Some FUE systems are outdated, but that won’t stop the marketing departments of certain clinics from continuing to promote them. Not everyone likes to invest in the latest technology like MAXIM does. The S.A.F.E. FUE system is one of the systems MAXIM has already discontinued. It simply is no longer advanced enough to suit our purposes, and isn’t capable of performing the types of 4000+ mega-grafts that we offer to our clients. 

What is the S.A.F.E. System?

S.A.F.E. stands for Surgically Advanced Follicular Excision.

Golden Follicle Award winner Dr. James Harris developed the device in 2003. For its time, it was excellent technology: a first in-kind FUE device used to isolate and excise single follicular units.

S.A.F.E. introduced a two step system which combined a hybrid sharp punch with a blunt dual punch to ensure proper penetration. The method lowered the risk of transection (damage to surrounding hair follicles).

S.A.F.E. played a large role in ensuring the eventual mainstream adoption of the FUE technique. It’s simply been made obsolete through technological evolution.

Notable features of this system were:

  • It was an industry-defining device.
  • It allowed for minimal scarring, setting the standard for all future systems.
  • It improved dermal penetration and reduced risks.
  • It was the first device to lower transection rates to less than 10%.

We appreciate the contributions Dr. Harris and his S.A.F.E. system made to our industry.

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