What Is MicroPoint Hair Restoration?

mircopoint hair weave maxim restorationA MicroPoint hair restoration is one of the many non-surgical hair restoration procedures available to patients who have experienced thinning hair or hair loss. The MicroPoint procedure is similar to many other weaving procedures in which synthetic hair is attached to the patient’s existing hair follicles, thereby achieving greater volume and coverage. The artificial follicles are secured to the patient’s existing hair follicles via a knot, which is why there are several notable limitations associated with this specific procedure.

What are MciroPoing Procedures?

MicroPoint procedures might hold some appeal with patients seeking a non-surgical option that does not require the use of an adhesive, MicroPoint procedures do require a fairly rigorous upkeep schedule in which the process is repeated once every four to six weeks or so. This is because the artificial hair follicles fall out when the patient’s existing hair follicles fall out, a process that occurs naturally in all areas of the scalp and not just the areas in which the thinning hair or hair loss has occurred.

hair weave hair restorationAs a result, the MicroPoint procedure, like many of the other weaving procedures available, is considered a temporary solution to the issues associated with thinning hair and hair loss. As a non-surgical procedure that delivers immediate results, there are many patients who find the MicroPoint procedure to be appealing. Others prefer to select a procedure that represents a long-term solution to hair loss or thinning hair, which is why it is always worthwhile for patients to consult a hair restoration expert in order to explore the full range of options that may be available to them.

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