Dr. Devroye created a punch that could cut the skin at low speeds yet dissect the graft. He revolutionized the WAW FUE system. 

The WAW FUE system uses a unique shape extraction device which closely imitates the natural shape of follicular units. The device consists of two punches in one. 

The first is a flat external punch with a square-shaped border sharp enough to cut the scalp under pressure at low velocity. There is also an internal punch with a smooth border. The smooth border dissects the graft forward without damaging or cutting the hair follicle (transection). This creates a smooth exit for the hair follicle while angling the sharp portions of the punch away from the follicle itself. 

The punch is powered by an oscillating motor which reduces the amount of time the procedure takes. It's also equipped with a suction feature that accelerates the extraction process, making the procedure even faster. 

What tools and devices does the WAW FUE system use to create better hair transplants?

The new commercial model of the WAW FUE system offers wireless control of the three basic dials to achieve optimum results. These are their functions:

  • The first dial adjusts the angle or arc of oscillation.
  • The second dial alters the speed of oscillation. 
  • The third dial enhances the initial speed of the punch.

These features allow your hair transplant clinician to modify the acceleration speed, oscillation mode, and angulation, giving them greater control over the process and allowing them to use their skills to their absolute fullest.

The WAW FUE system also provides beneficial scoring counting that can be restarting at any time. This means you as the patient can see how many grafts have been removed. Since the cost of the procedure directly relates to the number of grafts, this is important information to have.

The Hybrid Trumpet punch offers the advantage of dull and sharp punches with a 90-degree outer edge and a smooth funnel-shaped inner edge. It makes penetration into the skin more gentle and less traumatic. The Hybrid Trumpt punch works like a dissection tool rather than a cutting one.

With the threading movement, your physician can go deeper without damaging hair follicles, which is essential for hair regrowth. Similarly, the suction effect provides increased extraction speed. 

The ultimate goal of the system? Producing FUE grafts similar to FUT grafts and getting similar results without all the drawbacks of FUT.

What are the benefits of a WAW FUE hair transplant?

The WAW FUE device offers many benefits, including:

  1. The ability to extract a large number of high quality grafts without making a big incision.
  2. Reduced risk of transection (cut or damaged hair follicles).
  3. WAW FUE incisions are 0.8 to 0.9 millimeters long. These cuts are so tiny that the healing process is much faster and all but eliminates visible scarring. 
  4. A faster process thanks to numerous system features and upgrades. 
  5. The low transection rate helps promote thicker, more natural hair growth and prevents infections and scarring. 

Overall, the WAW FUE system boosts the intrinsic quality of the extraction.

More Grafts and Hair

Follicular units splay out and have a conical shape that can make it difficult for your doctor to extract the whole graft and without having to use sharp punches and raise the punch diameter.

Lower Transection Rate

The Hybrid Tornado punch has a 90-degree outer edge that makes penetrating the skin easy. A smooth funnel-shaped inner edge handles the graft carefully and its vertical motion lets it work like a dissection tool but in a less aggressive way. There's less concern about transection with this tool, as the rates drop between 3% and 8% (with a 4% average).

Diminished Scars

The smooth inner edge allows the physician to raise the diameter of the punches, which also helps to avoid transections. Therefore, you don't have to worry about large scars on your scalp.

Fewer Missing Grafts

Dull punches bury grafts, while sharp punches tend to transect them. The Hybrid Tornado punch prevents these issues by using the moderate pressure and sucking effect of the funnel-shaped inner edge. This can significantly reduce the rate of missing grafts.

Protection for Grafts

The WAW FUE system makes it much easier to remove the graft, as there are fewer attachments, and the graft is more elevated so that it may be gently removed. This inhibits the forceful movements needed to extract the graft when the incision isn't deep enough. It also leaves more fatty tissue to cover the graft, which protects it from possible damage due to dehydration and trauma.

Will my MAXIM location use the WAW FUE hair transplant method?

WAW FUE technology is available at most MAXIM locations, but sometimes the choice of tool comes down both to clinician preference and what's right for your unique situation and head of hair. If you're curious about using a specific technology like ATERA, be sure to bring it up at your initial consultation. 

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