Facial Hair Transplant in New York

Facial hair transplant in New York City is a procedure to restore hair in facial area. It can be done to restore the goatee, mustache, as well as sideburns and cheek beard.

These days, facial hair is becoming more and more common with men. Not only are beards deemed acceptable, they’re often admired. Unfortunately, this can pose a problem for those men who struggle to grow facial hair. In many cases, a man’s lack inability to grow facial hair can cause him to feel embarrassment, which results in lower self-esteem.

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Fortunately, these men don’t have to go on suffering. If you struggle to grow facial hair, you can simply undergo a beard transplant in New York.

Looking to learn a little more about facial hair transplants in New York? Then read on!

How Can You Benefit from a Beard Transplant?

First, let’s discuss the benefits of undergoing a facial hair transplant in New York. A facial hair transplant could positively affect you on both personal and social levels.

Increased Self-esteem

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a facial hair is an increase in self-esteem. Men who are ashamed of their inability to grow facial hair can see their confidence levels increase substantially by undergoing a facial hair transplant.

This increase in self-esteem can carry over to other parts of life, allowing for improvement in the social, professional, and romantic realms. It can also help them to feel a little more comfortable in their own skin.

Aesthetic Improvement

Though aesthetic preferences are entirely subjective, many individuals today prefer men with beards. This is why, if you undergo a facial hair implant, you can improve your overall personal aesthetic.

Just as increasing your self-esteem can improve all aspects of your life, an improvement in your physical appearance can improve all aspects of your life as well. You could become not only more attractive to women, but more appealing to colleagues, family, and friends.

Some people also grow facial hair for religious reasons.

Ever-growing Facial Hair

Many of the techniques used to spur on the growth of facial hair are either ineffective or temporary.

A facial hair transplant will ensure hair growth for the rest of your life. This means that you can spend your precious time focused on more pertinent matters; not on trying to grow hair which isn’t there.

Apart from beards, you can also undergo a mustache hair transplant procedure, eyebrow hair transplants, and side burns.

The Facial Hair Transplant Procedure in New York

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When having hair transplanted to your face, you will usually undergo a follicular unit extraction (FUE). This is a procedure in which small amounts of hair are taken from the sides of the head and grafted to the face. When used for facial hair transplants in New York, it typically lasts for 4 to 6 hours.

During the procedure, you will remain awake. However, you will be administered a local anesthetic to prevent you from feeling any discomfort.

After the procedure is finished, you will be sent on your way. Then, within a few days, the transplanted hairs will fall out. 4 months later, they will then grow back, and remain there.

What Does Recovery Entail?

Recovery from a facial hair transplant is fairly tame. Though there might be some minor discomfort, it’s nothing that should prevent you from living your normal life. Generally, you’ll be back to work or school within a few days.

Undergo a Beard or Facial Transplant in New York City

Have you decided that a facial hair transplant is right for you? Looking to undergo a facial hair transplant in New York City? If so, we here at Maxim Hair Restoration are the people to see.

Our team of highly-skilled surgeons has carried out a wide variety of hair transplant procedures, helping thousands and thousands of patients all over the world. They can help you as well. If you have been thinking about taking this step, now is the time to act.

Can You Get Facial Hair Transplant?

Can you get facial hair transplant? Beards are not just a momentary trend – their popularity has skyrocketed over the past 10 years. Whether hipsters or businessmen, a well-groomed beard has become a definite yardstick by which to measure a man’s attractiveness. How many men can just grow the perfect beard by tossing their razors, though? Most men would probably like to change the density or shape of their facial hair, but not everybody can achieve the perfect level of scruff. Fortunately, facial hair transplant is a reality.

Beards are here to stay

It’s not weird to want a great-looking beard. The popularity of beards is not so much a mystery now, compared to the years when a clean-shaven look was the only way to go. As a consummate sign of masculinity, facial hair has signaled strength, masculinity, and more recently, hipness. We see many professional musicians and athletes going no shave all year, rather than no shave November.

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For those unable to grow the beard they want to see in the mirror, facial hair transplant is a minor procedure that provides a permanent and attractive solution to patchiness or complete lack of hair growth on the face. Looking for Facial Hair Transplant in New York?

Get the perfect beard with a Facial Hair Transplant

While under local anesthesia and relaxing with TV or music, hair follicles are removed from the back of the head or other area of dense growth. You and your facial hair transplant surgeon will choose the kind of hair you want to see on your face. The color, thickness and texture will be the same as it is on your head.

The placement of hair is determined prior to the facial hair transplant. You can have a beard in any shape that you want. And facial transplants are not limited to only beards. It could be just a moustache or a goatee, or you can have your sideburns shaped so that you never have to worry about them looking scruffy again.

Recovery time is minimal. Because you are awake for the procedure, you can go about your day’s activities after getting your transplant. Although the newly transplanted hair will fall out shortly after the procedure, the follicles will regrow your own hair in about three months. The good news is that hair transplants are permanent. You won’t have to do anything to maintain your beard other than keep it the length that you want.

Choose the right Facial Hair Transplant Specialist

Hair transplant is an aesthetic art as well as a medical procedure. The shape of your beard or other facial hair is determined by your surgeon. Each hair must be implanted with attention paid to the direction in which it grows for the most natural and attractive appearance. The hair follicles taken from the donor area need to be removed with care to avoid scarring.

MAXIM Hair Restoration helps people look their best through the most advanced and skillful hair transplant procedures. For a facial hair transplant or to address thin or balding areas on the head, speak with one of our hair experts first.  MAXIM has locations in New York, Long Island, Connecticut, Chicago, Dallas and the Washington, DC area. Contact MAXIM today to find out if you are a candidate for a hair transplant.

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