Don’t Worry, You Can Grow Healthy Hair Fast With These Miracle Nutrients

The cliché “You are what you eat” is true not only when it comes to your waistline but also your hair. Some people look naturally beautiful that they can be billboard models for shampoos and hair salons. You can be like them too. You can grow healthy hair from the inside. Proper diet and hydration is the answer.


There is a high possibility that your lackluster hair is due to the fact that you don’t get the recommended dietary allowance of 37 to 50 grams of protein. A diet that is rich in healthy protein makes your hair strong and manageable. Keratin is a special protein that is the main component in human hair. The lack of it will have adverse effects in the appearance of your hair. Your diet should include ample amount of egg omelet, chicken breasts, soy beans, salmon, and steaks. Combine these food products with starchy foods such as brown rice and corn for a healthy supply of amino acids. This will ensure the production of keratin.


You might have noticed how extremely thin people also have unhealthy looking hair. This is because slimming diets usually make a person consume less carbohydrates. You may also notice the same in marathon runners. Their body uses up huge amounts of carbohydrates as they run. Since carbohydrates are necessary for you to grow healthy hair, the lack of it may lead to hair loss. Therefore, you need to take precautions when trying a low-carb diet as it will make your hair look dry and lusterless. Stick to whole grain bread, pasta, oats, brown rice, and cereals.


People with iron deficiency anemia usually suffer from hair loss or have thin, fine hair. This is because iron is a mineral important in keeping hair healthy. If you are experiencing heavy periods, you are always tired, and exercise makes you breathless, you need to seek medical advice as these are signs of anemia. To avoid this situation, you need to eat lots of dark green vegetables and red meats. There are delicious ways to prepare iron-rich food. Combine spinach or kale with liver or fish. If your usual breakfast includes an egg omelet then you are on the right track. The egg yolk is a good source of iron.

Fatty acids

Your figure-conscious friends may have tried to influence you to eliminate fat from your diet. I hope you don’t listen to them. The lack of omega-3 fatty acids will make your hair unhealthy. You can get this healthy fat from most seafood like fresh tuna, salmon, and oysters. You can also add yogurt and soy milk to your snacks to ensure ample intake of fatty acids. You may also want to keep a jar of walnuts and pumpkin seeds in your office desk if you want to take care of your hair even when you are busy.

You can splurge on expensive shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatments but if you are not eating the right kind of food, your hard-earned money will only go to waste. Your diet greatly impacts the appearance of your hair. You can only grow healthy hair if you address your nutritional deficiencies.

Whether you live in New York City, Connecticut, Chicago, Dubai or Manila, Philippines, maintain a balanced diet to avoid lackluster, brittle hair. If nothing works, then go for a hair transplant. It is a permanent, natural and affordable solution for hair loss. You can then follow the above-mentioned dietary recommendations to maintain your transplanted hair.

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