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Up to 85% of males and 40% of women eventually experience hair loss. If you can relate, then it might surprise you to know that there are several hair restoration treatments that can help.  These treatments are suitable for most candidates. One of these procedures is Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), which is a minimally invasive procedure that covers your bald areas with natural hair. If you’re in Fort Worth, TX, then visit our MAXIM Hair Restoration center to learn about all the latest techniques. 

Our Fort Worth office is just a few blocks from the Chisholm Trail Parkway on Hulen Street. It caters to Fort Worth, DFW, Arlington, Dallas, Euless, Hurst, and the rest of North Texas. Swing by, via prior appointment, to learn more about FUT hair transplant surgery from MAXIM Hair Restoration. You can also give us a call at (817) 476-5149.

What Is an FUT Hair Transplant?

FUT is a well-known and widely used surgical procedure for hair restoration. It harvests a small strip of skin that bears a healthy lock of hair from a permanent portion of the scalp such as the side or back of the head. It is then transplanted to a hair-loss location which is generally the crown, top or frontal hairline. This approach often has incredibly good outcomes. 

FUT may take about six hours in a clinic setting, depending on the size of the area that needs hair and the number of grafts required. 

Benefits of FUT Hair Transplants

An FUT hair transplant has many advantages, including the following:

More Grafts in a Single Session

One of the main benefits of FUT is that you can undergo more follicular transplantation in a single session. In addition, it encourages a substantial hair output in the recipient region. If fullness is your main objective, FUT therapy is the way to go since it allows a doctor to transplant up to 4,000 grafts in one session.

Quality Graft

During FUT, the follicular units are meticulously identified and examined using a stereomicroscope to ensure that their protecting issue is undamaged. This method produces high-quality grafts and provides complete coverage. The transection rate of grafts with FUT is much lower compared to FUE. Therefore, graft survival rates are considerably higher. 

Higher Survival Rate

FUT continues to have a greater survival rate than FUE. Because FUE allows a clinician to choose grafts randomly, they may extract grafts from beyond the donor area or could inadvertently transect such grafts which result in thinner hair or hair that don’t survive. Therefore, surgeons frequently advise patients with inadequate hair growth in the donor region to choose FUT over FUE. It is also a better procedure for women for similar reasons. 

Minimum Inconvenience

When performed by qualified medical professionals, FUT hair transplants cause minimal pain. The procedure requires you to undergo a local anesthetic, which ensures that you don’t experience any discomfort or distress. During the process, you are usually awake.

Speedy Recovery

One of the primary benefits of an FUT hair transplant is that the healing time is typically only a week to 10 days. Furthermore, the new hairline is noticeable within four months of the transplant, and a fuller coverage is visible after 10 months.

How Much Does a FUT Hair Transplant Cost in Fort Worth, TX?

The cost of an FUT hair transplant in Fort Worth depends on many factors. Most clinics charge by the number of hair follicles grafted, whereas others provide a flat fee. The surgery cost depends on your surgeon’s skill and experience.

At MAXIM, we believe that safety and efficacy are priceless. However, our treatments are affordably priced, and we offer 0% financing. We can assure you that there are no traps or hidden costs in our quotes. 

What Should You Do Before Your FUT Hair Transplant?

We have several guidelines that you should follow before undergoing a FUT hair transplant procedure. These will improve the chances of a successful surgery and speed up the recovery time. Some of these guidelines are as follows:

  • Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, alcohol, green tea, and certain vitamins, as these may cause you to bleed during surgery, which would result in a poor outcome. Consult with your primary care doctor and our hair surgeon prior to stopping any medications. 
  • Don’t consume alcohol the night before, and ensure that you get a good night’s sleep. 
  • Avoid smoking for a few days before and after the procedure. 
  • Shower and thoroughly cleanse your scalp before coming to the clinic.
  • Wear a loose top, such as a button-down shirt. This will make it easier to undress without disturbing your bandages. 
  • Consume a light breakfast but avoid caffeine.  
  • Leave your hair long at the back of your head so that the linear scar can be hidden, and refrain from applying a styling gel or spray.

What Should You Do After Your FUT Hair Transplant?

The most critical time is the healing process post-operation. You must follow all the instructions that the surgeon gives you. Some of these guidelines include:

  • You must relax in the days following your hair transplant. This is because the surgery exhausts your body, and resting helps you to heal faster.
  • It’s best if you avoid alcohol and smoking for a week, as this will speed up the healing process.
  • You must also keep your scalp moist during this time by regularly using saline sprays.
  • If you must brush your hair when it’s still damp, be careful not to cause any bleeding or discomfort.
  • After the scabs and pink skin have healed completely, your follicles will become dormant, and your new hair will fall out. You will look the same as you did just before your transplant. This is normal, so you don’t need to worry about it.
  • After the FUT operation, the sutures will be taken out between one week and 10 days later. You may resume exercise, but it’s best to consult your doctor first to ensure that you’re fully recovered and it’s safe to do so. 
  • Avoid driving, swimming, and physical exercise at least until suture removal.

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Over time, FUT has grown in popularity, as it’s an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective hair transplant option. However, if you’re facing a hair-loss problem, it’s better to understand the procedure and its potential outcome in detail. Contact MAXIM Hair Restoration’s Fort Worth location to book a free consultation. Our medical staff is available to answer any queries you may have.

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