MAXIM Hair Restoration is proud to offer non-surgical hair restoration services for both men and women at some of our locations.  These services including a comprehensive assessment of your hair loss by MAXIM’s professional hair care professional as well as topical & oral solutions and products.

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Most women suffer from hair loss at some point in their lives.  This could be due to pregnancy, child-birth, stress, anxiety, illness, hormonal imbalance, diet or nutrition related issues, menopause or post-menopause, environmental conditions such as water, auto-immune disorders and/or other factors.

In some cases, the hair will come back.  In others, the hair loss may be permanent and could result in baldness. The most optimal solution is to address the hair loss as early as possible when it is still occurring.


Men who are not good candidates for hair transplants would be benefit tremendously from non-surgical hair restoration services. We offer excellent solutions and products to stem your hair loss and preserve the hair that you currently have.


Scalp disorders range from dandruff to more inflammatory conditions including auto-immune disorders such as lichen planis or lichen planopilaris and others.  These conditions are generally treated by trichologists and dermatologists.

Scalp problems are generally symptomatic of metabolic variations such as stress, poor diet, allergies and other factors that can be responsible for the build-up and shedding of dead skin cells.

Our hair care experts will advise on how to manage hair and a scalp that is greasy, oily or often excessively dry.  We will recommend the right shampoo, products, and possibly oral medication that you can use.


Our hair care experts will formulate products specifically for your condition and skin.  These will be unique to each client/patient.

We offer scalp treatments, shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments, nutritional supplements, oral medication or supplements, anti-septic wash and other products.


Our hair experts have years of experience as trichologists, skin care experts and dermatologists in the US, UK, Japan and the Middle East.  Our lead trichologist Mr. Mike Ryan is a qualified NLP practitioner with a PhD in Behavioral Psychology. This specific training has proved instrumental in his ability to relate to the concerns and fears of his patients. He is also the regional hair expert for Unilever’s Clear Arabia product.

He  has treated many celebrities in the UK such as TV actors, supermodels and Premier League football stars –and training expertise has seen him coach government ministers.  He regularly writes white papers and contributes articles to health journals and mainstream consumer media, whilst also appearing as an expert panelist on both TV and radio, and managing his own blog and social media channels.

He is an active member of the International Association of Trichologists where he is considered an industry authority expert around the world.

After completing an MSc in Psychology, he ran the national educational departments for both Wella UK and L’Oreal Paris for six years, working closely with their hair/ beauty product research and training development programs – with a four year stint in between at O’Leary Cosmetics in Japan as R&D manager.  He then joined Philip Kingsley in London for a very successful three year career, where he was introduced to the Trichology specialism and qualified as a Trichologist with the Institute of Trichologists in London, before moving on to a number of consultant roles in clinics and hospitals for ten years.

Work aside, Irish-born Michael who can converse in Japanese, is an avid golfer with a handicap of 4, whilst he also enjoys playing and watching rugby union.

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