Is The Smart Graft The Best Available Hair Transplant Method?

smart graft hair transplant maxim restorationThe Smart Graft method is another technique that incorporates automated tools or systems into the Follicular Unit Extraction process. As with other techniques similar to Smart Graft, the use of automation is intended to ensure the greatest possible yield of hair follicles from the donor site. In the case of Smart Graft, the automation utilized during a Follicular Unit Extraction includes both a tool and a system: a pneumatic tool for removing individual follicular units from the donor site, and a closed, refrigerated system for storing the units until they are transplanted into the recipient site.

With regard to the automated tools and systems used in Smart Graft, many of the same caveats associated with other robotic hair transplant methods apply in a similar manner. The pneumatic tool, for example, is not fully automated and must be manipulated manually by the hair transplant doctor. The pneumatic tool is directly linked to the refrigeration unit, which ensures each follicular unit avoids the kinds of conditions that might otherwise result in desiccation as well as any other form of damage that could conceivably affect the number of total follicular units available for transplantation.

smart graft machine maxim hair restorationIt is worth reiterating that the automated tools and systems utilized in Smart Graft and other robotic hair transplant procedures nonetheless require intervention from a skilled hair transplant surgeon as well as from a team of surgical assistants. When discussing the different hair transplant options available to them, patients should make sure to ask their prospective surgeon, how each specific option will yield the best possible result in addressing any areas affected by hair loss or thinning hair. The process, along with the tools and systems used in that process, is undeniably critical, but patients should take great care to focus on selecting the hair transplant procedure most likely to deliver the best possible outcome — an outcome that represents a permanent solution for the issues caused by the patient’s hair loss or thinning hair.

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