Eyebrow Transplant in Wilmette, Illinois

Let’s discuss the process of undergoing an eyebrow transplant in Wilmette, Illinois.

As human beings, we can experience hair loss on different parts of our bodies. One of the more common hair loss spots is the eyebrow. Regardless of how eyebrow loss comes to be, it’s almost always psychologically devastating, substantially reducing the affected person’s overall confidence level.

Fortunately, eyebrow loss doesn’t have to be permanent. There are now surgical procedures available which can return your eyebrows to their former glory. Look for Eyebrow Transplant in Wilmette, Illinois.

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What are the Reasons for Eyebrow Loss?

Eyebrow loss comes about for a number of different reasons. These reasons run the gamut from the hereditary, to the medical, to the physical, and more. Let’s discuss a few of the more common reasons for eyebrow loss below.


With women, in particular, eyebrow plucking is very popular. When done in moderation, eyebrow plucking can be perfectly safe. However, when done to excess, it can result in permanent eyebrow loss.

Subconscious Tearing

Some individuals suffer from psychological conditions which cause them to tear out their hair. Unfortunately, the more that this hair is torn out, the harder time it has growing back in. At some point, these individuals could tear out their eyebrows to the point that the hair will never grow back.

Genetic Inheritance

In some cases, genetics can play a major role in eyebrow loss. Unfortunately, individuals who are genetically predisposed to eyebrow loss don’t have much of a choice when it comes to prevention. The only way for them to obtain thick eyebrows is by undergoing a transplant.

Accidental Trauma

Some people lose the hair in their eyebrows because they end up in physically traumatic accidents. Auto accidents, sports injuries, and fire-related accidents can cause your eyebrow hair to permanently fall out.


There are also diseases that can cause permanent eyebrow loss. These diseases include alopecia, hypothyroidism, atopic dermatitis, and many others. While some of these diseases can be accommodated by an eyebrow transplant, others cannot.

How is an Eyebrow Transplant Carried Out in Wilmette, Illinois?

Before undergoing an eyebrow transplant, you would probably like to understand what it entails. Let’s now discuss the process involved with undergoing such a transplant.

Typically, when undergoing an eyebrow transplant, you will undergo a follicular unit extraction, or FUE. This is a procedure in which grafts are taken from small donor hair areas at the back and/or sides of the head and transplanted to balding areas.

When used for eyebrow transplants, this procedure is fairly swift. Typically, it won’t take any more than a few hours to complete. If eyebrow transplants has been completed, your transplanted hair will fall out, only to grow back permanently six or so months later.

After the Transplant

After an eyebrow transplant has been completed, most individuals are able to recover fairly quickly. Typically, it won’t take any more than a couple of days in order for the discomfort to subside. During this brief span, it might be a good idea to apply ice to the transplanted area in order to quell inflammation.

Following the recovery period, you are free to do whatever you want to do. This includes exercise, work, school, and everything else which is a part of your daily life.

Ready to Undergo an Eyebrow Transplant in Wilmette, Illinois?

Ready to undergo an eyebrow transplant in Wilmette, Illinois? If so, we here at MAXIM Hair Restoration can help. Eyebrow transplants are very affordable and we offer zero percent financing through www.carecredit.com

Our team of seasoned surgeons has carried out a vast number of eyebrow transplants, always ensuring that our patients get the results that they desire.

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