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Our MAXIM Hair Restoration clinic in Tampa, FL is conveniently situated at 2202 N. Westshore Blvd., Suite 200-M, near International Mall. It serves the east and west coast of Florida, including Tampa, Lakewood Ranch, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, St. Petersburg, Spring Hill, Largo, Venice, Naples, and Lakeland. We provide non-surgical methods and hair transplant options, such as FUE (follicular unit extraction), for all types of hair.

What Is FUE?

FUE, also known as Follicular Unit Excision, is a complex and sophisticated surgical treatment for restoring hair loss. FUE, unlike FUT-STRIP, does not produce a linear scar. With the introduction of FUE, the fantasy of having “no visible scars” in the donor area is becoming a reality. The grafts are removed as individual follicular units in a two- or three-step procedure in FUE, although the implantation method is the same as in traditional FUT. Adopting the most recent automated FUE technology aims to overcome some of the limits of this relatively new procedure, allowing skilled hands to achieve more than a thousand grafts in a single day.

Benefits of FUE Hair Transplants in Tampa, FL

Let’s go through some of the many benefits of opting for a FUE procedure, as it significantly influences both your experience and the outcome of your hair transplant.

Almost No Scarring

Unlike FUT [2], FUE does not require sutures or cause linear scars, which are more visible and challenging to conceal. While all harvesting techniques will result in some scarring, the prominence and look of those scars may vary significantly.

Technologically Advanced

FUE hair transplants are performed using automated instruments and systems that help speed up the procedure and provide better outcomes. This modern technology enables the most minimally invasive and exact hair transplant treatment possible. 

Less Irritation

Compared to FUT hair transplant surgery, the FUE hair restoration procedure causes much less discomfort. FUE clients often have excellent outcomes with no or very minor issues. Any post-operative discomfort or indications generally last no more than a week or so.  

Reduced Recovery Time

There is less downtime with a FUE surgery since it is less intrusive. Patients can usually resume routine activities the next day.

Natural and Long-Lasting Results

An FUE hair transplant delivers natural results since the technique does not leave visible scars and generates longer-lasting results. Furthermore, hair follicles mature considerably more elegantly when transplanted with FUE rather than FUT, since the follicles don’t end up longer outside the body during FUE.


Another advantage of FUE is that it is cost-effective and flexible. The cost of your procedure is directly proportional to the number of grafts required to obtain your desired results. Post-operative care is minimal and you can travel sooner after your procedure.

How Much Does an FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Tampa, FL?

MAXIM, Tampa, offers FUE hair transplant surgery at a reasonable price. There is no gimmick of hidden costs because the pricing is transparent and based on the number of grafts. Furthermore, credit cards, cash, and certified checks are also accepted payment methods. Also, if you qualify, you may be able to secure 0% financing from one of half a dozen reputable lending companies that specialize in financing medical procedures.

What Should You Do Before Your FUE Hair Transplant?

It is important to take proper pre-hair transplant care before undergoing a hair transplant process. This will ensure that the transplant proceeds without a hitch and that the patient is comfortable during the procedure. These hair transplant precautions must be taken at least a week prior to surgery: 

  • In addition to vitamin E and B, blood thinners, and herbal remedies, it is important to avoid using aspirin, Advil, or any anti-inflammatory pills. Please consult your primary care and hair transplant doctors before stopping any blood thinners or medications. 
  • The patient must also avoid steroids and cortisone creams, as they might increase the risk of bleeding during the operation.
  • To have the most significant results, you must refrain from smoking for two weeks before the procedure. 
  • Mention any drugs you are taking to your doctor. Some drugs may need to be discontinued before surgery. 

The following guidelines are included in the hair transplant care 2-3 days before surgery:

  • It would help if you were well-rested.
  • Avoid using hair spray, gel, or other styling treatments.
  • Don’t eat anything spicy the night before surgery.
  • For two days before the procedure, wash your hair with any shampoo.
  • Inform your surgeon about any allergies that you may have. 
  • Have a light breakfast on the day of your procedure. 
  • Do not drink alcohol 2-3 days before your procedure. 
  • Do not have Red Bull or comparable drink on the morning of your procedure.

What Should You Do After Your FUE Hair Transplant?

It is crucial, as with any medical treatment, to maintain appropriate care post hair transplant surgery, along with taking all necessary precautions. You might feel some scalp soreness for a few days following a hair transplant. Most doctors will prescribe or suggest antibiotics, pain relievers, and/or anti-inflammatory medications. It is also vital not to scratch the recipient area and to follow the medications suggested for optimal hair transplant care: 

  • Maintain a moist environment around the freshly grafted region.
  • After one to two days of using the solution, gently clean your hair with your hands. 
  • People who have just undergone hair transplant surgery should sleep in a semi-upright position to avoid the effects of gravity on their hair. Instead of sleeping erect, adopt the “recliner” position when sleeping.
  • Avoid strenuous exertion following hair transplant surgery.

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