The Science Behind Natural Looking Hair Transplants

For a person willing to have a hair transplant, beauty is in the eye of that individual. What may seem like a natural look on your head and face?

Therefore, a scientific and artistic approach is required to design a very realistic looking hairline. Each person’s hair is different in texture, color and density. This means that the hair transplant surgeon must make exact incisions with the proper angle for each follicular unit that ensures the placement of hair will cause them to grow in the right direction. Our hair directions are different according to the scalp region where they are being inserted……….. So it is very important to find a surgeon who is well versed in both precision and creativity of hair transplant. The technique used for your hair transplant will also influence the results of your transplants.

The most common and discomforting down sides of hair transplants are unnatural looking hair lines and scarring. If the procedure is done properly by an expert hand, people cannot tell a hair transplant has taken place. However, if it is easily noticeable it means the hair transplant is poor.

It is important to find a center that specializes in hair transplants. At MAXIM Hair Restoration, hair transplants is all we do and we do it well.

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