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Since the 1950s, when hair transplants started, this procedure has come a long way. If you’re suffering from hair loss, follicular unit transplantation (FUT) hair restoration is an option to restore your natural hair. Our renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Kristopher Hamwi, will use follicular unit grafts to rebuild your receding hairline and growth cycle through this surgery. Moreover, many patients can resume their usual schedule within a couple of days, and any inflammation and soreness usually will subside within a week. 

If you’re based in Tampa, FL, and want to reach out to a specialist for hair restoration, then the MAXIM Hair Restoration office near the International Mall is your destination. Our office caters to Florida’s east and west coasts, including Tampa, Lakewood Ranch, Palm Harbor, Sarasota, Clearwater, Bradenton, St. Petersburg, Spring Hill, Fort Myers, Largo, Naples, Venice, and Lakeland. 

What Is an FUT Hair Transplant?

Hair loss affects both men and women, but usually, men experience it more. FUT is a minimally invasive procedure used to permanently camouflage bald areas caused by hair loss. Our surgeon performs FUT surgery by removing a strip of tissue from the side or back of your head and extracting hair follicles. Our experienced Hair Team then implants these follicles into the balding areas of your scalp. The procedure is most effective for concealing a tapering hairline caused by male pattern baldness — a disorder caused by male hormones. 

Our surgeon will recreate your hairline during the FUT surgery; this will help them identify the region from where hair can be extracted. Don’t worry; you’ll be given local anesthesia to numb your scalp. After that, the surgeon will carefully take a tiny slice of skin at the back of your head containing hair follicles to be utilized as a transplant. Single hair follicles will be extracted from the strip and meticulously inserted into the balding area. You will remain awake throughout the procedure. 

Benefits of FUT Hair Transplants

There are multiple benefits to a FUT hair transplant, which enables natural hair to regrow on a balding scalp. Some of them are: 

  • FUT generally provides many hair follicles to extract and work with during the transplant session. This is especially useful if the patient desires fuller hair and covering across a large surface area. 
  • The exact transplanting procedure in FUT provides the surgeon with additional donor region options and a greater probability of preserving the follicles and tissues. 
  • Another advantage is a tiny linear scar at the donor site, which is at the back or side of the head and can be easily covered with slightly longer surrounding hair.
  • The cost of surgery is comparable to Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). 
  • Because hair follicles are properly removed from the donor strip, FUT may generate superior grafts than FUE. However, the experience and capabilities of the surgeon conducting the transplant are critical, as they must be highly skilled in precise excision under a microscope.

How Much Does a FUT Hair Transplant Cost in Fort Worth, TX?

The cost of a FUT hair transplant can vary due to several factors in the Tampa, FL, area. Let’s read about a few.

The following things can influence the price:

The amount of hair grafting done. Although some facilities provide a flat fee, most facilities charge by the number of hair follicles implanted.

  • The cost of surgery differs based on the center and the surgeon’s skill.
  • FUT surgery may be more expensive in other cities. 
  • If you must travel for your procedure, you should also plan for travel costs.
  • Because FUT is often regarded as cosmetic surgery, it is doubtful that your insurance would cover it. If you lose your hair due to burns or injuries, it may be reimbursed by insurance in some cases.
  • At MAXIM’s center in Tampa, the FUT transplant surgery is quite affordable, with 0% financing available in certain qualifying cases.

What Should You Do Before Your FUT Hair Transplant?

There are certain pre-operative instructions that everyone undergoing a FUT hair transplant should follow.

  • You must abstain from a few drugs and/or supplements before surgery. Your doctor may advise you to stop taking aspirin or blood thinners one week before surgery. Also, avoid taking multivitamins, vitamin E, and fish oils. They all act as blood thinners that might lead to bleeding during the surgery. Again, consult with both your primary care doctor and hair surgeon. 
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine for a few days before surgery.
  • Discontinue the use of Minoxidil one week before the surgery.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that buttons down.
  • Take a shower in the morning as you won’t be able to take a shower for two days after the surgery.
  • Make sure you have a ride home after the surgery.
  • Have a light breakfast in the morning before the procedure.

What Should You Do After Your FUT Hair Transplant?

Like the above-mentioned pre-operative instructions, one must also follow post-operative guidelines. These are:

  • To reduce the danger of swelling, you must lie down with your head raised for a week after treatment. However, be mindful that not everyone experiences swelling following hair implantation. You may sleep in your usual position if you aren’t feeling pressure around your brow.
  • To reduce the infection risk, take antibiotics exactly as prescribed. Furthermore, do not drive or operate heavy machinery after taking prescription analgesics.
  • Do not shampoo for the first two days following your hair transplant. You can gently wash your hair on the third day. 
  • You cannot dye your hair within four weeks after restoring it. If you can’t wait that long, have it done before your surgery.
  • Hydration is critical before and after a transplant. The better hydrated you are, the more quickly you’ll recover.

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Once you decide to restore your lost hair with the FUT transplant surgery, our skilled team at MAXIM’s Tampa office will provide you with a complete list of pre- and post-operative instructions and further information. Our team is available to help you in every way, and we welcome any questions you may have. For any other information or to book a free consultation, please get in touch with us immediately.

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