Is The Strip Technique The Best Hair Transplant Method?

The strip technique, also referred to as a Follicular Unit Transplant or Strip FUT, is widely recognized as one of the most effective options for patients seeking to address hair loss or thinning hair. There are several advantages available to patients who opt to undergo a hair transplant utilizing the strip technique, and many doctors arrive at the conclusion that the advantages associated with the strip technique make it the most ideal hair transplant method for the patient in question.

The principal advantage of the strip technique lies in its ability to produce a substantially greater yield than many of the other available options. Due to the greater yield associated with the Strip FUT method, patients with extensive hair loss can expect a single hair transplant session to produce as many as 3,000 grafts containing anywhere from 5,000 all the way up to 9,000 individual follicular units — and possibly more. This reduces the possibility that the patient will have to return for multiple transplant sessions, but it also results in a slightly longer recovery period compared to the Follicular Unit Extraction procedure.

Patients who opt for an FUT procedure should be aware that the donor follicles are surgically removed via a strip taken from the patient’s scalp, which requires the use of sutures and will leave a small scar in the donor site. Hair transplant doctors take great care to ensure this scar is obscured by the patient’s remaining hair, and, once healed, many patients have difficulty locating the scar on their own. Patients who prefer a shorter haircut or a rapid recovery time might find that the FUT method does not suit their specific needs, but others will come to the conclusion that the strip FUT method is indeed the most ideal hair transplant option available.

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