Scalp micropigmentation is an innovative way to solve baldness. It is the process of having tiny dots resembling a stubble tattooed on your scalp. It gives you a natural-looking buzz-cut hairstyle. It’s preferred by many sufferers of hair loss because it is immediate and does not involve invasive measures and scarring.

Why Choose Scalp Pigmentation Over Other Solutions?

There are various ways to solve hair loss both in men and women like Regaine and Third Generation Follicular Unit Extraction transplants. But once you go totally bald, your choices are lesser. This is where scalp micropigmentation comes in. It gives you the appearance of some hair and the resemblance of a hairline. It also conceals hair transplant scars and make thinning hair look thicker.

How is it Done?

Scalp pigmentation is like normal tattooing but it does not penetrate the skin as deeply. It also keeps its color unlike tattoo ink. The hairline is chosen based on your face shape, but Hollywood Reporter divulged that the most requested scalps are that of Vin Diesel and Jamie Foxx.

After choosing the hairline shape, the practitioner adds tiny dots to your scalp. The procedure takes about 2-3 sessions with each session lasting 3 hours or more. It is a permanent treatment, but it can be reversed or adjusted once the rest of your hair turns grey.

Does Scalp Micropigmentation Hurt?

The treatment hurts less than the regular tattoo or a hair transplant since the needle does not penetrate as deeply. It is done using a digitally controlled machined with tinier needles than those used in typical tattoo procedures. Also, anesthetics can be applied, but most men can manage without.

Does it Work for Women?

It is a common misconception that only men suffer from thinning hair. But the truth is 5% of women also experience the same thing. Scalp micropigmentation can also be done on women. Micropigmentation makes balding areas less noticeable.

Where Should I Go for Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is currently offered in MAXiM Hair Restoration offices in New York City, Connecticut, Manila, and Dubai. We make sure that you achieve the most natural-looking hairline using custom-fit scalp micropigmentation treatment uniquely designed for you.

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