Satisfied Client From Manila

Maxim Hair Restoration – Manila is in touch with some of our hair transplant clients and we are excited to share one of our satisfied clients’ story here. With just one session, he is very happy with the results he got!

1.Date of hair transplant/what year?

July 2013

2.How many sessions you had?


3. Are you happy with the result?


4.Will you refer us to your friends?


5.How was the staff (doctor and nurses) took care of you during and after the procedure

The staff were very accommodating, friendly and jolly.They know their expertise.

6.Share your thoughts and experience

I never regret having a hair transplant procedure, the result was great and I never need to wear a cap anymore. Full results can be seen after 6 months, and I could say that it is a good investment rather than buying expensive hair growing solutions which I have tried for years but didn’t work for me. I am happy that I had my hair transplant done with maxim.

You can also check our client’s blog about his hair transplant experience that he has written:

MAXIM Hair Restoration specializes in mega hair transplants of up to 4,500 grafts per session. Our plastic surgeons are experienced with hair transplant procedures and we attract clients from all over the world. We have locations in Dubai and Manila, Philippines, and have affiliate surgeons in Connecticut, New York, Chicago and other cities in the U.S. MAXIM offers free consultations for hair transplants.

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