The Link Between Alopecia & ED

Drugs to Combat Baldness Can Impact Your Sex Life – Are There Better Options?

An autoimmune disease affecting a whopping 6.8 million Americans in the US, alopecia areata (patchy hair loss) typically causes hair loss on the scalp but can also affect the face and body. Our immune systems are hard-wired to attack potential threats; in the case of those with androgenic alopecia, our immune cells can disrupt hair follicles, the important regions where hair growth begins. The disease doesn’t discriminate; it targets people of all ages and races – so, chances are someone you know may be struggling with a less-than-perfect scalp.

Luckily, suffering from this syndrome doesn’t mean you’re doomed for lifelong baldness.

There are many treatments, including drugs such as fin######## or dutasteride, two of the most popular used to halt this attack on the hair follicles. One thing to consider is the immense strength of these drugs, which are also prescribed for those with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or enlarged prostate, as well as prostate cancer.

As it turns out, taking these drugs to remedy alopecia areata can cause your bedroom performance to hang by a hair. Yes, many hair-loss drugs – including fin########, the generic term for the popular hair growth drug Propecia – have been linked to erectile dysfunction.

Commonly referred to as ED, a loss of libido and reduced ejaculate have been reported in 3.4 percent to 15.8 percent of men treated with fin######## or dutasteride. According to Men’s Health, these drugs caused long-lasting side-effects that lingered long after the treatments – 1,348 days on average.

When treating any disorder, it’s important to consult with a reputable doctor. They’ll consider a number of factors – including genetics, duration of hair loss, age, other immune disorders you may have, and whether you are prone to allergies. Weigh the pros and cons, get a second opinion, and lastly – make a smart choice. Alopecia areata is recurrent and cannot be cured; even if you treat it, chances are it will rear its ugly head again.

Luckily, many hair restoration clinics offer surgical and nonsurgical methods of treating and preventing hair loss. therapy is one procedure creating a lot of buzz. Generally used for those in early stages of hair loss,  harnesses a patient’s own cells, utilizing the  in an injection that ultimately stimulates the growth of new hair. In some cases, is used in tandem with hair transplant procedures to speed the healing process, too.

Another noninvasive method of hair restoration is laser hair therapy that harnesses the power of low-level laser light therapy to reduce a patient’s shedding and hair loss. When the scalp tissue is exposed to these photons, the health of weakened cells in the hair follicles is restored.

Don’t dismiss a hair transplant surgery altogether. While it’s important to be aware of the risks, modern-day surgical procedures in this field have come a long way since their outdated predecessors. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is one technique touted by hair clinics for its remarkable results, as well as minimal scarring and discomfort. Performed under local anesthesia, the surgery itself can be a little time consuming (up to 8 hours) – but once it’s finished you can get back to life, faster.

follicular unit transplant (FUT), the tried-and-true “classic” of hair restoration techniques, allows a physician to collect strips of hair from the back and sides of a patient’s scalp, before transferring them to balding or thinning areas. This technique tends to give a more natural look overall. While some scarring is to be expected in this method, those who grow their newly sprouted hair out (longer than, say, a military cut) will find it undetectable.

Whether you suffer from male pattern baldness or alopecia areata, the first step in treating your hair loss woes is visiting a hair restoration clinic. Maxim Hair Restoration offers a variety of solutions for those struggling with their scalps.

You can feel confident knowing Maxim Hair Restoration will provide you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision. To schedule a consultation, visit to find the location nearest you.

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