Is The NeoGraft The Best Available Hair Transplant Method?

NeoGraft is a hair transplant method that exists among the various types of Follicular Unit Extraction procedures that incorporate automated tools or systems into each session. The NeoGraft procedure completes a Follicular Unit Extraction in conjunction with an automated extraction system that removes the individual follicular grafts from the patient’s donor site. This system is designed to prevent the possibility of the grafts becoming damaged — and therefore unusable — during removal from the donor site.

The automated system utilized during the NeoGraft procedure is designed to prevent damage by ensuring the follicles are not twisted or pulled during the extraction process, thereby providing the doctor with the maximum possible yield for transplantation in the recipient site. Even though the NeoGraft procedure is designed to maximize the yield from the donor site during a Follicular Unit Extraction, the time-intensive nature of the process still presents limitations in terms of the total possible yield available to the doctor and patient (a single session usually produces up to 1,500 grafts).

Ensuring a maximal yield from the donor site, however, is not the only factor in determining the level of coverage delivered to the recipient sites in which the patient has experienced thinning hair or hair loss. The manner in which the grafts are transplanted in the recipient sites is a crucial factor in restoring volume and ensuring maximal coverage throughout the recipient site, which is why every patient should exercise caution in order to select a skilled doctor and team capable of designing a natural-looking hairline.

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