Patients who wish to experience the best possible results following a hair transplant procedure should carefully abide by the post-operative care instructions provided by the hair transplant surgeonThese care instructions will vary depending on the specific procedure the patient has undergone, and the patient can expect the doctor to outline these various differences between the available procedures during the initial consultation process. The initial consultation is critical when it comes to ensuring the ideal procedure for achieving the patient’s specific coverage and density goals is ultimately selected.

Regardless of the procedure, the days that immediately follow the transplant are the most critical to ensuring the best possible results are realized through the hair transplantation process. The newly transplanted grafts should be protected from the sun, at first with a loose-fitting hat and, after a few days, with traditional sunscreen (at least 30 SPF). Patients will likely be provided a special shampoo along with additional care instructions designed to protect the newly transplanted grafts.

Although physical activity might also be limited for a relatively brief period of time following the completion of the procedure, the reality is that after the first 10 days the transplants will not require substantial attention or special care from the patient. Once the hair transplant grafts are permanently established, the patient can simply care for the transplanted grafts in the same way they would take care of their naturally growing hair.

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