What is the process involved in Scalp Micropigmentation? Is this a permanent solution?

Are there any other non-surgical hair solutions available?

Is it possible to continue to use a hair system after a hair transplant? Is it recommended?

Are wigs, hairpieces and hair systems less expensive options compared to a hair transplant? Are the results comparable?

What should patients expect before undergoing a hair transplant? What should patients expect post-operatively following the procedure?

Are there any complications to take into account relating to the hair transplantation process?

Are considerations made with regard to future hair loss, or does a hair transplant prevent any further hair loss?

Will scalp laxity be affected due to the procedure?

What is Scar Revision using Scalp Micropigmentation?

Does the procedure cause any discomfort to the patient?

What is a MEGA Session hair transplant?

How many grafts can be transplanted during a single FUE session? How many follicles are included in each graft?