Devices Used In Hair Transplant Procedures

A hair transplant can be a challenging experience for those suffering from hair loss who do not know what exactly happens during the procedure. Knowing what devices are used in hair transplant surgery will help settle the nerves.

Devices Used In Hair Transplant Procedures

Here are some of them:

1. Dermatoscope

Dermatoscopy may also be called epiluminescent microscopy or ELM. They are used in magnifying the skin and the scalp where hair transplant will be done. This method of magnification needs the use of an oil or a gel. More recent technology has made it possible to eliminate the need for oil but uses at least eight LED lights.

2. Trichometer

This device is used to measure hair density and diameter. It has made surgical hair restoration procedures less painful as it has eliminated and greatly reduced the need for hair clippings and semi-permanent marks or tattoos on the area to be tested. This is a good device to assess the efficacy of minoxidil, fin########, biotin, low-level light therapy, and hair transplantation on a client who is seeking treatment for hair loss.

3. Folliscope

The Folliscope is a computer software that is used by doctors to determine the extent of hair loss and hair growth. It uses a handheld camera that takes photos of the magnified scalp that is then analyzed by the computer software. With this device, doctors can find out whether the hair is terminal or vellus, they can measure the size of the follicles, and hair growth rate.

4. The Avram Stand

This device is used for better visualization during hair transplant especially during the process of cutting grafts, creating recipient sites, and transplanting the grafts. There is one similar device called Magni-Focuser, but the Avram Stand is more popular because it’s hands-free and more convenient.
These are the different devices used in documenting hair density and analyzing the donor and recipient areas of the scalp. Since these devices are powerful, they make a huge difference in the hair transplant procedure.

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