Is The Robotic Hair Transplant The Best Available Hair Transplant Method?

The term “Robotic Hair Transplant” is typically used to describe a Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE in which the doctor and staff perform the procedure with the assistance of automated tools or systems. These systems still require manual intervention by the doctor as well as his or her surgical assistants, and the benefits of a robotic hair transplant are ultimately no different from those available through a traditional Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE.

Robotic Hair Transplants are time-intensive procedures and typically produce a limited yield of grafts (usually up to 1,500 grafts per session) from the patient’s donor site. These sessions may include the use of any number of automated tools or systems, including a refrigeration system (for storing the grafts between the time they are extracted from the donor site and transplanted into the recipient site) as well as a pneumatic tool designed to prevent damage to the individual follicular units during the extraction process.

Since these automated systems and tools are not fully automated, Robotic Hair Transplants still rely on intervention from a skilled hair transplant surgeon along with his or her team of surgical assistants. Such manual intervention is a positive, however, since a hair transplant procedure is most effective when a skilled hair transplant doctor is able to artistically craft a natural-looking hairline that suits each patient’s unique individual needs.

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